We are Hokkien, so mom cook this dish for us since our childhood. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All What is the difference? Your email address will not be published. Odd it may seem, my favorite dish to order whenever I walk into a traditional chinese noodle shop in Hong Kong is not a bowl of 云吞麵 wan tan meen or 水饺麵 shuei gau meen. Stewed Fermented Beancurd (Nam Yue) with Pork Ribs and Lotus Root. This looks really good! Blanche the meat to remove most of the impurities. Due to the different levels of saltiness, you might need to adjust the volume of the sauce needed. This entry was posted on January 10, 2014 by Alan (travellingfoodies). If spare ribs are your cup of tea, don’t forget to check out steamed pork ribs with butternut squash. They loved it ! A classic soup that I grew up having at home, this is by far one of my mom's regulars, my brother's favorite. The water level will drop slightly as the simmering goes on but additional water will be unnecessary unless the water content has really decreased considerably. wanna to take some from the screen now! Home » Meat & Fish » Pork » Braised spare ribs. You can also subscribe without commenting. Ever wonder what dried beancurd stick (bunched tofu skin or 腐竹) should be paired with when you found it laying in the kitchen cabinet just begging to be cooked? 支竹(腐竹)焖排骨食谱. So I’d used that instead! 2 tbsp cooking oil As with many Cantonese noodle dishes, a great accompaniment is simply steamed or scalded green vegetables like 芥兰 kai lan (chinese kale), 菜心 choy sum, 生菜 sang choy (lettuce) or even 小白菜 siu bak choy drizzled with oyster sauce. Gosh I haven't eaten this for so long. Stir in spring onion before dishing out. Nothing to do with its peppery nature; in fact I loved the kick! Heat up 2 tbsp of oil, sauté Ingredients A till fragrant. Check the taste again and season with salt if needed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Gently saute the ginger slices until aromatic and slightly brown. Great to serve over hot rice! Sign up to be the first to read my new recipe & culinary inspirations! ( Log Out /  When I chanced upon this recipe from Amy Beh and with all the trimmings come in handy, I made this dish into our lunch yesterday. If you don’t have time to make the homemade sauce in advance, please feel free to use shop-bought black bean sauce. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. So happy to know you and your husband enjoyed it! recipe taken from "Malaysian Favourites" by Wendy Hutton. And yep, pork belly would be my choice for this dish too. Use a spoon to skim off the froth on the surface. Remind me of home.Christelle, yes it is. Cooking the pig trotters for about 3-5 min,in batches if necessary to avoid overcrowding the pot or wok. in a bit of oil to release their aroma. I used to cook with pork belly. Multi-layered flavour penetrating the tender meat, braised spare ribs with black bean sauce is a scrumptious treat requiring effortless preparation. For me, I am not going to replicate this contemporary fare and always on the look-out for alternative recipe to turn this bean curd stick into something else. Thanks, Featured on Saveur Magazine's Best of the Web, Hakka Braised Pork with Black Fungus (Char Yoke). And yes, it's better the next day but sometimes it doesn't last that long ;-P. This goes well with a bowl of rice. Add cornflour mixture to thicken. Adding 500g of pork ribs to 1 litre of water does not produce the same taste as 1 kg of ribs to 2 litres of water. With some oil, saute the ginger and garlic with the black bean paste till fragrant. Stir in drained ribs. It is the same logic with adding pork ribs to make a soup base. She added mung bean vermicelli. Read More…. Trying to make them today... "The longer the soup is left to simmer, the better it will be infused with all the flavors coming from the different ingredients. Cooked in liquid for at least 40 minutes, most of the meat falls off the bone quite easily.

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