So try that next time! OMG awesome! I do add a little water if they come out crumbly, and I’ve also frozen them before too. As easy as my Halloween Monster Popcorn and Halloween Bark. You are welcome to use old fashioned oats instead if you prefer a softer cookie. But what if you could make a version that's totally edible, totally safe, and you could even call it a cookie? Perhaps your dates weren’t sticky or wet enough OR you didn’t add enough. Store remaining uneaten cookies in fridge. Loved it. These are amazing!!!! Freeze 10 minutes. Thank you Dana. I couldn’t stop eating them. Hmm, if you do that just scale back on the oats to compensate. Thank you for your help! Thanks so much for sharing! I only had 3 dates and really needed a PNB fix, so I used prunes! DONE.{Seriously!!! My boys would love to decorate this with me. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. My 5 yo son loves these and loves helping me make them. :D Thank you Dana! Gather up the ingredients and I will show you…. Just curious, have you tried them with other nut butters? Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing, I am in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. and we have jaggry in local stores. Maple syrup has a high water content and when mixed with the nut butter and chocolate, it causes the spread to seize a little and thicken into something that resembles cookie dough. I did reduce the peanut butter to 1/4 cup. And while all of that sounds scientifically complicated, making them at home really is quite easy. Hi It’s the second recipe I have tried on your site and I am excited to try more. Get the complete ingredients list and instructions from the recipe card below. Thanks so much for sharing! Especially at a time when baking ingredients are sometimes hard to come by, or you don't want to head to the store for just one or two ingredients on the list, these are the recipes that will come to the rescue for you to get your mid-week sweet fix. Wonderful! If dates are not soft you may want to soak them for 10-15 minutes in hot water to achieve desired texture, something that has worked for me in the past. Thank you so much for such an easy, no cook sweet treat! Do they bind the mixture together, so maybe something else sticky but low-fructose? These are amazing and SO easy. Egg whites have been used to make textured desserts for centuries, because of their makeup. Delicious! I squished some too in to biscuits and added the coconut and chia on top which also works very well. 10 stars! Place them on a baking sheet with wax paper, flatten the balls of dough to form a cookie shape, and chill in the fridge or freezer until firm. For a nut-free option you can use sunflower seed butter. The chocolate sauce was too thick for dipping. The final product tastes like a smushed PB&J sandwich…. Can’t wait to make these…couldn’t be easier! Try this! It's a rich cookie, taking us all back to a simpler time, and the ingredients to make shortbread are just as simple. It’s ok to eat raw oats? Xo. Yes, this recipe uses a store-bought cookie to make another type of cookie, but hear us out. Just made these! AMAZING! & Super tasty. Think chewy, chocolatey and rich with sweet coconut. By clicking sign up, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Though the flavor may be different. Even better than store-bought peanut butter cups, which I didn’t think was even possible, and so easy, and so inexpensive. I will try these this week. I could have also used a new peanut butter where there is more oil at the top for moisture as well. Peanut butter This is coming from a New Orleans family that grew up on butter and flour in everything.

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