In other words it promotes optimal range of motion and a stable shoulder joint. Let’s dive into each of the 6 variations I show here alongside my awesome client Leslie Petch. Although this training tool is typically used for more traditional variations, I’ve found that using the middle railing provides many unique options including Zercher squats variations as well as fat grip options that crush the grip and forearms including rows, presses, and more. Corey Beasley is the founder of This can make it quite difficult to fully retract and medially rotate the scapula as the shoulders can feel feel crowded and stuck. With all that said the incline position as shown here not only feels very comfortable and natural on the joints but the tension to the chest and pectorals is significant to say the least. If you’re an overhead or throwing athlete or simply have frequent shoulder issues, this is incredibly effective and therapeutic. Another unique bonus feature of the iron grip landmine protocol is it’s perhaps the only known method for performing single arm Reeves deadlifts. As long as the arch is not excessive (i.e. We are here to help you in answering not all but many questions that would come into your mind before purchasing the best linebacker landmine attachment. Why should you only choose the best linebacker landmine attachment for yourself? Lastly for numerous reasons the iron grip simply feels much more natural and comfortable not to mention it reinforces optimal knee spread. 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Unfortunately, due to gravitational forces and the nature of barbell movements, the lifter must immediately alter the natural path of the barbell and press it up and slightly behind them. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Here are some variations to start with. Learn more about the squeeze press here. Also big shoutout to Ben Lai for developing this awesome drill. That’s because the angular force vectors associated with the landmine station provide a fantastic blend of horizontal and vertical force vectors that allow us to easily load the hips without putting undue strain on the spine. Think of this as a combination kneeling hip thrust and push press. 99. Simply placing a barbell in a corner against a towel will work just fine. . On a side note, 35 pound plates end up being a bit easier for medium to shorter individuals to fit the weights between their legs. Here are 8 variations of offset landmine drills I perform alongside several of my athletes and clients including NFL running back Marquel Beckwith, Ben Lai, Leslie Petch, and Matt Jordan. And yes barbell suitcase deadlifts provide a similar stimulus however the instability and grip strength due to the balance requirements often limit how much the lifter can truly overload their upper back and lats. Landmine squats and Zercher squats represent 2 of the most user friendly and comfortable squatting variations in existence. | All Rights Reserved | Built and Maintained by, CRISIS MODE: The State of Health & Fitness, Warm Up in 5 Minutes or Less With This Dynamic Full Body Routine. The barbell landmine setup provides unique loading benefits for strength, hypertrophy and power development, here’s how it works…. These landmine kayak squats also tend to feel more like a single leg squat as the outer hip and thigh take much more of the brunt than the inner leg. Simply anchor a basic multi-purpose V-grip cable attachment to the collar of the landmine station and voila you have yourself the perfect landmine Zercher squat station. Similar to any landmine variation this can be performed as a single or double arm version. One more reason I like this movement is because, unlike traditional one arm dumbbell rows, you have to free stand to do them, rather than support yourself on a bench. Intelligent training is less about the exercises you are programming, and more about pristine execution of movements to elicit a desired training effect. Requires the athlete to rely on their posterior chain & create a strong muscle mind connection with their glutes in order to launch the weight up. In fact, one of the main reasons why the push press exercise (arguably a more functional movement) is performed with such an abbreviated squat (which is actually more of a shortened dip and knee bend) is because it keeps the lifter’s torso in a more upright position thereby optimizing the force vectors for the overhead launch.

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