1 - Move! In fact that’s how I describe its action in my book, see sidebar, and below. Spending a long time in a situation where you feel stuck or trapped. Pungent and aromatic foods help circulate and open up the qi flow. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. It’s hard for him to get motivated to do anything so he spends hours playing violent computer games rather than exercise. Stress, irregular eating habits as well as synthetic substances (preservatives, If the heat still remains untreated it will become so intense and moving that it will transform into “internal wind”. Allow me to tell you some common signs that might signal you have some (or a lot) of this Liver Qi something or other. There seemed to be blocks everywhere she turned, and for a moment we felt the frustration of her difficulties. Treatment involves tonifying liver yin and clearing heat with formulas such as Chrysanthemum, Lycium, and Rehmannia Pills (Qi Ju Di Huang Wan). Of course, when you explain the concept of stagnant qi to a patient, they want to know more, including how the qi got stagnant in the first place, and what they should do about it. Everything is Qi, just like everything is energy—physics taught us this, and, well, there is no arguing with physics! Start to get friendly with your own energy and begin to understand your body more! Beware of “false” Liver movers. There is usually some form of stagnation in every illness or ailment and the Liver is the organ system in charge of clearing, moving, and breaking up stagnation. These real life examples of Liver Qi Stagnation are one of the most commonly experienced patterns identified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). How can you tell if there is stagnation? If there is pain, sensitivity, built up heat or cold, or numbness/tingling. If you want to read the rest of the article and learn the foods and acupressure points that are healing for this condition (as well as watch the instructional acupressure point location videos) you can do so by subscribing to the Customized options of this project. IBS for example, often has emotional roots. If you can, schedule yourself an acupuncture session with a licensed practitioner—stick to an acupuncturist here and not someone who just does “dry needling”. You’re more likely to experience a lot of forward progress, determination, and healthy amounts of focus and clarity on how to get a job done, whatever that particular “job” (think dreams, hopes, desires)  may be. "Excess heat" symptoms pertaining specifically to the Liver are red inflamed eyes, explosive anger, migraines, high blood pressure. This pattern of Qi stagnation often leads to physical manifestations. So, as you can see, there are a wide variety of symptoms that can point towards a disharmony of the liver. My rage room back then consisted of a punching bag that we hit with a bat, but there are so many ways to let out pent up emotions so they do not stagnate and lead to disease. A key suggestion was for her to eat small meals since the worst pain occurred when she would overeat. Liver Qi Stagnation may not change the color of the tongue, but if the condition has advanced to Liver Invading the Spleen/Stomach or Liver Fire Rising the tongue will be redder on the sides. 7. With the properties of bitter and cold, coptis rhizome enters the heart, liver and stomach channels to clear fire. In order to do all of these things properly, qi must flow through our bodies. Some symptoms said to be caused by liver qi stagnation include: Pain or discomfort anywhere along the sides of the body. This is a visual example how stagnation (the traffic, the lack of movement) leads to the generation of "heat". Foods for Liver Qi Stagnation. When you see Liver in this post, you can know that it means the energetics of the organ as well as the actual organ. In the formula, compared with medicinal evodia fruit, a larger dose of coptis rhizome is used. Herbal teas like dandelion root tea or burdock root, and bitter lettuce greens like endive and raddiccio are good suggestions. Then there’s Joe who wants help with weight loss. The typical symptom of “heat in the Liver” is headache. This would be a sign of Liver Fire Rising, a pattern that shows further imbalance. A main function of the Liver in TCM is to as move Qi (energy) and Blood so that all the other organs and muscles are energized and nourished. Symptoms of "deficiency heat" pertaining specifically to the Liver are nervousness and irritability (anger is the emotion of the Liver) and dry eyes (the eyes are the sense organ of the Liver). So, how can diet alleviate this stagnation and internal pressure? Some symptoms said to be caused by liver qi stagnation include: Abdominal masses such as fibroids, benign uterine tumors, are a sign of Liver Blood Stagnation. Selecting cooling and “matter building” foods and herbs is the way to approach that pathology. Pranayama, or conscious breathing exercises. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi in the body. She experienced many signs of Liver Qi Stagnation such as mood swings and PMS as well as signs of Liver Invading Spleen such as digestive pain and alternating constipation and diarrhea. According to traditional Chinese medicine long-term blockage and stagnation leads to the "generation of heat". Traditional Chinese treatment of disorders involves the use of complex prescriptions made up of multiple herbs. When liver qi is stagnant, the blood becomes stagnant, creating a variety of issues, many of which may relate to the female reproductive system. Pain = Stagnation = Energy not flowing = built up accumulation = disease at some point in the future. Problems in one part of the body may be the result of injury to a different part of the body — or to the flow of energy (qi) through the entire body. Make food-combining suggestions that encourage easy digestion without being too rigid. Fruits and raw vegetables are moistening and energetically cooling and would help to relieve Stagnation if the digestion or Spleen energy is strong. If this stagnant qi continues to build, an internal pressure builds that will eventually need to release. A healthy energetic Liver provides for the smooth flow of Qi in your body and mind - this means that the Liver is able to process and clear stress before it becomes an issue in the body.

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