10 ½ oz (300g) unsalted butter (softened). And 1 stick (4 oz) of diced, unsalted butter. If you value being amused by hours of chicken TV and charmed by sweet hen voices and silly little ways, Go For It. I’d also like to know how many eggs you receive, and from how many hens. This tart looks lovely! I love the sound of a rooster too in the mornings – heaven! :/. COPYRIGHT © 2009 - 2019 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | KEVIN LEE JACOBS. If the filling barely jiggles when you shake the pan, you’ll know the tart is done. The Easy Kitchen Garden, BY Kevin Lee Jacobs | April 4, 2014 66 Comments, Oh how sweet it is…. Tip: If you are not going to serve the tart on the same day you made it, just cover and refrigerate it for a day or two. My mouth is watering!! Both improve the immune system without increasing bacterial resistance, so poultry feed laced with antibiotics becomes redundant. The recommend following the recipe exactly for best results. I can’t stand it when a custard-based tart has a rubbery filling and this lemon tart was just perfection. Daily feed and water with coop cleaning about four times a year. Question: do you think it would work to make your sugar cookie tartlets, but with the filling for this lemon tart instead? If you pour the lemon curd in the tart shell just make sure to put a piece of plastic wrap pressed to the top of it so it doesn’t dry out and crack and then remove the plastic when you are ready to top it with meringue!! Unwrap the pastry, roll and line the tart dish making sure it is even on the bottom and sides and there are no holes. I don’t have chickens at this point. thank you! To make the pastry, combine the butter, icing sugar, flour and lemon zest in the bowl of a food processor. And thank you for your lovely comment. Now set your tart shell on a baking sheet…. You’ll like it- I promise!!!! Oh, baby. I would check on them every 10 minutes or so. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pour in the lemon juice and lemon zest and mix well. Loved your lemon tart. I don’t have any chicks but have thought of getting some, I have four dogs and so have my hands full at the moment, one day though. Bake the tart shell for thirty to thirty five minutes or until the tart shell has turned a slight golden brown color and the bottom of the tart shell is cooked through. This was my first dessert that I have made that involved me making the pasty. I love fresh eggs, and love to see our girls roaming the farmyard, but we only let them out end of day now. Bake on the center rack of a preheated 350°F oven until the filling is set –35-40 minutes. Pulse until the mixture resembles rough bread crumbs. Have a happy!! Remove the lid from the processor; add the whole eggs and the egg yolk, plus the cornstarch and salt. Some people make “chicken tractors” and move their flock down the rows between plants to let them defoliate it instead of cultivating. I use single cream… Seems to come out ok to me. Good luck with your plans for chickens. Kevin, we have chickens but unless you can find a way to confine them, they will make a mess of your garden. Oh yay! Thanks for this recipe. If everyone raised chickens, there would be world peace. The larger ones like Rhode Island Red cost you a little more to feed than say a smaller one. Four hens and a rooster, I usually get 3 eggs a day and that is plenty. After reading this lucious recipe, I will definitely have to save up to buy a food processor so I can make it. It used 2 TB zest and 1 cup of lemon juice. And produce different type/size of eggs and different colors. Thanks for the encouragement! Just as an FYI…Regard raising chickens, my uncle overseas had a chicken farm and one thing he did mention is that chickens only produce eggs for approximately 6 years but they live for about 10 years, so unless you are willing to part with the birds you will have to factor in the cost of feed for an additional 4 years of their retirement as part of your overall expenses. I was born on a chicken farm in Bucks County PA and lived there till I was 5. Leave until completely cold. Put the lemon slices, sugar and diced butter in the bowl of a food processor. and lemony…. Just pour the filling into oven-proof ramekins and bake with the tart until the pots are a little jiggly in the middle, then cool and eat. I compost my coop shavings and poo and use for the garden. I gather between 15 to 22 big, beautiful brown eggs daily. I don”t know this measure. Outside, it is a blessing, b/c while they scatter, they scratch up the dirt and eat any unwary bugs and worms. If you factor in the movable fencing and the digging, your chooks will be a great joy. I have a very good friend who has worked in some of the best kitchens in SA as a pastry chef. I love anything with lemon. Heavy cream or as it is also sometimes called, whipping cream. Everything about this- the color, the texture – the fabulous taste- is just divine! https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/greggs-tangy-lemon-tart Hi Janet – Like Beverly in comment #5, I soooooo want chickens! 1 Cup Unsalted Butter, chilled and cut into small pieces, Place flour, salt and sugar in the bowl of a food processor and pulse to combine, Add the chilled and cubed butter and pulse until it looks like a course meal, Continue pulsing and slowly add water at a slow stream and process just until the dough comes together, Remove the dough from the food processor onto a lightly floured work space and knead the dough until fully combined, Form a disc with the dough and wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes or until ready to use, Roll out the pie dough on a lightly floured surface to ⅛ inch thick, Transfer the dough to a 9 inch tart pan and gently press the dough to take the shape of the pan, Leave approximately 1 inch of dough hanging over the edge, cutting the remainder of the dough off by pressing down on the edge of the tart pan to create a smooth and even cut, Using a fork, press small holes in the bottom of the shell to prevent the dough from bubbling up while baking, Place the tart shell in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to rest, Remove the dough from the refrigerator and place a piece of parchment over the tart shell and place pie weights in the tart shell, Place the 9 inch tart shell in the oven for 30-35 minute or until it become a light golden brown and the dough is cooked through, Remove the tart shell from the oven, remove the pie weights from the tart shell and place the tart shell back in the oven for 5 minutes to allow the bottom of the dough to cook through, While the tart shell is baking, start to prepare the lemon curd filling, In a medium heat proof bowl, whisk together all of the ingredients, Place the bowl over a saucepan with simmering water and stir over low heat and allow the butter to melt and the curd starts to thicken, The Lemon Curd Filling is complete when the consistency is thick and coats the back of a wood spoon, Remove the bowl from the double boiler and strain the lemon curd into another glass bowl and cover the curd using plastic wrap and pressing it onto the top of the curd to prevent it from forming a crust, Allow the lemon curd to cool at room temperature while you prepare and bake the tart shell, In a medium to large saucepan fill with water ¼ full and bring to a simmer, In the bowl of an electric mixer with whisk attachment, whisk together the egg white and granulated sugar and place the mixing bowl over the saucepan with boiling water, Whisk the eggs whites and sugar continuously while it is sitting over the warm water, Once the egg white and sugar mixture gets warm to the touch or approximately 160 degrees F, place the mixing bowl on the mixer with a whisk attachment, Whisk until the meringue become glossy, thick and has formed stiff peaks, Immediately spread the meringue topping over the lemon curd tart and using a torch, brown the meringue until the tips are light golden color, Refrigerate the Lemon Meringue Tart until you are ready to serve, Best enjoyed the same day it is topped with meringue. I currently raise 12 hens and 2 roosters. Fougasse aux Herbes de Provence Take your time with this process, do not be tempted to turn the heat up or you’ll scramble the eggs.

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