How much CO2 has been captured and stored and how they have been utilzied in industry so far? Yet we have done a most foolish thing by contaminating the three items essential for life i.e. Chimps are arguably the smartest non-human animals on the planet. I am doing a small research to review the water related open source tools / software (e.g FREEWAT). Yes human beings are arguably the most intelligent of all the animals. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wildlifeinformer_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',105,'0','0']));Below is a list of some of the smartest animals on the planet (not including us). High levels of invertebrate intelligence are seen in cephalopods and insect colonies. Human beings could be considered most intelligent species in relation to, if they can use their cognitive powers appropriately; but can we say that human beings are wisest among species? Chimps are able to make and use their own tools, and are known to experience emotions such as empathy, altruism, and self-awareness. Then, I have to surely say that they have not proven their wisdom yet, through their actions, as, we see the current condition of planet earth. Impact of Population Growth on Environmental Degradation: Ca...,,,,,,,,, Wisdom Classroom: The New Direction in Intelligent Age, The 12 pillars of wisdom: Understanding intelligence, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized: A New Model for Liberal Education, Post preprint/postprint on arXiv/similar repository, Bring a pile of reprints to the next conference, Write a press release together with the press office of my university, Send announcements out on an appropriate email list, Put a paper copy in any academic lunch room I happen to visit. Sustainability and sustainable development are the catch phrases and centre-stage of all discussion in the arena of economic, environmental, social, educational activities and what not! One experiment required a sample of 12 goats to work a complex contraption that delivers food. It is not surprising, then, that chimpanzees are amongst the most intelligent creatures on the, Dolphins also use a series of distinctive whistles and clicks, which is thought to amount to some sort of dolphin spoken. Exactly how smart these animals are is yet to be determined, but they are unquestionably amongst the more intelligent marine lifeforms. Can a research paper be published in different journals? Our intelligence evolved towards communication and so we measure it using a number of different indicators. Humans are the most intelligent creatures on earth. Wise people have space around their thoughts and emotions. Sharing at least 98% of its DNA with humans, the chimpanzee is our closest relative. Thanks in advance. Yes. All rights reserved. The relative smarts of cephalopods such as octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish are the subject of much scientific interest. He is the least concerned about the coming generations. Here are some steps I try to take (in various combinations, depending on the nature of the article): What am I missing? The third, fourth, and beyond? Does this behavior vindicate our intelligence and wisdom? Human beings are mainly responsible for all kinds of pollution, that can be minimized by improving our behavior. Here are a few things that octopus have been reported doing: is a site that’s all about wild animals and nature. Research has shown that goats are likely a lot more intelligent than we might be led to assume. Competition among countries and individual has big impact on environment. We humans use that intelligence for both personal and official protection. Perhaps human intelligence is present but is geared for the short-term much more than the long-term or very long-term. A human being is a most stupid animal in this world because he doesn’t know to enjoy nor satisfied. Human intelligence is of a particular kind, strongly connected to language and specific ways to communicate.

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