Breads bake more evenly. Hmmmmm. . I used an extra banana totaling a cup and a half of mashed banana. Blend in the vanilla, and then add the eggs one at a time, beating after each one to blend. Just counted my over ripe bananas – not enough – can’t wait to make this! Bake at 350º for 1 hour, or until tests clean. Also metal or glass? Its very yummy but was expecting to taste the cream cheese a little more, Did the cream cheese make it moist or what do you think the cream cheese did. Is there a stage in the beating process where one might overbeat the batter? Turned it upside down onto a plate and it hit the plate. It’s a game changer and does not change the flavor!!! If there is wet batter still on the. Add in the powdered sugar and vanilla and mix again until smooth. I followed all the measurements to the letter and I used my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Make this recipe with the cream cheese frosting, or skip it and add some chocolate chips into the batter. You can use whatever size you’d like, just fill it to about 1″ under the rim and make sure to toothpick test it often so you don’t overcook it. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended after each addition. This recipe makes 2 loaves so it would be perfect for that. Peace be unto you. Turned it over and omg! Outstanding... moist...delicious! The banana bread was good. Yes this oven trick definitely helps; I also use it when I make lava cake in ramekins. Just the recipe. This is the best banana bread...I put a powdered sugar glaze on the top of each loaf when I pulled them out of the oven, spreading it very thin. I don’t have the same issue. I have no idea what caused this but will probably not make it again. PART 2 (afterthoughts): To all who gave this recipe high ratings, maybe you could tell me why my loaves turned out so dry. I find if I turn heat down at first sign of it looking to be approaching that” done” helps. Everyone raves about it. Bake and cool as directed. Hey – thanks for commenting, you’re gonna love it. This is an amazing recipe. All content, recipes and photographs are copyrighted to Alice Choi and are the property of Hip Foodie Mom. Defnettly going to try this next weekend. I’m in the diet, that’s why. You can also use baking powder as a sub by adding 2-3x the baking soda. Most people who taste it tell me that I make the best banana bread they have ever had. Cool 10 minutes before removing to wire racks. Everyone’s oven is different (gas, electric, convection), and many are inaccurate. Using a rubber spatula, gently stir, or fold into the batter, until the ingredients are just barely combined and no more flour is visible. Beat in bananas and vanilla. It’s going to be less by maybe 10/15 minutes. I have a very similar recipe and it is delicious. Homemade Cream Cheese Banana Bread Recipe. Like down to 250..and check every 15. I love watching movies. I cut the recipe in half and lightened it up by using egg substitute, fat free cream cheese and applesauce in place of the butter. MyRecipes is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. You can use your stand mixer, electric hand mixer or simply mix everything by hand. Total Carbohydrate loaf pans. Before I bought my new loaf pans, I started doubling my 1-loaf recipe and baking in a 13×9 pan to prevent gooey, raw center. Side question: what is the make of the hand mixer that is used in the video? I'm flummoxed. I have been using this recipe for many years, exactly as written and it has always come out perfect. Either way, this banana bread is so delicious! It was still very moist. Toasted Coconut-Topped Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread: Prepare and bake bread or muffins in desired pans. Remove from pans, and cool 30 minutes on wire racks before slicing. The banana that is called for is my hang up; cause I would normally be throwing them away because they have aged. This is the best banana bread recipe- the cream cheese gives it a rich texture! Hmmm. Best banana nut cake (used walnuts instead of recommended pecans). I love watching movies. Immaculate organic all purpose wheat flour (looked almost white but was wheat and did not make cake dense). This is the best banana bread recipe. Did you not learn that you should not crack a raw egg directly into the batter as if the egg is rotten it will spoil the whole batch? I would imagine some sort of soy product could work, soy yogurt! Bake as directed. The bread cooked perfectly through and through and was a lovely brown on top. Please email me at “[email protected]” I would love to know. Self-rising has the baking soda, baking powder in it. This is a very good banana bread, I did not change anything, except did not use any frosting or sauce. l used riccotta cheese instead of cream cheese …l,m italian . I made one loaf pan and 12 muffins, as that was the pans I had. It’s now my favorite loaf pan. For an easy supper that you can depend on, we picked out some of our tried-and-true favorites that have gotten us through even the busiest of days. I also added flaxseeds and a bit of shredded coconut, and spiced it up with nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and allspice. Can you explain why the crack exist in most breads baked in a loaf tin ? Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a family, these easy dinners are sure to leave everyone satisfied and stress-free. Of course please let us know by adding a comment! Each person says it is the best they have ever had. Filed Under: Baking, Bread, Breakfast, Desserts Tagged With: banana bread recipes, banana cake recipe, breakfast, cream cheese frosting, dessert, food. I know it will turn out good….. This is the best Banana Bread I have ever made. Best Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting! The pecans made it drier and more dense than I would have liked. 1 tsp is exactly what the recipe calls for! I’ve made this bread numerous times now and it “IS” THE BEST Banana Bread I’ve EVA EATEN!!! used the toasted coconut-cream cheese on the banana, the glaze was pretty good.

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