This book is a dizzying non-linear tilt-a-whirl ride that zooms round and round in the insanity of our culture. So i suffered some abuse as a child -- not seriously horrible, but bad enough -- and it affected me as an adult. Still! I read this book slowly and am glad that I did. Yes, logging is bad, killing salmon is bad, the Nazis were bad, child abuse is bad. Hi Richard!Great post! He is a good writer and speaker, but he uses this skill to cover up his lack of analysis and creativity. What if the point is to feel joy when joyous, love when loving, anger when angry, thoughtful when full of thought? March 1st 2004 I agree wholeheartedly with Jensen's basic premise-- that we are rendering the world uninhabitable and committing atrocities against its human and nonhuman residents, and that our ability to do this depends on our denial of reality and our disconnecting from the people around us. Fortunately for me, I was able to get this book via Eastern Washington University's library (it is interesting that Mr. Jensen at one time taught classes at this university; unfortunately, I was not attending this school at the time that he was teaching, but what an incredible experience tha. More than anything I think Jensen was trying very hard to rip the veil the eyes of the reader. He condemns all modern western social structures and sources of knowledge, and offers only eco-terrorism and unverified personal gnosis as alternatives. I wish I'd made more. He also has 2,880 friends on Facebook. Derrick Jensen’s book, A Language Older Than Words, is a landmark in environmental writing. This book is a masterpiece. I have found that it is less of a book of specific answers to the environmental and social ills of our society, but one of answers of what is at the root of our destructive tendencies, and how to undo this destruction at the base of our everyday lives. This mess has been sustained by building a story of make believes which is a web of lies. Personally I feel it’s an incredibly powerful shamanic-like experience of seeing society’s path from the most soberingly blunt, fucked up perspective. This is one of those books that wakes you up and makes you reconsider our world. Happily, Jensen is not stuck in these ruts. For example, the frequent bombardment of television by numbers of the dead, the reduction of a tree to paper, the animal to chicken ( as a product). I agree wholeheartedly with Jensen's basic premise-- that we are rendering the world uninhabitable and committing atrocities against its human and nonhuman residents, and that our ability to do this depends on our denial of reality and our disconnecting from the people around us. An unspeakably beautiful, painful book. having been found, it took me visiting a now-defunct bookstore in the east village of manhattan before i could see whether this book's promise (the promise, ever present yet rarely fulfilled, of every unopened book) were to be kept. We do not even remember that it exists.” ― Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words The first Jensen book that I had the priviledge of reading was The Culture of Make Believe, and as soon as I finished it, I knew I had to read this one. I do think it could have been more concise. Refresh and try again. It also compares the victims survival strategies in both situations - disturbingly similar. On a positive note, you’ll likely awaken to the neglected spiritual connection we all share to nature and animals. I want to share it with various people in my life though I think "As the World Burns" is a better introduction to reality for most (it was mine!) What if the point of life, the primary reason for existence, is to lie naked with your lover in a shady grove of trees? He speaks of the need for intercommunication between all species; animal, humans, and plants as well as a … This book is Jensen's unravelling of his abusive childhood and how it mirrors our culture. Few books have touched me the way this book did. i usually get shy around books that get articles written about them in green anarchy, but by the end of the first chapter i forgot all about the worries that i mightn't grasp it and sat mesmerised by jensen's writing and self-propelled honesty. Before reading Jensen's book, I thought The Glass Castle was the most revelatory expression of life in an abusive home, but Jeannette Walls' ability to stand back from the experience of it, while powerful in its simplicity, does not deliver the change in consciousness we need to rid the world of violence and abuse. His books break through the brainwashing. The “language older than words” refers the voice of the living planet — the wind, the burbling brook, the ravens, the howling wolves, the rattling leaves. The secret about Derrick Jensen is that all of his books are the same: they use the same metaphors and repeat the same points over and over again. Anyway, this book is long but more than worth the read, as long as you're prepared to maybe be changed. Jensen relates his own past experiences of abuse from his father to the destructive nature of the dominant culture. It's like i signed up for a course, and the materials just pop up in my environment as needed. Thanks a lot for your great ideas! What is a greater concern for me reading his book is his positive simplification of indigenous cultures, which runs the risk of being the flip side of earlier negative blanketing of said cultures by white people in the past. At the same time I wonder what else can the Social Sciences provide? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is such a book. I really wonder what that could be. His message needs to be repeated millions of times because our culture repeats illusions upon illusions billions of times. That being said, this book is considered to be one of the best in its category because of how it tackles a rather difficult topic with such a graceful and factual approach. All fair and good, even though he admits th. I think his warnings are valid and very disturbing. His books break through the brainwashing. ), and pass it along. It’s about interspecies communication, but it’s also about high jumping, and beekeeping, forests and faith, lively writing and dead salmon, sexual abuse and global warming; it’s about Maori tradition and stimulating plant cells; it’s about disease and dis-ease, about the brain and our consciousness; it’s about power and revolution and how revolutions are not; it’s about valuing production over relationships; it’s about community; it’s about our.

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