A moins qu'ils aillent la formidable idée un jour d'ajouter le Chrome version limité été (2014 je crois) dans la gamme des parfums qui restent. 7.5/10, This is a nice strong cheapie that my husband wears on the occasion. Suitable for work as well except for formal and specific functions. And it's very annoying. You wont regret. Let me correct my score, 7/10. I can't describe how pleasantly surprised I'm with this one, it's a banger. It seems like two fragrances mashed together that shouldn't belong together - a smooth, sweet creamy tonka and a sharp aquatic citrus. We do not sell any knockoffs or imitations. Looking at the notes listed, I wonder what it could possibly be that makes this so metallic and unwearable. Ces 2 versions de Chrome méritent de rester dans les rayons. Great fragrance. I reach for this on a hot day. There's no getting around it. Paid $35 though. Awesome juice! But it smells good at distance. I bought this not long ago and it's nowhere near as strong as some mention on here, whether it's been reformulated i'm not sure, i put 5 sprays on the back of my hand and you could obviously smell it,but, it wasn't that loud. This is a clean and fresh scent, i personally get a lot of compliments from women when i wear this. Definitely it’s not a fragrance for warm days and to be honest it’s also not good in autumn or winter, maybe for the beginning of spring, but for me there are many other perfumes which are better than this one that I regret buying chrome legend. I wonder why the Chrome / Safari Developers don't fix this !! This is a strange fragrance. Very strong fragrance that you can reek of if not careful, it so strong that your nose starts to turn it off and not notice it and you want to refresh it. Tonka and orange blossom and finally a particular woody touch. never fall for it. RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags, See :hover state in Chrome Developer Tools, Disabling Chrome cache for website development, Getting Chrome to accept self-signed localhost certificate. I don't get the other notes, but my nose isn't the best. Grâce aux mises à jour automatiques, vous disposerez toujours de la dernière version. Chrome Pure was created by Jacques Huclier and Olivier Pescheux. Performance is acceptable. I used it today for the first time. I get the tea, the apple, the tonka, the muck, and the mandarin orange throughout. Online right now: 2155, Fragrantica in your language: Not my thing. Je n'adhère pas au Chrome classique dont pour moi c'est Legend ou rien. Je l'ai acheté sans le connaitre, j'ai été déçu, c'est un parfum quelconque, quand je le sent comme si j'ai senti n'importe quel parfum, n'est pas reconnaissable, beaucoup disent qu'il est frais, moi j'en trouve pas à part les notes de tête quand on l'applique, sinon je le trouve plutôt chaud. It's not my stlye, it have a little bit strange smell I think.. I didn't care for it. It smells like chrome legend. So I put on my inspector gadget hat and did some sleuthing. I have struggled with this issue many times, eventually leading to my abandoning the legend tag until recent, where I have begun using it again to add more semantic meaning to my markup. This is a mess, and I feel choked out even after two sprays on the sides of my neck. Like a tanning lotion or shower gel-- nothing fancy. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! This is a very nice fragrance and this smells alot like how nice the bottle presents. It's making me think bad thoughts". This is a very pleasant and versatile warm weather scent with dominant citruses and aquatic notes. Vous ne maîtrisez pas tous les dangers du Web ? Apparently, you are now confused in choosing between Chrome Azzaro and Chrome Legend. It has staying power, but all I got was an overpowering, cheap smelling cologne that you should try before you buy. They can't really explain but it somehow seems quite enticing to them. A nice soft and versatile summer frag. Chrome Pure Cologne by Azzaro 3.4 oz... (39.94 USD), Perfume rating La fraicheur du Chrome classique avec un je ne sais quoi discret de plus boisé et épicé; j'adore et pourtant je ne suis pas fan du Chrome classique. This is going to be short, but I just want to get my opinion out there on this fragrance. My summer fragrance 2015. I may break this out on occasion for going to the store or some random thing. Like tropical beachy, like traveling down to the Virgin Islands. I tried it, nothing special, I don't recommend. Worst blind buy yet. I have a close friend who wears this ALL THE TIME and its great and all I just got tired of smelling it so for his birthday I got him a different cologne lol. The opening smells like expensive coconut sunscreen lotion (similar to the description below) and may not be for everyone's taste. I guess once you start having way too many bottles in your collection you’re bound to make mistakes. It doesn't over-do them or make them too obvious, but they're there, and now and again you'll catch a nice waft of a cooling, aquatic sea breeze. Kidding of course. That stays for a while and then magic begins... Green Apple, here comes a soothing Vetiver along with mild Cedar. I can't wear it but on other people, I guess it's ok. That polished metal smell morphs into a rich vibrant green. Hands down the favorite was Legend. Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Des erreurs peuvent se glisser dans les descriptifs des produits malgré notre vigilance. Co-authoring a paper with a persona non grata. The first impression I had of this was it was deliciously creamy. Chrome Legend by Azzaro EDT Spray 2.... (. Just because of the word syntetic I went upstairs to spray it on myself (=woman)..just couldn’t believe. - Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above, - Chrome for Men Eau De Toilette Spray 6.8 Oz / 200 Ml by Loris Azzaro, - Chrome Legend for Men Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Oz / 125 Ml by Loris Azzaro. This thing is nothing special or super original, but for the price and the monster silage it is certainly a good buy. Projection is good although not sure as I am nosblind to it at the moment. I happen to enjoy it. @BlackEyedBG I just spoke to a rep from Coty at great length and they show no listing anywhere that Coty is distributing or has anything to do with Azzaro Chrome Legend. This might serve as a nice mix with another subtle cologne. aucune personnalité, Fragrance et une très bonne tenue sur ma peau. When it hits me in the air when I'm wearing it, it smells so good. Just go easy on the trigger,max 3 sprays so people can stand closer then 5 feet from you! So, what this reminds me of, a lot actually, is Horizon by Guy Laroche. i was given a sample of this at Dillard's and I tried it. A Beast at everything, scent, longevity ( 12 hrs+ ), sillage ( fills the room I'm in and people can smell it in the next room when I never opened the door ), season ( special for summer, good for spring, ok for fall, you could wear this one in the winter but there are better stuff for that season save this juice for hot summer days ) and oh compliments, easy on the trigger. Good smell & longevity. Fiyat / performans oranı makul olsa da şahsen o bahsedilen notaları hemen hiç hissedemediğim gayet sentetik bir karışım olarak kullandım. Nothing like Chrome Legend and Chrome Intense, both which are much lighter and fresher. Show Printable Version; Subscribe to this Thread… 18th August 2009, 06:35 AM #1. supratik. @Marcel's comment below is right. This is one bad, bad, bad, silage monster. Cheapie, but is a compliment getter,that apple note what stands out the most... great for warm weather. BTW its cheap. Questo è un profumo da avere assolutamente!

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