SIMS Doc Id. Just reread based on what you said and I get it now. One of the core components that has changed is the processor. Not everyone wants to pay more and these photos are perfectly usable. First introduced in July 2018, Canon PowerShot SX740 HS is a 21.0MP Small Sensor Superzoom camera with a 1/2.3" (6.17 x 4.55 mm ) sized BSI-CMOS sensor, built-in Image Stabilization , Tilting screen and 24-960 mm F3.3-6.9 lens. about your request to make wide zoom, I think they should add option to screw a wide lens on top of regular lens like they have in Olympus cameras. However with an ILC system you always have the option to pick a fast lens and become much more efficient in low light. If you're looking for a high-quality camera, you don't need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. A cell phone or this P&S Canon cannot touch any of the RX100 series. Now this generation is seven years on, and it seems not much has changed except more megapixels, which to my mind probably hurts this camera’s image quality. Not much zoom but hugely better IQ. Oddly, nothing in the features mentions RAW...weird that the ad copy would deliberately omit this (unless I just overlooked it). Canon's RF 85mm F2 Macro IS offers EOS R-series shooters an affordable, stabilized and fast-ish portrait prime. Maybe for vlogging, but you wouldn't need the range. I like those super zooms but not as my main travel camera. Video quality isn't too bad though; details are decent for a camera with such a small sensor, although rolling shutter is an issue. The point is that your contention that cropping a 1" sensor camera gives better results than this camera is not backed up by facts. For most social imaging that will work OK, if the IS of the camera is decent. If it's something close, wouldn't 400mm be more than enough? If you start mentioning older cameras, well I can get an SX720 for $250. I have other shots at 1200mm and lower shutter tripod needed.I can do this all's not me...but the amazing O.I.S. Tedolph: O.I.S. But as has been commented this will be a slow lens, which means that at its longer end it will need a lot of light to perform at a reasonable shutter speed. In decent light the SX740 will likely beat it in terms of pleasing images SOOC. My Pana zs50 ranges from 24-720mm with an equally slow lens in telephoto. I can confirm that the jump from 16MP in the SX700 to 20 in the SX710 produced noticeably more noise. Beside me a couple with a Canon SX60HS used the two arm tuck method & the LCD, but their images were all blurry from camera shake at that distance. Elsewhere the PowerShot SX740 HS gets the same kind of menu system that graces Canon's EOS DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, which is a great improvement on the more rudimentary menu system we saw on the SX730 HS and previous PowerShots. $250 Pana ZS60 is not only cheaper, but also has RAW + EVF + touch LCD + 4K Post Focus: I think many people here are missing the point, RX100 VI is over $1000, TZ200 is around $700, and both have not even half the range. I think we have a lot of people getting cameras who have used cell phones and they tend to do what they are comfortable with, which is use the LCD. The sensor is also a more realistic 12 megapixels. Description. 1" is 2.7x crop. I use a 100-400 II on a 5Dsr for Dragonflies as it has good macro ability, especially with a 1.4x (so about 900mm equiv if you crop to APS). Bizarre move by Canon. In addition to the 23mm and 33mm F1.4 lenses it announced for Fujifilm cameras, Tokina has also unveiled a 17–35mm F4 lens for Canon EF and Nikon F mount camera systems. This automatic Bluetooth transfer IMO is huge. The A1000 has a slightly shorter 35x optical zoom range than the SX740 HS, but it matches the Canon in offering 4K video recording and a flip-up screen, and surpasses it by offering raw shooting, touchscreen control and even an electronic viewfinder. I was impressed with the little camera back then. Something from 16-70mm FF equivalent. Oftentimes they do things simply out of inertia, or because someone who has power in the corporation wants them done.

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