Owned by SAB Miller but brewed by the birthplace of the Nile River in Jinja, Uganda. This beer is great and it’s amazing the taste you get coming from sorghum grain. However, if you choose to drink – consult our MH Guide To Beer Drinking and do it sensibly, by limiting intake to no more than 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women. Made with real cocoa, Castle Milk Stout Chocolate is brewed with speciality malts to create a malty chocolate character; this richness is complemented by the creamy smooth taste of Castle Milk Stout. Product ID: 000000000000362662_CS. It smells more like a Milk Stout than an Imperial Stout; it may be infected but it's fairly buttery with hints of cream and marshmallow. This saves SAB Miller a lot of money and this beer could make them a lot of money over the years. It has an alcohol by volume of 4%. It's a pale lager brewed with South African hops to create a strong flavor and an ABV of 5%. “Uganda’s Heritage – Premium Quality Lager” GuidetoUganda.com is the No.1 onestop point for the most up to date and latest information about Uganda. Malt, hops, waters nothing else. Lagers, Tags This is because the 5.6% ABV is higher than a lot the other options when you’re out at a club or bar. “You’ve Earned It!” Nile Gold: Crystal Malt Lager Pasteurized. Typical Serving Size: 100 ml. UCount rewards 2990. However, it can range from very weak (0.5%) to exceptionally strong (40%). bottle into a stout glass. Heineken 5.0 Castle Milk Stout 6.0 If you do not drink alcohol – do not start! Alcohol Content by Volume. Write a review. Most beers contain between 5% to 14% alcohol by volume, give or take. medium-bodied refreshing lager with a distinct hopped bitterness and low sweetness that provides a crisp clean taste. Senator Extra Lager They also produce Castle Lager, Hansa Pilsner, Castle Milk Stout, Castle Lite and Various Flying Fish flavours. Extra Cold Block Party, 330ml NRB available in zim In most cases, assuming you only have one drink, an alcoholic beverage accounts for 6% to 8% of that number, which isn’t too bad. Make sure to get the Nile Special rather than the other version, the Nile Lager. Fortunately, the taste redeems. Skip to main content. Castle Milk Stout (24 x 500 ml) Share . ABV (Alcohol by volume): … Drink with caution and remember, mampoer is typically consumed neat. Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limits: Concentration of alcohol in blood: 0,05 gram per 100 millilitres (all drivers), ... Castle Milk Stout is brewed as a lager, not as an ale like most stouts, so it takes longer to brew. Castle Milk Stout | South African Breweries plc | BeerAdvocate Has allergens: 1. Castle has several different variations, including Castle Lite and Castle Milk Stout. By far the biggest producer is Castle, with a range of beers including Castle Lager, Castle Lite, Castle Milk Stout, and Castle Free (for the teetotalers). Registration is disabled on this website. Always nice to kick back with a lighter beer like the Tusker. • Enhances vitality and stamina in men Poured from 12 oz. Unit Price R 12 46. Its alcohol content is 5.6 per cent while Castle Lager and Castle Milk Stout have five per cent and six per cent content respectively. Castle Lite is lagered at -2.5 °C and is packaged with South Africa’s first thermocromatic temperature indicator. Milk Stout – 6.0%, Black Label – 5.5%, Castle Lager – 5.0%, Hansa Pilsner 4.5% and Castle Lite 4.0% Milk sugar in your stout is like cream in your coffee. Guinness With an alcohol content of 4.5%, it is designed to be sipped and enjoyed for an easy drinking experience. 4.9: Privatbrauerei Josef Sigl: Austria: 2: 1109: 1516 Forum Pils: 5.0: Linden-Brauerei: Germany: 3: 124: 1554 Brussels Style Black Ale The list above might probably be missing some items. ... Castle Milk Stout. Taste medium-bodied refreshing lager with a distinct hopped bitterness and low sweetness that provides a crisp clean taste. With strong hints of toffee, butterscotch and coffee, its natural bitterness is balanced by a rich taste. This beer is the first commercial beer brewed with local sorghum grain rather than imported hops. Brewed according to the German purity law of 1516, Moonberg certainly reflects this. Displayed Serving Sizes: 100 ml. In stock in selected store 7 - 10 days. A nice stout – tastes like any other stout out there. Pale ale malt, about 25 to 30% flaked barley, and about 10% roasted barley, with no other grains or sugars; several hop varieties, mainly Goldings (pellets and isomerized extract); a flocculent head-forming ale yeast. The “Milk” refers to the lactose sugars which are added during the brewing process. Email us at info@guidetouganda.com. Nile Special Energy … So pour, pause, sip and enjoy a Castle Milk Stout. Needless to say, This milk stout Is not like any other beer. Can I buy this item in store? Write a review. 18.11.2016, Category Beer Name Alcohol Brewery Country Overall Score Beer ID?! minus 4 degrees Celsius, Packaging “Brewed with Barley Malt and the finest quality Ugandan sorghum” Extra Cold lagered premium beer, Carbohydrates Owned by East African Breweries and has roots back to 1922. “To see Castle Milk Stout choosing to make our names visible in this way is moving. Water, Epuripur Sorghum, Barley Malt, Maize Grits, Sugar, Hops Bell Lager Sponsorship/ Events/Public Relations Made with real cocoa, Castle Milk Stout Chocolate is brewed with speciality malts to create a malty chocolate character; this richness is complemented by the creamy smooth taste of Castle Milk Stout. superior quality imported ingredients If you find yourself in Uganda and in need of a beer look no further for a beer guide! Big Drop Chocolate Milk Stout. 6% ABV Availability R 299 00. With an alcohol content of 4.5%, it is designed to be … A very nice, crisp beer which goes down very smoothly. Stout is a type of beer that has been around commercially since 1820 and consists of many types, including dry stout, cream stout and and oatmeal stout. Ingredients: Water Malted barley (GLUTEN) Maize extract Hops Caramel Lactose Show Ingredients: 0. Brewed since 1995 and touted as America’s “original craft milk … Castle Milk Stout. 6% ABV Not too bitter which makes it easy to drink? Water, Malt, Maize, Hops This is the liquid that we use for libation when we do talk to our ancestors, among other kinds of alcohol. Carbohydrates 1.6g/100ml 40% less total carbohydrates than standard lagers. Brewed under licence from SAB Miller Castle Lite is a light tasting beer. ABV 5.6% Comes recommended by locals. It should be poured as a normal Milk Stout is poured and will form a creamy, foam head. The stronger beers, typically 7% or 8% alcohol by volume (ABV), were called "stout porters", so the history and development of stout and porter are intertwined, and the term stout has become firmly associated with dark beer, rather than just strong beer. “Perfectly Smooth – Rich, Dark and Creamy” This beer is really light and tastes similar to a Pabst. Castle Brewery sells the flagship brand as Castle Lager which contains 5% alcohol by volume then in 1994 came the Castle Lager Lite (4% a/v). Ingredients: Water Malted Barley (GLUTEN) Maize Hops Lactose Show Ingredients: 0. Both are good and refreshing but the Lager comes in a bigger bottle and has a cooler look to it. ‘Brewed with an alcohol content of 4.5%, Castle Milk Stout Chocolate is designed to be sipped and enjoyed by adult chocolate and beer lovers alike,’ said Castle Milk Stout general manager, Julian Remba. The 6.5% is the highest alcohol percentage you’ll see for beers in a Ugandan bar. • It gives free bowels and detoxifies the body.

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