by sonic dogg » Thu Aug 17, 2006 6:34 pm, Post Chochos favors Alnico magnets for his proprietary 6.5-inch HempCone drivers. For your recording interface, the Universal Audio Apollo Quad is the perfect piece of gear. Up to 8 Rio I/O units can be controlled and auto-configured from one CL console. The best solution for an integrated DAW, console and outboard (and plugs as virtual … BEST Recording Studio Equipment for (Under $5000) – Elite STUDIO (Under $5000) This home studio bundle is everything you would need to sound like a professional artist. Enter the Bel Canto amplifier and Wadia DAC. In most systems, this occurs well before the digital stage, which offers 144dB of dynamic range (at 24-bit) and supports frequencies up to 96kHz (a full 76kHz above the threshold of human hearing). And at $410 it’s hard to justify paying nearly $300 more for Pro Tools. ... Close. If space is limited requiring a tabletop or bookshelf loudspeaker, the Excite 12 should be on the top of your audition list. For under $5,000, you can have around 100 of the best hardware emulations on the market at your disposal. What's more, the Matrix2's Total Recall fully supports up to six SSL X-Rack modules, allowing you to save and recall settings on your compatible outboard gear. Each of the Matrix2's 16 channels includes a main input, a DAW return input, and an insert point. Recording Studio Bundles Upload My Original Songs 7-Day Whistle Register Course Item added to cart. A total of 40 inputs and 16 motorized faders for both tracking and DAW control more than meets the demands of most small professional facilities and project studios, and a combination of six aux buses and four stereo returns with full stereo mix bus routing makes it easy to integrate all of your outboard gear as well. If we handed $5,000 out to a random reader (calm down…not happening, sorry) and told them to buy $5,000 worth of stuff, we’re pretty sure that at the end of the day a dedicated stereo system would not be sitting in their living room. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. I'd also recommend checking out a Studer console. Even if you're recording at 24-bit/192kHz, this console will never be your sonic bottleneck. For slightly less money, you trade control in the bass region for a more transparent presentation with airy highs. Efficient single-driver loudspeakers love tubes, but that doesn’t make it mandatory in this situation as Chochos voiced them to work well with affordable solid-state integrated amplifiers such as the Rega Brio-R, and the hybrid battery-powered Red Wine Audio Signature 16. I dunno about the console, but how did you get those characitures made? For some of us, that number is in the $20-30,000 range. You can even use the Insert Matrix to A/B different processing chains, and since you can control everything from software, fitting this feature into your mixing workflow is easy. I am looking to sell My 1965 Lambretta li150 (200cc) Scooter and buy a recording console. Thank you for your request. Might be a couple of channels short of 16, but you could add a nice external pre into the stereo line channels for variation. If you select the Rega Brio-R, just add the AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC and you’re ready to playback your digital music collection. The best budget audio interfaces: start recording for under $120/£100 The best home studio mixers right now? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Phone Hours | While Pro Tools is by far the DAW of choice for most pro studios, that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Mackie 402-VLZ3. But is there any rational reason to step up and spend double that amount? Think about it this way: Is there any single item you own more of than music? Omega Speaker Systems Super 6XRS Loudspeakers – $2,150, Red Wine Audio Signature 16 Integrated Amplifier – $2,000, Line Magnetic Audio LMA- 211 IA Integrated Amplifier – $1,650, Pure Music 1.88 for Mac – $130 or JRiver Music Center 17 for Windows – $50, Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 loudspeaker cable – $240 (8-foot pair with banana pins), Analysis Plus Oval interconnects – $90 (1m pair), Bel Canto Design e.One C5i Integrated Amplifier/DAC – $2,000, Peachtree Audio decco65 Integrated Amplifier – $1,000, AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC – $250 (if you select the Rega Brio-R), AudioQuest Evergreen interconnect (1 m with 3.5 mm pin/RCA for use with AQ DragonFly USB DAC) – $30, Sonus Faber Venere 1.5 loudspeakers – $1,200 – $1,500 (depending on finish), Bel Canto e.One Reference 150S stereo amplifier – $1,600, Wadia Digital 121decoding computer – $1,300, Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 loudspeaker cables – $240 (8-foot pair with banana pins), AudioQuest Carbon USB cable – $119 (0.75 meters – 2.5 feet), Rega RP1 with RB101 tonearm/Rega Carbon Moving Magnet cartridge – $445, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable/arm with Ortofon 2M Red Phono cartridge – $400, Music Hall MMF – 2.2 turntable/arm with Music Hall Moving Magnet Cartridge – $450, Rega RP3/RB303 tonearm/Dynavector 10X5 Moving Magnet Cartridge – $1,390, VPI Traveler/Dynavector 10X5 Moving Magnet Cartridge – $1,795.

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