[33] He also lost part, or all, of his power on various occasions, some of them engineered by himself. However, the Phoenix Force does have the potential to defeat The Spectre, though perhaps not permanently. I thought it was explicitly stated to be the power of TOAA, the only thing separating TOAA and HOTU being that TOAA exists outside the omniverse itself (the writer). Thanos w/ HOTU is a manifestation of TOAA's power. I think the implication at the end was that TOAA was having Thanos do it because that was simply the way it needed to be done. If so, are Mr. Kurt and Mr. Stokes homosexual. It's literally what happens with Star Trek and The Borg. Beyonder is actually a god, so Thanos might stand a chance if he has the Infiniti Gauntlet. Going with PR Beyonder. He got another chance to expand his power when he was able to slip onboard Galactus' spaceship. It must exist. As a high level psionic energy manipulator, Grey may have eventually been able to work with the force. The same would happen in a battle with Mephisto. ... Thanos has ruled the universe at … I don't undervalue the little menaces as the burglar that Spider-Man failed to stop was the man who killed his Uncle Ben. Lmao you forgot eternity, death, amatsu mikaboshi, knull, and a LOT of others. The Spectre may very well be DC Comics' most powerful supernatural force, but even he would have a hard time facing some Marvel foes. Thanos' goal has always been to woo Death. The dark side of the Phoenix force is something to be feared and dreaded. You see, The Beyonder didn't understand the nature of good and evil as well as the motivations behind humanity. [6] Finally, the Beyonder creates a form for himself based on that of Captain America after witnessing him defeat Armadillo. The Phoenix is an elemental force of creation with vast powers and abilities. [45], In Mutant X, the Beyonder allies with Dracula to wage war on Earth's forces and to confront the entity known as the 'Goblyn Queen'. Death is a natural order of the universe and if you understand Death as a necessity and not a malicious force (outside of her role in the Infinity Gauntlet), you'd know it's not applicable. However, bin Laden at his worst could not cause the same kind of devastation as a natural disaster or the "threat" of global warming. [36], After his creator, Jim Shooter, left Marvel, writer-editor Tom DeFalco re-tooled the Beyonder, diminishing his power greatly: He was no longer nearly omnipotent, and several of the cosmic beings who were previously established to be below him in power were vastly upgraded in conjunction.[18][37][38][39]. Even the Jin en Mok can at least hold off Elaine with Michael's powers. As the spirit of God’s wrath bonded to a human soul, The Spectre is charged with confronting, understanding, and punishing evil. [30], The Beyonder proved capable of destroying, and recreating, the abstract entity known as Death across the multiverse, although it extremely exerted and weakened him to do so. This has led him to attempt universal domination on more than one occasion, once vying for the Infinity Gauntlet and eventually settling for forming an inter-galactic cult with himself at its head. Secret Wars II was more a revisiting of listening to the Silver Surfer whine about "what is the point of existence?" Christopher Peruzzi (author) from Freehold, NJ on October 23, 2014: My theory on why Marvel has been screwing with the Beyonder's history is that they just wanted to undo the fact that his hairstyle uses a lot of Jheri curl. After realizing that the desire to protect his eyesight might compromise his integrity and dedication, Daredevil demands that the Beyonder take his sight away again, which he does. [31], Despite his power, the Beyonder has shown moments of vulnerability. He was overwhelmed when Rachel Summers returned the enormous powers that he had bestowed upon her along with the thoughts of the past and present beings in the universe, to the point that he collapsed on the ground,[32] and he was apparently slowed down in battle against the Molecule Man. You can sign in to vote the answer. bill yon from sourcewall on September 10, 2012: DOOM has stolen the power cosmic twice 1st from the silver surfer, 2nd from Galactus and DOOM has stolen the power of the Beyonder. Thanos has ruled the universe at least three times in the past. The Beyonder (/biˈɒndər/) is a fictional cosmic entity appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Of course, Thanos could easily beat this new Beyonder in less than a second, but if he was taking on pre-retconn Beyonder, then the outcome would be completely different. I did a search and only found threads of Pre-retcon Beyonder versus teams of IG Thanos, Molecule Man, and the like. RELATED: Thor: 10 Scenes That Prove Hela Is The Most Powerful Among Odin’s Children. [19], In the "Annihilation" crossover story line, the Fallen One, a former Herald of Galactus under the control of Thanos,[20] is sent to investigate the aftermath of the Kyln's destruction by the Annihilation Wave and ascertain the Beyonder's fate. The same can be said about Oblivion. ^ He said "Big B" as in Beyonder, Kurupt. Like all the stories, any time anyone makes a deal with the Devil, things usually don't quite work out as the bargainer intends. By the time Mephisto planned to drop his contract with Thing, nearly all of the Legion Accursed were defeated. I hear people say HoTU Thanos = TOAA but I have my doubts, I personally think it's just a fraction of TOAA's power. Answer: We’d all like to see that, however, both publishers are being run by questionable management. Question: I think Shuma-Gorath is way stronger than Dormammu. In this venue we are dealing with fiction. Taking that His general function and going through an almost Biblical definition of what the Creator does - looking at His creation and seeing it as "good" - not primarily interfering with the function and form of His work and leaving necessary maintenance to be handled (only when absolutely necessary) by the action part of Himself. In this deal, however, it is still possible for Peter and MJ to still find each other and find happiness while not breaking the deal. The Sentry/Void has the power of a million exploding suns which allows him to regenerate himself upon complete disintegration. So, no. Thanos (Astral Regulator) vs Beyonder # Beyonder Beyonder blinks. Blizzards, hurricanes, and floods are not evil—they just are.

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