Thanks for the quality post, this is good well written info. 6751868 if you're interested) an Axis Lock, benchmade could still bring suit regardless of similarity. 1 showing the blade, hinge, handle, lock, and safety. Q1 and are subdivided in separate compartments, so that during the descent the water fills them successively and during the ascent their water is discharged in the interior of the lock chamber. to cover the walls ot the lock and of the reservoirs by means ot metal sheets and to secure the most absolute impermeability by all the processes known in the art. For one, i should have used a registered trademark symbol.For two, there's a fundamental misunderstanding about what that symbol means. report. D c. TUBULAR INGLINED SHIP LOCK. A lock for transferring boats from u canal .section to another, eon'iprising a chamber with inclined bottom, water reservoirs around the walls of said chamber, means for putting in communication the reservoirs with said chambers, gutes at the top und the bottom ot' the chamber and menne for operating sume. pc. Be it milling on the tang, magnets, secondary slipjoint style liner detents, figure that shit out. Benchmade didn't honor Spyderco's spyderhole patent when it expired. TUBULAR moLmBD SHIP LOCK. Constructive details are not illustrated here, because the knowledge of the general arrangement of the lock, will be suificient for the person skilled in the art for working out the constructive details better suited to the particular circumstances in each case. The finger is thereby prevented from being moved toward the unlocked position. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER AN INLINE KNIFE WITH LASERMARKING USING 3 DAY AIR SHIPPING. In a knife having a handle, a blade mounted for pivoting relative to the handle about a first axis between a closed position and an open position, and a spring-activated lock for preventing pivoting of a blade from the open position toward the closed position, the lock being movable between a lock position in which a blade in the open position is prevented from pivoting and an unlock position in which a blade is allowed to pivot, a safety comprising: means mounting the stud relative to the knife for movement relative to the lock between a safety position in which the stud prevents movement of the lock from the lock position, and a release position in which the stud allows movement of the lock from the lock position; biasing means for urging the stud toward the release position; and. Then the communication is established between the full section 42- and empty section -32, the full section 44aand the empty section -34C-, and between the sections 4G- and -36-, -48- and -38- and the water is brought to the same level in said twin sections. 48 comments. The total pressure of the water column will thus remain subdivided along the whole lock, which tan run continuously for any given length, forming a double way tubular inclined canal, or even when the slope is gentle, an uncovered double way canal with inclined bottom and separated in sections. The hinge end of the blade opposite from the tip has a generally straight edge 12a. 27 and QS) is fastened on the upper face of the gate. Benchmade has a patent on the locking mechanism used in most of the switchblades they produce. here in a illustrated above among the [After this movement is accomplished the boats in the locks will have been transferred as follows. It would be kind of cool if Spyderco did an axis lock Sage, and it's an application that I don't think would be seen as scummy. Close. Instead of the gate operated by means of compressed air in the manner above stated. it is evident that any other type of gates may be conveniently adopted, either gates with air tight compartments always filled with air and permanently floating, so that they follow the ascending or descending movement of the water, or gates with water counterweights, or floating counterweight, or operated in any other convenient manner. The draft of the latter is invariable and equal to the depth of the water in the lower crossing basin *l9*. ANDREW s GRAHAM cu.. PnoTu-LxmoGRAPNES. 8 is a side view of a knife having a fourth embodiment of a safety. 1 and 2, and in solid lines in FIG. Now I just confused a lot of people, for a couple of reasons. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It is not superfluous to add, that the locks according to the present invention allow the adoption of any known arangement in use with ordinary locks for the purpose of diniinishiug the consumption of 'ater and increasing the transit capacity. However, Spyderco maintains a brand image by using a perfectly round hole on all their knives, and thus can claim trademark. At the end of the l process the water level is even in both chambers and the two boats are at. The use of knives with locking blades has therefore not been met with universal acceptance because of the possibility of inadvertently defeating the locking feature during use. An activation means, such as a lever or contact surface on the carrier, is coupled to the mounting means in a position exposed for manual movement of the carrier and the stud. A contact surface is formed on an outside surface of the arm opposite from the stud. A stud is positioned on an inside surface of one end of the arm. The carrier may also be a slide or a rotating disk. That is, while the handle is being gripped by a person, the arm 34 is held in handle recess 38, thereby preventing inadvertent movement of the safety to the release position. 1 showing the side of the knife with the safety. HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING; FOUNDATIONS; SOIL SHIFTING, Locks or dry-docks; Shaft locks, i.e. TUBULAR INGLINBD SHIP LOCK. However, in this embodiment, the contact surface is close to the handle in the safety position and pivots away from the handle to the release position. 6 shows a knife 50 in which a safety 52 is formed of an arm 54 similar to arm 34, except that the arm only pivots a few degrees away from the safety position, to a release position, such as the position shown in dashed lines. lVhile the water lowers in the lock -17-- it drops also the boat floating in same, and at the same time the water immitted in the lock "-20# lifts the boat floating therein. A knife has a folding blade, a blade lock in the form of a leaf spring, and a safety for preventing unlocking of the lock. Various embodiments of the invention are possible, some of which are described below. The stud, carrier and contact surface can all be part of a single element or be different parts joined or coupled together using mechanical means. 18 and 19 in the bottom of the chamber are opened and the water filling the chamber allowed to escape. If spyderco referred to their caged ball bearing lock (US Patent No. TU-BULAR INCLINED SHIP LOCK. A handle 18 that supports hinge pin 14 has outer side panels or frames 20 and 22, and associated liners 24 and 26. the boat which was at the top of the section -31- is now at the top of the section -32-, the boat which floated at the top of the section S3- is now lowered to the top of the section -34- and s o on; this as far as regards the descent lock. Action, of t/zc sint/Ze Z0cJ.-;-issuming a boat to be ready for the ascent in the lower crossing basin, while the lock is empty the boat is first floated in the bottom BH1-lof the lock chamber, and then the longitudinal feeding conduits, which supply the vater derived from the upper canal, are opened and water is admitted in the bottom of the chamber 5- until the water becomes even with the level of the upper canal, at the same time lifting also the boat to the upper said level. equal to the width of the boat. I, for one, love my two Benchmades with the Axis lock! .Zet and 25; the bottom rail 5lhas the shape of a double T and the pulleys are mounted on a little truck "66d, and there are provided two pulleys 67- which run under the upper edges of the rail when the boat is raised, and a pulley d68- which rests against the top of the rails. APPLICATION FILED .TUNE 25, 1907. f Eff-25 NYENTQR. manipulation means coupled to the mounting means in a position exposed for manual contact by a person for moving the stud between the safety position and the release position, the manipulation means being positioned close to the handle when the stud is in the safety position and being movable away from the handle for moving the stud toward the release position, whereby a person gripping the handle also holds the stud in the safety position. Now the lock is as follows: Two twin sections cach with a boat and the two twin sections immediately below half full, and without boat, and this for the whole length of the lock, that is the successive sections have alternately a boat and the gates separating two successive sections are closed.

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