The Gorgoneion Xiphos gives a unique perk that allows a small chance to stun enemies when they are hit. Related points of interest. You may also purchase additional item from In-game Store with Helix (Microtransaction Currency) or with Ubisoft Club Units. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. I got a lot of mileage out of it earlier in my game, but there just aren't enough active skill buttons, so that one got cut. Is this supposed to require the Venomous Attacks skill? Thanks to its range, average power, and striking speed, the Spear is a good weapon to have when you want to kill enemies before they can come close to you. Since it's integrated in the story of the game, there's no way of unequipping it. Its quick strikes are best used on one-on-one duels since it can be overpowered easily when fighting against lots of enemies. Weapons under this category are very powerful, but at the cost of being very slow. The Spear of Leonidas cannot be unequipped or swapped with another weapon. I'm not currently running it, and don't envision doing so. This is a requirement for some abilities to be upgraded. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Some abilities will even unlock new attacks for a specific type of weapon. With its range and quick strikes, the Heavy Staff can take down enemies as long as you keep your distance. Choose when to redeem your item wisely as it will cost additional resources to upgrade them later on. Where To Get It. 300 Characters. Head to any Blacksmith to get your weapon engraved with perks like additional damage to certain enemies and critical damage. While wielding the Cursed Gorgoneion, no nearby enemies get intoxicated. Equip yourself to take down enemies with the different weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. ▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. Thanatos Pyre Underworld. With 9 different weapon categories, you can select which weapon fits more into your Abilities build and your overall playstyle. Keep your distance and calculate your strikes as enemies can take advantage of its slow speed. Reader Comments. It also boosts Assassin Damage & Adrenaline gain by a little. Engage from a distance with ranged weapons or face-to-face fight with melee weapons! Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. Elysium Breach Underworld. Try out different bows to find the one that matches your preference. Main Quest Complete Walkthrough Now Available! Mallet of Everlasting Flame (Heavy Blunt), Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon (Heavy Bladed), 【Genshin Impact】Star Of Destiny - Co-op Event Guide, 【Genshin Impact】Unusual Hilichurls Location. Weapons can get additional perks with Engravings. Alias(Optional) Max. You'll receive the Gorgoneion Xiphos after you defeat the Cultist "The Hydra". Heavy bladed weapons have a long-range and are powerful, but they strike rather slowly. (C) 2018 Ubisoft Entertainment. Legendary Armor Set List & Locations Guide, Abantis Islands - Side Quest List & Walkthrough. Newly purchased gears from the blacksmith or in-game store will be levelled to your character's current level in game. Click here. At certain points in the story, the Spear of Leonidas can be leveled up. It's not as destructive or quick as other weapons, but it is quite easy to master and has no glaring drawbacks. 15 Characters Text Field Max. Check your inventory if the weapon you just looted can be equipped! In Odyssey, the millionth installment of Assassin’s Creed, the series has finally done something it’s never done before: introduced player choice into the storyline.. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. All Rights Reserved..All trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Walkthrough & Guide. You need to make all your strikes matter as missing will give your enemies an opening to attack. The Spear functions like the Hidden Blade as the main weapon for stealth kills. Cursed Gorgoneion (DLC2.2) Sword Cursed Gorgoneion 1 Legendary 000001AFCB9C09B5 Hades's Executioner (DLC2.2) Heavy Balded Hades's Executioner 1 Legendary 000001AFCB9C091A Staff of the Dead (DLC2.2) Staff Staff of the Dead 1 Legendary 000001AFCB9C0933 Helmet of the Fallen (DLC2.2) Fallet Set Head Helmet of the Fallen 1 Legendary 000001AFCB9C096D After the Athenian soldier was granted his glorious death, Charon asked Alexios to recover a rare Asphodel flower to help heal a woman who believed she was still afflicted by a deadly plague. Low Chance to Stun on Melee Hit: 9.0 / 10: Prometheus's Sika: 2599 +15% Warrior Damage +20% Fire Damage +15% Fire Damage and Buildup: 7.5 / 10: Pandora's Kopis: 2599 +15% Hunter Damage +25% Damage on Animals +100% Damage and +50% Health for Tamed Beasts: 7.0 / 10: Xiphos of Peleus: 2599 +15% … Weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey have level requirements to prevent players from being too overpowered in their levels. Gorgoneion Xiphos - How to Get & Stats Weapon Overview. Assassin's Creed Odyssey has 9 weapon types, each with their advantages and drawbacks such as in range, power, and speed. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. The Spear of Leonidas replaces the iconic Hidden Blade in Assassin's Creed Odyssey as they have not been invented yet. To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. Check out this guide with all the weapons, their stats and special features! Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. Dance around your enemy and strike them with the staff! Players can perform different attacks with each weapon! Swords are a jack-of-all-trades type of weapon with balanced speed and power. Tweet; Share; Have some feedback? Group: Lost and Found (The Fate of Atlantis) Category: Charon. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. A Cursed Sickness Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. Bows differ in their drawback speed, power, and overall firing speed. Gorgoneion Xiphos: 2599 +15% Assassin Damage +20% Adrenaline per CRIT. Players can choose which weapon to use at any time. Daggers are fast, but does lower damage than most melee damage. You will be able to acquire new gears from multiple sources such as loot crates, enemy drops, blacksmith, quest rewards and more.

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