I like how you admit that it wasn’t put together perfectly. Very sturdy looking and the cushions you chose are perfect I may try building one …….just wish the price of lumber would come down Thanks for posting and wishing you a fabulous day Cheryl B. I love this couch, fabulous job!!! formId: '5d839e061f3845000f2e624c', So here are simple instructions on how to build an outdoor couch with pallets. Wood Cleaner They were $129 a piece totaling almost $400 which is a little crazy if you’re building this to save some money. BPF_original_modern-seating-from-pallets_step-12_4x3. Felt good to do some sty, Had the best time birthdaying and halloweening yes, Current favorite room in the house yesterday, Remember last year when I stopped at a total stran, INSTAGRAM VS. Originally, we were going to build an outdoor sectional, but then we found these gorgeous chairs and had to have them, so we suddenly didn’t have the space anymore. I’m so excited about how this couch turned out, and it’s just so nice to finally have a comfortable sitting area on our back porch! Did you end up adding cushions? Ours weren’t all exactly 6″ since our back boards weren’t perfectly straight. So, I’ll reference a “loose tenon joint” a few times throughout the directions – just know that I’m talking about joining the wood together using this specific tool. Please send me your sofa's, I would love to see what the community can create! Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System And I think it wasn’t a half-bad decision. Do the same as the side pieces, making two holes on either end of the smaller boards. Way to go guys!! I’d love to see how they turn out! Once those are attached, you’ll add the six smaller pieces in between the back boards for extra support. The 3 pallets will look like the picture above. I... My recycle bin is usually pretty empty because I am saving all the things that I could possibly... I’m always on the hunt for new things and one day at a thrift store last fall, we spotted three... Materials:3-1×2@6′7-1x4s@6′1 1/4″ wood screwsPaint or stainCut List:3-1×2@61″5-1×4@61″3-1×4@22... Last year a good friend of mine gave me an old dresser/hutch. Click here to learn more about us. Wayfair and IKEA are great places to look! I also like the slimmer wood but was worried about how much it can support. We don’t have a pool or belong to one, so when it’s hot out, we usually just […]. I can't wait to post pictures and tutorial of the cushions....waiting on some throw pillows ;), What a fantastic project! 2 1/2″ Kreg Jig Screws (we got two boxes of 50) Thanks so much for posting your work. This will create the seating pallets. 1 Week. If you want more information on the tools we used to make this project (way) easier, you can find the Beadlock Joinery System right here, and the Clamp-It Assembly Square right here! It’s not a full tutorial but will give you a great visual of what the build looks like and how the couch comes together before you dive in! window.fd('form', { Nothing screams the 1970’s and 1980’s like good old bifold doors. I loved doing it and hope you did too. Hey there, friends! You're at the right place, because that's exactly what I thought too! Beautiful job on the sectional. I loved doing it and hope you did too. Thank you! This helps ensure a really smooth finish and will prevent you from having any rough patches on your couch. A step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa that looks like it's straight out of a catalog but won't break the bank! Your email address will not be published. OMG! 15 Beautiful Ways to Use Collected Pine Cones This Season. That looks awesome! It’s been a long journey and a learning lesson from the first pallet to the last. Afterwards, mount the 4 wheels at the bottom using screws, like the picture below. Step 5: Clean ALL the pallets and pieces with a mixture of water, soap and vinegar and let them dry. Follow along as we transform this remnant from an old armoire into extra seating and storage with a... About a year ago I finished up the restoration of an antique entry door and posted it on HomeTalk... Hi, I'm Cindy. Love this. 18 Things You Never Thought to Hang on Your Walls & Why You Should. Once the long support pieces are in, you can attach the slats (using the same method of wood glue and nails). I tried to make a little diagram for you – don’t laugh, it’s the best I could do haha. Next up, we are going to build a DIY coffee table to go in the center, then it’s all about adding some decor before the big reveal! Simply add some wood glue at each of the points where the wood will connect, then drill them together using 6″ lag screws. Once it was all sanded and clean again, I was finally ready to stain it. We also kept ours under a covered patio. I’m moving soon and am trying to decide whether to go ahead and build it and move it or build it there! Foam Brush And I’m never leaving my backyard again! Today I’m partnering with Thompson’s WaterSeal to bring the indoors out and share this beautiful DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa to help make your backyard living space complete! This backrest will be used to fill in the gap in the corner of the sofa. The last piece of this project was the cushions. Transform a stool, chair or bench using inexpensive nylon webbing. Take three of the 21.5″ boards for the side railings and attach them to one of the 35.75″ pieces and one of the 25″ pieces using the Beadlock joints, spaced 7.25″ apart. Your's looks great! Step 2: Saw two pallets in half after the second row of blocks, like in the picture above. Each one will use 5 of the 22 3/4″ boards and 2 of the 31″ boards. This post is sponsored by Rockler Woodworking and contains affiliate links. It truly looks so great. For the size wood we were using, 2 1/2″ screws were needed. Follow the directions on your specific spar urethane can, but most require several coats with dry time in-between, so this part might feel torturous when all you want to do is start enjoying your couch. Either way is fine, though! For the side pieces, drill TWO holes on each 22 3/4″ piece of wood. I can't wait to show the finished project with cushions! If you liked this, please subscribe to my YouTube channel here: If you want to download the detailed step by step Manual, click here: https://www.gray.fish/palletmanual, To see more: http://www.gray.fish/palletmanual. Love to feature your post next week! Drop Cloth or protective tarp/sheet for staining, 31 pieces cut at 22 3/4″ Make sure you put a tarp or drop cloth down underneath your sofa before you start. I love painting furniture new and old.... You know those cabinets over your fridge? But there are a ton of other options out there. #Pintorials, absolutely! If you didn’t check our little updated porch makeover, head HERE to see the full reveal. Repeat this process and make sure you've covered every spot. Let's dive into the beautiful world of DYI and build this sofa together! You’re going to have some that dries on the boards (it’s inevitable!) Designed by Oh Wild. Ours are each 24″x24″. She said it had been her mom's and was... Want to add a light fixture to a room, but don't have an electric source? If you haven’t been following this (long and meandering) journey, let me catch you up a bit. Done? Step 11: Mount the mini backrest to the alone standing full backrest with straight brackets using screws. My pallet shed is... Life circumstances had halted my ability to creatively upcycle for several years, so you can imagine... Am I a magician?? If you liked it, please leave me a review! Saved by Monica Mangin : TV Host + DIY + Lifestyle | East Coast Creative. The support boards should be placed 21.5″ from either end of the 6′ board for (mostly) even spacing. One on either end of the board. What size pallets did you use for this? Step 6: Cover ALL the pallets and pieces with a thick layer of wood dye and let them dry 24 hours. How to Add Trim and Paint Your Laminate Cabinets, Where to Buy the Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Figs for Under $100, DIY CANDLESTICKS DONE! these are the other option we considered. I love the sofa you made! 10 Materials. Once you’ve done that you can attach this piece to the side pieces. I am going to use your plan but need to modify a bit for my space. follow along as we renovate our current home and share modern DIY ideas. How difficult would you say this is to do? Step 12: Put everything together and put your pillows on, you are now officially done and the proud owner of a beautiful custom Pallet Sofa with rolling Coffee Table! Our room is, Some sisterly love & a sink bath did you, 14 2x2x8 cedar boards from The Home Depot. Thank you so much for building this with me! Required fields are marked *. For the back I bought outdoor throw pillows. … How to Weave a New Top for a Footstool. © Copyright 2020. brepurposed. I got THESE ONES that I absolutely love, however I will say they are a little pricey. I was wondering how this has held up over time, and if the 2×2 width feels sturdy enough. ... 12 Outdoor Water Fountains Under $300 Jun 25, 2020. I wanted to save the tutorial of the sofa for a separate post since it’s going to be more in depth – although very easy, promise!

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