Blue sky background.. 6. 2. Grazing at a high stock density will usually get the cattle to also consume most of the weeds that are out there if you have a weed issue in the alfalfa field. Select the field you are interested in by tapping it on the map or field list and make sure you are on the history tab. Circa 1908. The cattle are grazing in the field. Number of Images. Cattle should be moved to fresh pasture when 50% to 70% of cover has been removed; this is important with rotational grazing that follows a high-intensity low-frequency form of grazing. Put several grass species in the seed mix based on what generally does well in your area. The leaves of certain trees are poisonous to cattle. You can also see your herd moves as part of your field history to help you understand pasture productivity and grazing availability. Herds that are in a field will also appear on the map with a marker showing the herd colour and animal type. … Your herd history shows you where a herd has been over time. View source image Tapping the herd row will take you to see more information about it and tapping ‘Move’ will allow you to change its location. Go to the livestock list and clicking the ‘Move’ button next to the herd you want to move. Florida Homesteaders Photographs Collection A herd of black Angus cattle grazing in a field with the Highwood Mountains looming in the background near Loma, Montana. This will show you all of the livestock herds that you have on your farm organised by animal type. 2. This shows you the dates that herds were moved in and out of the field, the length of time they grazed alongside other field work or notes as well as the rest days in between grazing periods. RE: Calisphere: Request high-resolution copy of item for Cattle grazing on a farm near Bakersfield, 1920-1950, California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960, Institution: University of Southern California Digital Library. You can check which herds are on these fields in field view. A large group of cattle grazing in a field that is enclosed by a wire fence. View source record on About | 4. Subject. FAQ | Several large trees dot the landscape, and … contributor's website. 3. Livestock is organised in herds, these are groups of animals (i.e. Photo about Herd of cattle grazing. My Account | You can add more than one herd to a field at the same time but only one icon will show on the map view. The institution can answer questions about this item, assit you with obtaining a hi-res copy, and gather additional information you may have about it. Add to Likebox ... #101965047 - Texas longhorn cattle grazing on spring pasture. Keywords. A calm river can be seen at right and it borders a large pasture that stretches out into the distance at left. On the right, in the far back atop a horse, is a man who is most likely the farmer. Cattle is browsing in the field. Go to the livestock list and tap the ‘Move’ button next to the herd you want to move. > : Cattle grazing on a farm near Bakersfield, 1920-1950, : Cattle grazing near Bakersfield, ca.1920. fieldmargin’s Livestock management tools allow you to keep track of the number of animals and their location on your farm. Cattle were grazing in the field. You know a winter range is excellent grazing land when a cow will cross every fence she can to get there. Select the field you are putting the animals in by clicking on it on the map, it will then show in the ‘New Location’ section, Set the move date, this defaults to the current date but you can change it by clicking on the date or time, Open the herd you want to edit from the livestock list, You can change the type, colour, name and number of animals, Select the herd you are interested in from the livestock list or its icon on the map, On the herd view screen switch to the history tab, You will see a history of where the herd has grazed, You will see a history of where the herd has grazed below it’s current location. On web this is very similar but the livestock list is accessed using one of tabs down the left of the screen. Add to Likebox #40830002 - Holstein cows in the meadow. A small herd of scattered cows can be seen in the grassy field. Select the field you are interested in by clicking it on the map or field list and make sure you are on the history tab. Upgrade to Plus for unlimited herds. : Cattle grazing in the open near a small stream on the Santa ... : Cattle grazing on the beach, California, ca.1900, : Herd of cattle grazing on the Santa Margarita Ranch, San Diego County, : Panoramic view of cattle grazing in a field in the Imperial Valley, : Cattle grazing at a cattle ranch in Red Bluff, 1900-1940, : Painting depicting early morning activities on a large ranch in Montana, ca.1880, : Men with cows on a Sierra Madre cattle ranch, ca.1900. On the right, in the far back atop a horse, is a man who is most likely the farmer. Morse and Co. seed ... : An older cowboy sitting on a horse while cattle are herded in ... : Picking scene at a pomegranate orchard near Poterville, Tulare County, : Avocado plantings, showing a road on the right, near Whittier, : Lone mounted cowboy on the Santa Margarita cattle ranch, San Diego County, : Beverly Hills dairy herd on Hammel and Denker ranch, ca.1905, : Panoramic view of cattle in a field in the Imperial Valley, : Exterior view of a storehouse on a farm in China, ca.1900.

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