Try to upgrade your lava hound to level two as early as possible. This article will tell you about Clash of Clans strategy that will enable you to take out your enemies quickly. Valkyrie attack + Queen Walk1. Upgrade your x-bows to level 2 once your heroes are level 15. Loonian attack (Balloons + Minions). Best attack strategy th10 attacking a fully max th9. note- Clearing cc troops and time management is the main factor of the strategy. It is recommended to get the clan castle upgraded as soon as you can. Most of the top players prefer using both air and ground attacks at the same time because air attacks alone are fun and enjoyment. Here, one thing to always keep in mind is that this strategy can prove more effective if your opponent’s air defenses are not upgraded. Masterclass hog rider attack on TH9 By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. That’s all. At two corners to create a wide funnel, 4 Witches with 2 Healers (per corner) are deployed. Now you can hold a Golem in your clan castle or you can hold a lava hound or an extra giant or whatever you want to carry. It is easier than la loon attack. Air attacks are used to achieve 2 and 3 stars at th7 or above. Lavaloon it's self does not fail, even in the slightest. Using this Clash of Clans strategy you can easily achieve 2 and 3 stars at both th8 and th9. But, most of the top players agree to the fact that at least 4 Lava hounds and 12-15 balloons are mandatory for an attack on Town Hall 9. ie 4 lava hound 20 baloons rest minion and what spells. We will later discuss troops and spell upgrades too. Waves at accidentally selected wall breaker as he carries 25 trophies with him... ♥♥♥♥♥! drop down the rest of the wizards in a line behind everything, drop down your other rage spell when your troops approach the core to destroy defenses quickly, use heal spells as needed, like when a mass group of wizards is taking damage from a wizard tower or mortar, activate the king and queen's abilities when they drop below 50% health. Air sweepers can change the result of an air attack. Clash on! GOWIPE . Along with Archer Queen, you get 20 new levels for Barbarian King. TH9 closing in on Max but not there yet. Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Guide & Best Attack Strategy 2020 | COC TH9 Troops combo. Lavaloonion attack strategy is composed of 16 balloons, 25 minions, 3 lava hounds, 1 healing spell, and 3 rage spells. Strategy: The “Witch Slap” Attack. You have to have the barbarian king and archer queen, both at least level 5, in order for this strategy to work. behind the golems spread apart by 3-4 tiles each. These offense upgrades are going to take a lot of elixirs and dark elixirs. Use the rage to boost the army where you think there are more defenses. My Stats: TH9 Queen level 21 King level 14 Troops/Base maxed out Current League Masters 1 User code #V88UJ82R These are the major strategies that you should try before breaking the rules and coming up with your strategy. However, the attacking principle remains the same at all three levels. i am experienced with gowipe lavaloonion and hog attacks. Walls are extremely important to defend against any type of ground attacks. To play the game successfully, the players should know various strategies to use and win the game. Despite having a short-range they do a lot of damage. I think the lava and ballon attack is good. What’s your best TH9 army? You don’t need to wait for her. If you want to get 3 Stars on a Maxed out TH9 Base, Lavaloonion is the best strategy you can use.Here, the number of minions and balloons vary to a great extent. So it should be done on day one. drop down the 2 golems together to distract, drop down the 3 P.E.K.K.A. Upgrading to the new town hall level is always exciting. and if the attack requires luring the cc. You can put all of them to upgrade at the same time but it will make your base more vulnerable. 5. There's not one single attack strategy that can 3 star ALL base types/designs. Therefore, it is imperative to learn all the strategies to come out successful in the end. The composition of this strategy includes 52 archers, 5 giants, 8 balloons, 2 healers, and 2 healing spells. Can usually push to … Cannons are also important defensive buildings. Balloons prove much helpful in clearing the defenses and these balloons can be healed with the help of 2 healing spells. This upgrade will benefit you so much on your TH9 base. They can be useful in stopping GiBarch attacks. If you have both of your heroes at level 10, build your x-bows. It depends on the Th10 base. The idea behind the new town hall is to get stronger so putting in the new defenses is actually the quickest and best way to add more damage on to your base. If you have not upgraded your laboratory yet, make sure you do that. You definitely want to unlock the baby dragon and upgrade your barracks. It doesn’t matter how you upgrade them. My recommendation is that you should drop down to the Gold league and do some Barch. This upgrade will benefit you so much on your TH9 base. Healer and balloons with archer support is one of the top attack strategies for Clash of Clans that depends mainly on balloons and archers. yes i know the heroes are too low and should not have rushed. Lavaloonion is one of the most powerful th9 attack strategies in Clash of Clans. If ot is max, it is pretty hard for a Th10 player whos troop is already maxed of the th. Although this strategy is expensive, yet using it may boost your chances of winning the game. But there are many bases where only p.e.k.k.a. It is recommended to start upgrading your army camps on day one. Upgrade them one at a time that way you are not hindered too bad in raiding or farming. COC Base Designs 4. TH9 closing in on Max but not there yet. The General Idea: This strategy reminds me of the TH10-11 BoWitch strategy since it uses Witches and Bowlers in a similar fashion. Clash of Clan It’s the most exciting and fun playing game. This strategy can also help you achieve 3-star victories quite easily. What would be the best attack strategy (in. But here we are in the scenario. Witch slap is one of the most powerful attack strategies for TH9 nowadays. 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