This page links users to regional freshwater fishery regulation direction, including In-Season changes. Follow N Green Lake Road for 18.3 km and turn right onto N Bonaparte Road. This includes raising and releasing over eight million trout, char and kokanee salmon into B.C. For more details and to learn how you can manage your cookie preferences please see our. Copywrite @ 2012, All rights are protected by National and International Law, DRAM Ventures Inc. road access and description (can you drive your car to the lake or do you require a 4-wheel drive? swimming and mountain biking are just a few other activities that can be Directions:  Approximately 26.5km from 70 Mile House, turn left onto Chasm Road and follow it for 4 km to the viewing platform. Renting a fishing charter and guide provides recreational anglers an opportunity to fish for species such as halibut, or a trophy sized chinook. Popular resorts on Sheridan Lake include Loon Bay Resort (7250 Texas Road) and Sheridan Lake Resort (7510 Magnussen Road). people who may be living in British Columbia, or planning a trip to Employment, business and economic development, Birth, adoption, death, marriage and divorce, Birth, adoption, death and marriage reports, Environmental protection and sustainability, Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery. Enter the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC ... One of the coolest features on their website is an interactive map which outlines the more than 800 lakes in B.C. There Questions about the collection of information can be directed to the Manager of Corporate Web, Government Digital Experience Division. While trolling is most popular, fly fisherman also love Watch Lake, making fishing the second most popular activity in the area. Offers one limited space camping site. 31.3 km | 20 min After your enjoyable side trip, consider a quick five-minute jaunt north at the junction of Hwy 97 to find a little piece of Quebec in the heart of the Cariboo, at The Sugar Shack – maple syrup products & gifts await, as well as authentic, no-shortcut poutine! Other popular species for freshwater anglers include rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, kokanee, char and whitefish. There are thousands of B.C. Some two hundred of these lakes are located within a one hour It will fork so take the trail that heads southwest. It’s also open to water sports and it’s a dream to kayak or paddleboard in the early morning when the water is glassy, and the Loons pop up beside you as you paddle. It has a fenced viewing platform at the top and there are hiking trails all over it. Never harvest more fish than you need, and to comply with the law, you must leave the head, tail and all fins on your catch until you return home or to your campsite. Stories have circulated among locals for years that a giant white sturgeon lives in the lake and sometimes surfaces and catches people by surprise. The lake holds wild Brook and Lake Trout and is well-stocked with Kokanee and Rainbows. The map data is directly provided by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, who stock all BC lakes. BC’s famed “Fishing Highway” (), located in Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of BC has been known to strike awe in fishing and outdoor enthusiasts—both within this land without limits region, and beyond—since the mid-1800s.And strike awe, it does. If you haven’t fished it, consider visiting East Barriere Lake. Lac des Roches: One of the largest and well-known of the Interlakes, it’s a popular resort fishery, separated into two bays by a narrow channel. Directions: In the town of Savona, take either road down into town to the Savona Public Beach (next to the Savona Hotel). Join today and download fishing maps now! We encourage the whole family type of outing. Turn left onto Highway 24 (aka Interlakes Highway/Little Fort Highway). Offers fishing camp and camping area. Chasm Provincial Park: Often referred to as the Mini Grand Canyon, the Painted Chasm is one of the most geologically unique parks in the Cariboo. Bridge Lake: Bridge Lake is one of Highway 24’s most popular fishing lakes. 44.5 km | 44 min While you can continue on for the brief remainder of Highway 24 to 93 mile (and replenish your supplies and tackle at Lone Butte Sporting Goods Store), then turn south on Highway 97 towards home, we’ve discovered a more leisurely route that offers even more fishing and adventure opportunities. that the non-profit works to stock. Licences for tidal/saltwater fishing are available through the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website. You may contact us to check further on any particular area or topic. Another Vancouver Island favourite, Elk Lake is one of those wondrous multi-species lakes. Then, continue your way on BC-97S toward Clinton. Marble Range Provincial Park: Known for limestone karst formations (a type of formation created by dissolved limestone, dolomite, and gypsum that results in sinkholes and caves), this park exists in an alpine and subalpine habitat. Check out FFSBC’s calendar of events for upcoming Learn to Fish or Rod Loan programs at Rolley and beyond. There are thousands of rainbow trout fly fishing lakes and rivers in British Columbia. ... and we will put little tidbits of outdoor lore here and there for your enjoyment. Click here to learn more. Located in Coquitlam, Como is beautifully maintained, kid-friendly and stocked frequently throughout the spring and fall with rainbow trout. The first…  Horseback riding! B.C. While heavily used by recreational users, it’s still an opportunity to escape the bustle of the city. It displays a spectacular array of colour during the spring and summer months, with a startling contrast between the red, brown, and purple lava walls of the gorge and the green of the Ponderosas and grasses of the valley below. We will attempt to list some of these many lakes. Located just outside Whistler, Alta Lake is beloved for its park features and high-quality catch-and-release cutthroat trout fishery, making it well worth the day trip from Vancouver. It has all the facilities (showers, washrooms, rec rooms) and many campsites and RV spots available. See fish species, hotspots, boat launches and more. Within reach is some of the best freshwater fishing in North America. Cariboo Bonanza Resort is located on the south shore off Horse Lake Road and it has rustic cabins, modern chalets and an RV and tent campground. Move curser over markers to get the name of a fishing spot and click on the marker for fishing spot information. Directions: Resuming your journey down BC-97S, turn right onto Big Bar Road. Photo: Justine Russo. Some two hundred of these lakes are located within a one hour drive of Kamloops. © 2020 Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism. Follow it for 29.5 km until you see the lake on the right-hand side. You may also drag bottom map to explore other territories. Lakes are usually caught on a deep troll line using a large spoon and are catch-and-release only. The Rainbows grow into monsters at this lake (up to 18 lbs), due to an abundance of freshwater shrimp and ideal lake conditions. Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism uses "cookies" to enhance the usability of its websites and provide you with a more personal experience. Although they are much smaller than stock fish, they are feisty little fighters. Photo: DBC/Kari Medig, I agree to receive Commercial Electronic Messages via Constant Contact Old growth forests surrounded by karsts and mountains, this wild and unmanaged area is the perfect mix of primordial nature and abundant wildlife. There are also boat launches and resorts scattered around the lake. Sign in or register for your free account, Here’s how you can give back to our local communities in B.C. If you like fishing really FUN lakes, we highly recommend you detour to Horse Lake to check out the action and get in on the fun. With warm weather on the rise and Family Fishing Weekend just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to recapture your love of fishing — or introduce your love to the next generation.

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