PHI 5 days. We'd love to hear eyewitness they pupate and overwinter. Thorough coverage is important. Check regularly throughout the season for fruit with frass-filled holes. Therefore all your efforts should be concentrated on preventing and or minimising an attack. This can improve control by indicating if a pesticide spray is worthwhile and can help accurately time pesticide use if deemed necessary, On isolated trees these traps may catch enough males to reduce the females' mating success, resulting in fewer fertile eggs being laid, By counting the trapped males every week and following the instructions that come with the trap, the best time to spray can be calculated, Pheromone traps are designed to prevent birds entering the trap and getting caught on the sticky sheet, although occasionally birds can enter the traps and it may be necessary to add additional bird netting, A mixture of pathogenic nematodes (Fruit and Vegetable Protection) is available by mail order from some, The nematode should be sprayed on the trunk and branches, and also the soil under the branches, in September-October, after the caterpillars have left the fruit, This treatment gives no protection in the following year against female codling moths flying in from nearby gardens, and so may not be worthwhile in areas where apples and/or pears are widely grown, Codling moth caterpillars can only be controlled on apple and pear with insecticides before they enter the fruits, Organic contact insecticides containing natural pyrethrins (e.g. [Group 18] [ovicidal and larvicidal], novaluron (Rimon 0.83EC) at 30 to 50 fl oz/a in up to 100 gal water per application. Phenology model recommendations can originate with your local Extension resource, crop consultant, software system, or use of an online degree-day calculator. I call it the apple sock. I have a few different varieties of apple trees on my property (10 trees), and have had apple maggots and I believe possibly some codling moths as well. Do not exceed two applications per growing season. hours of hatching. Larvae must find and enter fruit within a few REI 12 hr. It is advisable to put two-inch strips of corrugated cardboard around the lower part of the tree trunk for the cocoons. PHI 7 days. WHY FOOTIES WORK: The apple maggot fly smells the fruit, finds it visually, then lands and inspects it to see whether anything has laid eggs yet. Don't Threaten. $20 for a sack of 288 includes shipping and handling. Larvae feed directly on the fruit, boring into it and feeding within. Codling moth is a small moth whose caterpillars bore into the fruits of apple and pear trees during mid to late summer. Adult moths are 0.5 inch wide, with alternating gray and white bands on the wings and a copper band on the wing tips. After petal fall spray and spring and summer sprays. The codling moth is the inspiration for cartoons that depict an apple with a cutesy worm poking through it. Larvae are 0.1 inch long at hatch and 0.8 inch long at maturity. PHI 7 days. easily overlooked, but eventually it will lead to some fruit dimpling. I slide the nylon footie onto my little finger -- then bunching the nylon (like putting on a sock), I slide it over the apple (fruit or fruitlet). fruit tree spray to treat apple maggot and codling moth. PHI 14 days. At this time of summer, you are probably closely monitoring your apples, waiting for those beauties to ripen for picking and eating. Several applications of these short persistence products may be necessary to give good control, More persistent contact insecticides include the synthetic pyrethroids lambda-cyhalothrin (e.g. On edible plants make sure the food plant is listed on the label and follow instructions on maximum number applications, spray interval and harvest interval. The bottom of the box has a sticky sheet on which the pheromone pellet is placed. cocoon to over winter, or emerge after 2-3 weeks to infest more fruit. The apple maggot, native to eastern North America, was first detected in Portland, Oregon, in 1979, and has since spread to 17 counties in western Washington and four in central and eastern Washington. Pheromone release devices placed in the orchard interfere with the communication from female to male codling moth and this prevents or delays mating of moths, reducing the number of eggs laid and crop damage. It is illegal to transport noncommercial tree fruit to Oregon or across the Cascade Mountains to the apple-maggot-free areas of eastern Washington. indoxacarb (Avaunt) at 5 to 6 oz/a in up to 200 gal water per application. Do not exceed 9 oz/a per season. The same technique can be used with the subsequent generation(s) later in summer. Note that many materials can be mixed with horticultural oil for increased activity against eggs and increased efficacy. If uncontrolled, codling moth can destroy most of the crop. 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