Most seniors will be happy with the less-expensive xFi Gateway option. They’ve got three tv plan options to choose from. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in the event of any breakage or malfunction of your cable TV equipment. 99 a month. Many seniors are easily frustrated with the internet due to poor connections and slow speeds, and neither is a common issue with Xfinity, as they offer speeds up to 2000 Mbps and a reliable, cable connection. Xfinity’s X1 DVR may not be the best in the market, but it is good enough for a low-income household. For instance, cable tv for low-income seniors can range from approximately $50 per month to about $65 or $70 per month, based on individual needs, including the selection of channels and the number of TV sets in a home. Next, is the TRIPLE PLAY SILVER having more than `175 channels and free of charge DVR service, 100 Mbps of internet, calling unlimitedly nationwide, 18 popular features and over 50 channels of your favorite shows by adding $20 more. Are you looking for a cable TV that is low cost and fits your budget? Last, the SLING Orange +SLING Blue which costs $40 a month have the same channels from both orange and blue plan and get to stream 4 channels. There are other features. In that way, you’ll have a good idea of how the company treats its customers. To make it easy to access affordable cable TV services, we have put together a list of the cheapest cable TV for low income and seniors. 9. Buckeye Broadband Cheap Cable TV Plans For Seniors. It is a combination of more than 190 channels for and internet fiber at $75 per month. If you can’t read well, ask your family member or a trusted friend or caregiver to assist you, which is helpful if you’re asked to sign to an agreement. © Copyright 2020 a Centerfield Media Company, Things to Keep in Mind About Xfinity Internet. be sure to write this date down, and when your price increases, simply call and ask for your introductory rate to be extended. Our goal is to provide the best bundle deals for seniors in all 50 states. 99 per month. Xfinity internet packages and available discounts are structured based on data usage, speed, and bundled services. Xfinity Affordable Cable TV Plans for Low Income, 3. Promotions change regularly; you can find your current options on the cable company websites. Families and seniors with low income deserve a source of entertainment. While low-income programs can enable participants to get necessities like phone and internet service at a reduced cost, cable companies do not offer these programs for TV service. Watch out the expiration date of these freebies to make sure you won’t be automatically billed once they expire. Overall, Xfinity offers solid internet service to keep older adults well connected. The Xfinity Flex device is compatible with most major streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Here are the low income internet and cable offered by RCN: Time Warner Cable will make things easier for our seniors with their bundle offers. 2. This plan is best for senior citizens who are not eligible for the essentials plan and use the internet in moderation for basic tasks like surfing the web and email. Xfinity offers a variety of bundles with TV, internet, and even phone. 13. At that time, you should contact Xfinity and inquire about current customer specials in order to continue to get the best price available. This add on is good for seniors who live in a large house and want to stay connected throughout the entire home. All of our Dish Network Senior Discount Plans come with 6 months of equipment protection for free. Designed and Developed by, Top 15 Cheap Cable TV For Low Income Seniors 2020. Check the channel line-up of the cable provider you’re considering and make sure you see your favorite channels on the list. If you're truly nice, sometimes your customer service rep may even tell you about a package or a deal that you had no clue existed. Get more channels with TV Silver offering you 175+ channels at $84.99 a month. Low Income Cable works with most major TV providers to locate the best cable packages for senior citizens on fixed incomes. Here are some bundle deals you can choose from or AT&T cheap cable tv for low income seniors: In terms of discount, there is no clear discount about it yet; however, they have a 10% discount for a bundle of low-speed internet plus TV services. Thus, it relies on your connection for its content delivery so then there will be no equipment and installation fee. In short, the prices are pretty amazing. Here are the cheap bundles you can get from AT&T cable TV service. In some cases, you can watch full episodes of shows on your computer or TV… Next, you should select the channels which you like the most. Comcast runs a low-income program for seniors above 62 years.

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