This is where it starts to get a little confusing. Generally, I would prefer to just stick with one title, which in this case would be the main Batman title because of the outstanding quality, but it seems like I need to pick up a whole stack every month just to avoid confusion. Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Release Date with others information for... Batfleck joins Ana de Armas as Catwoman in DC Fan Art. 005 Batman and Robin #13 With a vested interest in our Caped Crusader and no one else, this is an ideal reading list to follow. 004 Batman #13 000a Detective Comics #1 (2012) save hide report. 021 Teen Titans #15 The DC Universe was relaunched by DC Comics in September 2011, giving a makeover to all of its characters. It is important to have an influence on the character of his work and there are a lot of great stories to read, so here is the guide. If you're looking for a chronological listing of Batman collections, try the Batman Trade Reading Order project. Thanks! At the moment, he is writing Justice Lea’s. Some of it I read on wikipedia's New 52 page, so take some of it with a grain of salt. 024 Batman #16 Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. After the famous run on Batman by Grant Morrison, came the New 52 and Scott Snyder. Batman #1-9 (#8 and 9 will be a part of the second arc) Nightwing #1-7 (Optional) Batman Annual #1 Detective Comics #9 Batman: The Dark Knight #9 Batwing #9 Batman and Robin #9 Red Hood and the Outlaws #9. However, there are some Vol. 81% Upvoted. Detective Comics #17 (Optional, Highly Recommended) Second, where does Gotham Academy begin? 006 Batman and Robin #14 Starting with his acclaimed “The Black Mirror” Batman story, and continuing his tenure with the character after the 2011 New 52 reboot, where for over five years he wrote and co-wrote an epic tale of Batman navigating the strange and the terrible, the dark and the wacky. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 018 Nightwing #15 There has been some real difficulty getting a comprehensive reading order or continuity for Batman in the New 52. 4 comments. Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight (1989), Poison Ivy: Cycle Of Life And Death (2016). Change ). 026 Red Hood and The Outlaws #17 Or should I read it a different way? It mostly plays out through the Batman series, of which the vast majority were written by Scott Snyder. 003 Catwoman #14, Chapter 1: The Joker is Back 010 Detective Comics #15 The reset, however, seems to have retained almost all of the history of Bruce Wayne, although in a more simplified form. It tries to find the best way to highlight the story that extends with the character through the time of this author. The flash movie has a lot of characters DC, restarts DCEU not forget anything, Wonder Woman and Flash Team-Up DC bothered film director Andy Muschietti, Harry Potter Marathon In One Day The Ultimate Survival, Amouranth Banned On Twitch Yet Again for a third time, Lilianet Solares, Chris Tamburello’s Wife Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Release Date with others information for Cast, Plot, Keanu reeves martial arts John Wick 3 Movie Behind The Scenes, Blackest Night Reading Order About All Information. It seems that Grant Morrison’s run starts before the New 52, but it continues into the New 52, which shouldn’t make sense. ​While many covers pay homage to the latest Robin, some of them seem to have very little to do with Damian's death, like. Four, where does the rest of Detective Comics play into the new Batman Eternal storyline? Batman New 52 Reading Order. 023 Teen Titans #16 Would it be too much trouble if I asked you now and again about this reading order? Following the New 52 reboot (following ... Death Of The Family is not a traditional cross-over in the sense of the reader needing to read each title in a specific order. share. 2) #13 to Batman (Vol. 002 Catwoman #13 Justice League #24-29 - Spotlights the Crime Syndicate, and features the return of some heroes to the DC Universe towards the end of. The relaunch opened up iconic heroes and villains from years of continuity and offered the chance to take the likes of Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman et al, in an exciting direction to new creative teams. Catwoman #9 (Optional) Birds of Prety #9 Batgirl #9 Nightwing #8-9 All … I’m going to put down what I know, and much of this comes straight from The New 42 Timeline, The Ultimate Batman Comics Website. 019 Nightwing #16 If you have any insight into these questions, please comment and let us know! For the Batman New 52 Reading Order, there has been some real trouble getting a detailed reading order or continuity. There are a lot of questions here. ( Log Out /  As part of the annual commemoration of the 2011 launch of The New 52, DC Comics announced that the fallout of the summer event Trinity War would feature the super-villains of the DCU taking over the titles of their heroic foes for a month. 007 Suicide Squad #14 The New 52 adventures of Batman begins with the storyline of the Court of Owls that runs for the first seven issues and continues with the storyline of the City of Owls, which runs between issue # 8 and # 12, as well as Batman Annual # 1. 016 Batman and Robin #16 Came across your site via Hello, I'm new to comics, so I'm kinda clueless. 012 Batgirl #15 ", and, if so, in what order? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 2's scheduled to be released in January. Well it is! The main story runs from Batman (Vol. 2); the tie-in titles tell their own stories within the larger arc and are not essential to the main plot. I can’t find it ;-; If you can find or do one I’d be forever grateful!!! The third tale is Death of the Family and it takes place between issues # 13 and # 17. - A 7-issue mini-series, focusing on the villains of the DC Universe and the Crime Syndicate taking over Prime Earth. 015 Batman and Robin #15 ( Log Out /  The DC Universe was, however, reset. 014 Batman #15 I've also looked through DC Comics release schedule though, which backs up what I've read on wikipedia and there are no New 52 Collected Editions / Graphic Novels set to be released in December. 013 Batgirl #16 We actually have yet to still find anything more concrete than what we have, but, to be honest, this is actually pretty on point. I am going to put down what I know, and most of this is coming directly from The Ultimate Batman Comics Website The New 42 Timeline. Bruce Wayne took back the role of Batman at the beginning of the Batman New 52 Reading Order and Dick Grayson once more became Nightwing (Reading Order). umm I don’t know if this is much to ask but is there a more actualized version of the reading order anywhere? The Ultimate Batman Comics Website The New 42 Timeline, This Batman New 52 Reading Order is intended to provide a summary of Batman's time writing for DC Comics by Scott Snyder. Throughout this period, Scott Snyder’s work on Batman is much more influential than in the previous era. I really have focused just on Scott Snyder’s Batman since it has just been so great, but with Batman Eternal going on and the new Bat books that have recently been released it has been a little confusing on what to read when so that you aren’t completely lost by the new books. New readers. 011 Batgirl #14 017 Detective Comics #16 Snyder became one of the decade’s major writers with tales about The Court of Howls, Batman Eternal, the Dark Nights: Metal Case, and more. It tries to find the best way to highlight the story that extends with the character through the time of this author.

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