The amount you add, of course, determines how sweet the coconut fat bombs will be. I have ordered silicone molds. Great recipe! 1/4 cup Lakanto maple-flavored syrup*. Four pieces of the bar equals one fat bomb, and they’re easier to eat than the fat bombs if you just suck on them since they’re thin. I think that would work pretty well. Use a food processor or blender to mix the ingredients together. These keto macaroons need just 3 ingredients and take 12 minutes to make! . They’re delicious nonetheless, but I’m disappointed in how they do not keep their shape. I also add vanilla & almond extract to taste. Best Vegan Brownies Recipe – Easy ‘n Moist! Did I do something wrong or are they just made to put in coffee or something ? Use a round tablespoon to scoop the batter out of the bowl. Also, you can add some super dark chocolate to this for a nice chocolate flavor. Hey matt, can i just say that you totally look like Ryan Gosling lol continue doing what you’re doing ~you’re both awesome ❤️. Good Morning Breakfast Cookies – Vegan Gluten Free Breakfast Cookie Recipe, Using a fork, stir until well mixed. I make coconut date energy balls, coconut energy bites, and granola bars regularly for my family. I am going to try and convert the CN cream to milk by adding bottled water. What order did you add everything? I’ve made this recipe twice now and they’re super delicious! Make sure you’re getting unsweetened, and also opt for the more finely shredded variants if you can find it. I use the 88% cacao Endangered Species Dark Chocolate. LOL I figured out that I wasn’t getting quite enough fat, and now that I am the scale’s going in the right direction. The 20 drops shown in this recipe make them nice and lightly sweetened. Check it on YouTube. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe I used a little electric hand whisk to combine the oil, milk and stevia then mixed the coconut in by hand. The coconut flakes are the big one. I didn’t realize I could Love the Texturenof coconut oil as a snack! Thanks for the tip on the stevia. The best way is to just divide the total nutrition by how many fat bombs you got. Thank you! As a true believer in the health benefits of coconut, I use coconut products in all my recipes. These turned out perfect! That would be too thin. Thank you so much for this recipe! Freeze the bombs in their molds. We love seeing what you’ve made! These are so good. They’ll taste pretty good with just the natural sweetness of the coconut milk. Use a food processor to mix the ingredients together until smooth. Stevia! He should say how many ounces rather than 1 can! Thank you! I did have to swap coconut butter for the oil but it was just not to my taste. It’s not the milk like cashew and almond milk. How can i track this on the carb manager app? Thank you so much. That’s strange. How many carbs in the 3 ingredient … I LOVE coconut and these are like eating candy! I love monk fruit! Join 150,000 others to get a FREE keto food list and new recipes every week! If you want these coconut fat bombs to be dessert, then add some more. I think I’ll be experimenting soon! Dip in chocolate sometimes too. My husband and I have been doing keto for 7weeks now and haven’t lost weight in 5 of those weeks. A friend said to eat fat bombs and less protein as we are in ketones. Thanks for the feedback and sorry they didn’t turn out for you. So, if you are going to use the cream instead of the milk you will have to add 8.1 ounces of bottled water. If the photo is accurate, was that a “fat bomb mold” (aka mini muffin/cupcake tin) filled to the top? I love them refrigerated, but they’re super delicate and a little runny. So, multiply all of the numbers listed by 30 to get the FULL numbers for the entire recipe. I use granular Monkfruit though. It should be coconut oil > coconut milk(at this point the whole mixture will be luke warm) > shredded coconut. I dont like the residual leftover coconut in my mouth. I think it’s a personal taste thing. It was quite the hassle the first time I made it and only had one mold to put it in. I love these. The Coconut Milk is the next item to consider. It’s like a frozen Almond Joy. Question is: what SIZE is a serving? I put the whole can of coconut cream in.. Or do you defrost it somehow? A good starting point? Feel free to experiment though! The 20 drops shown in this recipe make them nice and lightly sweetened. My goal with keto is continued weight loss and blazing health. So I’m not sure if my count would be the same as yours. These are great! No Bake Peanut Butter Coconut Balls – Vegan Gluten Free Protein Balls! Now I can have more of this. What amount? Lol. These coconut fat bombs are an easy way to make sure you're getting in enough healthy fats! Legumes are high in phytic acid (an anti-nutrient) and can be difficult to digest. Thank you for this recipe!! I wonder if it is the brand of canned coconut milk you used. For eating! Stevia feels like a bitter poison to me in any food and makes me feel very ill. Have you a substitute to suggest. I haven’t tried the recipe yet, but hope to soon. We have 1 after dinner a lot of the time. LOL I’ll probably let them melt tomorrow, and the monk fruit and re-freeze. Are those the total for all 30 servings? Fat: 9.7 x 30 = 291 So now I have no idea how to calculate the nutrition. Perhaps it would work better with coconut cream instead of coconut milk. I just made these and they taste so so so good! It came out perfect! Untold the frozen bombs. I’m not on a keto diet but lately have been eating some keto friendly foods to reduce carbs. Depending on what macros I have left I’ll dip in melted Lilly’s sugar free chips. I agree to email updates from KetoConnect. It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of all things coconut. These fat bombs are da bomb!! God’s creation of the various foods for us are incredible. Did not add stevia, they were nice without it. TIA, Hey Cheryl, we don’t measure sizes but the entire recipe will make 30 portions. I used an ice tray and put one 60% cacoa Ghirardelli dark chocolate chip in each “ice cube” for a special dessert. Your email address will not be published. I bought on Amazon what I thought were standard fat bomb molds ( because they were described as fat bomb molds). It says calories is 304. Can i use Swerve Confectioners instead of the stevia since that’s what I have on hand? One thing to note is that the coconut milk shouldn’t come right from the fridge. Refrigerate the peanut butter balls for 30 minutes or until cold. I absolutely could not stop after one! Tag @thecoconutmama on Instagram and hashtag it #thecoconutmama. It’s zero-calorie, non-glycemic and all natural. Simply combine coconut butter, vanilla extract, and an optional sweetener. Top with melted white chocolate (optional) or dust with unsweetened cocoa powder. Kept in the freezer – almost broke my teeth.

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