Plot Keywords Facing an imminent arranged marriage to a soon-to-be English Lord, the spirited but troubled nineteen-year-old, Alice Kingsleigh, spots an unusually familiar rabbit scampering through the palatial estate's fragrant gardens. Like the walrus story, this scene clearly depicts the conflict between the upper and lower classes. Could the well-groomed bunny be the same creature from her strange and insistent childhood dreams? The background of a scene is lid to separate the object from the background. This same idea is again reinforced in the end of the movie, when Alice becomes part of her father’s company, showing that she inherits this adventurous nature from him. She wishes to break away from routine and run to a wonderland, an imaginary world she creates. The walrus then lures the little oysters into a little shed built by the carpenter on the beach so he can eat them. Using... 2. This might be a dangerous message for children, that if someone hand you something you should take it. It is an insect which smokes a water pipe; commonly used to inhale marijuana in western societies. Like the walrus, Dodo simply smokes his pipe and speaks declaratively, as if showing off. In an interview, a Disney representative explained the reason behind the arrangement and compression of some dialogue. In addition, the film reinforces the idea of class struggle through various scenes by showing characters from both classes, in which the higher class is always the superior and the lower class is the inferior. The original narrative differs from the one depicted in the Disney film. Moreover, it will uncover some stereotypes and hidden messages that emphasize on drugs use, gender roles and class struggle. | GradeSaver. American Academy of Pediatrics. Yet, Disney decides to start the movie with the history lesson, a scene that appeared in the Caucus Race. Retrieved from, Disney, W. (1951, May). In addition, we witness the slowing sensation of time and movement in the scene where Alice falls into the rabbit hole. Like a boss, he directs a lizard (Bill) to get Alice out of the house. She is daring, curious and ready to explore the life around her. When she tells him of her adventures in Wonderland (later to be revealed as 'Underland'), he declares her mad, but that all the best people are. ( Log Out /  Taglines This particular idea is confirmed when the White Queen states that acting violent is against her vows and yet sends other to do her sadistic work, i.e. It is critically important to highlight the fact that these children must not, under any circumstances feel inferior or class bound in their society. How I cartooned Alice. It is a shot that focuses on one prop or person in the scene, while the scene goes out of focus. Alice, the main character of the movie, is a young teen between the age of ten and twelve. sending Alice to slay the Jabberwocky, to gain more power and maintain discreet support of her followers. The film I choose to write a critical review of is Alice in Wonderland (2010). Retrieved from, Boeder, L. (n.d.) Classic Disney animated movies of the 1950s. Essay on Analysis of Alice in Wonderland Adulthood in Wonderland A journey begins with a single step. The way the carpenter and walrus were demonstrated emphasize on class differences; the carpenter was holding a hammer and wearing apron indicating that he is from a lower class, while the walrus was holding a case, wearing a tie and hat and smoking a cigar signifying a higher class. Synopsis Other than the gender roles embedded in the story of Alice and Wonderland, the movie also illustrates various scenes that are related to the use of drugs. Alice’s role is depicted in way to send positive message to girls in the same age; that a girl should use her imagination to fill her life with enthusiasm rather than being concerned with boys. The entire story is full of visual imagination and experience that can be closely related to that of hallucination.

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