John blocked out the urban cacophony with a pair of vintage headphones he rescued from a dumpster. At that time, recent from a geological standpoint, the valley to the north, through which now flows the Semliki river, was blocked. A radiologist takes an x-ray of the area to ensure that the fallopian tubes are completely blocked. (effectively, successfully) Used with verbs: " He tried to block me from entering. However, it is much like trying to fight a hydra; every time a particular site is blocked, hackers come up with a new site (or whole group of sites) that have new proxy gateways available. They were built on both sides of the street and made the streets gloomy because they blocked the light. delinquency caused by " blocked opportunity " within school. Dean sped downhill, the temperature dropping in the breeze he created as the steep sides of the narrow valley blocked out all the midmorning sun. Certain roads were blocked off because of an up coming parade. Try to do spells on other Sims when their backs are turned or from other rooms or otherwise blocked off areas on lots. Block quotations may be called extracts, set-off quotations, long quotations, or display quotations. On rear of main range can be seen a large blocked arch with cambered lintel, probably a doorway to the original barn. What is the conflict of the story of sinigang? Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes can, in some cases, be repaired by tubal surgery. They blocked 3 gates completely causing tailbacks for hours and massively disturbing the shift change-over. For example, it may be easier to repair a blocked tube rather than one that was cut. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Some of the substances that street heroin may be laced with may not dissolve in the body once injected, and this can lead to the veins, lungs, kidneys or brain becoming blocked. A block quotation is a direct quotation that is not placed inside quotation marks but instead is set off from the rest of the text by starting it on a new line and indenting it from the left margin. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? A proxy can also help you access sites that are blocked at work or at school. Examine each room in your house and ask yourself if the natural pathway from door to door is blocked by any pieces of furniture. The doctor should be able to tell if the tubes are completely blocked right away. The one that gnawed at him, blocked out but begging consideration, was the possibility that Cynthia Byrne was somehow involved. Kesha came close to signing with Warner while working with DAS, but Dr. Luke stepped in and blocked the deal since she was technically still under contract. If you have a Southern California annual passport and are blocked out on a day you want to attend, you can still visit the park and pay a minimum fee, which is roughly half the price of a one-day ticket. Wing behind left hand bay is built on a granite plinth on which a molded brick band rises over a blocked cellar opening. Failure to enter the correct unlatching code may result in your Mobile Phone becoming permanently blocked. We will fight long and hard because our roads are already chock-a-block with traffic and more housing will only make the problem worse. Vents that are blocked by dirt, rugs, or furniture can't move air effectively. Connor obeyed, and as Victor made a move toward him, Jackson blocked him, allowing the human to scurry to safety. Reading & Writing. If the site is still blocked after changing the settings, try downloading another web browser like Firefox or Chrome. Indent the entire quotation by half an inch. It thus blocked the road from Germany to Italy, while a great wall was built from the town to the river bank. (completely, totally, partially, partly) " They blocked off the main highway. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? He thought he saw something in the sky, but the trees blocked it. The climate is healthy and the thermometer rarely falls below o° Fahr., but there is a heavy snowfall and the narrow streets are blocked for some five months in the year. Bow Wow: Let's Make a Sentence! A specialized balloon tip or other device at the end of the catheter can be used to open the blocked or narrowed vessel. More tiny explosions came, and he twisted to see what they were. Persons with this condition sometimes vomit after meals because the blood supply to the intestine is blocked. It used to be said that, if this narrow passage were blocked up, escape would be impossible; but an intricate web of fissures, called the Corkscrew, has been discovered, by means of which a good climber, ascending only a few hundred feet, lands 1000 yds. outright rejection would have blocked the bid. Another visit to the doctor for a confirmation test is necessary to make sure that the tubes are blocked and that no fluids can pass through them. You should've blocked that five times over, he chided. And strange to say, the Governor of Moscow, the proud Count Rostopchin, took up a Cossack whip and went to the bridge where he began with shouts to drive on the carts that blocked the way. ; she had caused laws and writs to run in her own name, she had neglected to exact the oath of allegiance to the sovereign, though carefully exacting an oath of fidelity to her own government, she had protected the regicides, she had coined money with her own seal, she had blocked legal appeals to the English courts, she had not compelled the observance of the navigation acts. shamrock design, blocked blind on front board, blocked in gilt on spine. Jenn started forward, not surprised when the vamp blocked her path. A shadow blocked the hot Caribbean sun, and she looked up to see Rhyn in his pterodactyl form circling above them. Odysseus, having been cast ashore on the coast of Sicily, fell into the hands of Polyphemus, who shut him up with twelve of his companions in his cave, and blocked the entrance with an enormous rock. He scaled the tree quickly, stopping only when he broke through the layers of leaves. Darian blocked lightening aimed at the vampire, who disappeared once more into the shadows. The Tagus estuary, though partly blocked by a bar of sand, is one of the chief harbours of south-western Europe. This condition is often associated with a sunken bridge of the nose that causes the nasal passages to be partly or completely blocked, and with an elongated soft palate. paraffin stoves, which invariably blocked up. Block quotations are used when a quotation exceeds a specific length. Caution: It is important that waste pipes are not in any way blocked before flushing the liners.

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