I always love the phrase “she believed she could so she did”. Such schools deeply integrate social-emotional learning into their teaching, culture, and approach. But combined with the insane workload mentioned above, this can put them on the fast track to burnout and something called ‘compassion fatigue.’. Some of my favorites are Calm, Smiling Mind, and Stop, Breathe, Think. Usually after taking a minute or two of breathing or an calming exercise we are all feeling better and have clearer and more positive minds moving forward. What does this look like? If it affected me in that way, I wondered if it was possible that compassion fatigue was causing other teachers to flee the profession as well? )— but SEL support just for the teachers? See the, Intentionally show that you care with appreciation for yourself and others. “, are an effective strategy to combat secondary traumatic stress in other helping professions. © 2010-2019 Mindful Schools | 1260 45th Street, Suite B | Emeryville, CA 94608 | support@mindfulschools.org | p:(510) 858-5350 | f: (510) 858-0856 We aren’t always trained adequately for this responsibility or supported through the emotional toll it takes. Learning from Mistakes When Stakes Are High, Ode to Dewey: Powers, Prophecy and Dignity of Teaching, The Weight or Weightlessness of Courageous Conversations. This helps me focus on what’s important and destress. here is a growing movement around creating, schools that recognize and are prepared to support community members affected by trauma and traumatic stress. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, and to analyze our traffic. And I agree—the term struck a deep chord in me when I first heard it. She encouraged the woman to use her meditation practice to explore whether her happiness was dependent on the outcomes of her students or if she found joy in teaching them, regardless. The more we ignore the effects of compassion fatigue, the more teacher burnout we will see. If possible, schools can hire more support staff like counselors and psychologists. These apps are great for you and your students when you need to take that break and regroup. Better yet, teach your students how they can take deep breaths as well. I wanted to know how it impacted their perceptions of school climate and working conditions. Access the NEW, REVISED K12 Mindful Schools Curriculum and complete Teaching Kit. Teachers working at high poverty schools experience statistically significant differences in compassion satisfaction and fatigue than teachers at low poverty schools. So I did. Teachers are not “burned out”. Is she tired, confused, or hungry? The symptoms of compassion fatigue include: Often, compassion fatigue is attributed to those who work in the medical field, or emergency first responders. Also helpful is the camaraderie and support you could find from fellow teachers. When you have developed enough trust with a student that they tell you their troubles, trauma that they’re experiencing, part of your ability to help lies in encouraging them to seek out available resources. Mail (will not be published) Learn more. She is committed to seeing that all students have access to the best education possible so that they can grow and realize their dreams. Create a strong network. When I am at school, I worry about the kids being happy, if I am teaching them all they need to know, and if they are safe and happy when they leave my classroom. There is a special power to positive thinking! Whatever it is that you enjoy and that can help you take care of your own needs. A shift in one’s beliefs about the world, self, and others, Decreased sense of personal/professional accomplishment, Difficulty separating work from personal life, Flashbacks, nightmares, or intrusive thoughts. Teachers working at high poverty schools experience statistically significant differences in compassion satisfaction and fatigue than teachers at low poverty schools. Get the latest in mindfulness in education, Teachers working at high poverty schools experience statistically significant differences in compassion satisfaction and fatigue than teachers at low poverty schools, Secondary trauma from students is not the only trauma teachers are experiencing, CDE (2018). This is added to the unknowns of what instructional practices they may need to implement the next day… all virtual, hybrid, or everyone back in school. Before I knew what happened, I was in the middle of full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder, brought on in part because of the secondary trauma I was experiencing. It became a community issue, and I felt at the center of it, not sure how to protect the struggling student or his peers. Recognize compassion fatigue as an occupational hazard for educators, especially those who work with traumatized students in high poverty schools. The appreciation should be regular, meaningful, and sincere (Pennington, 2017). She passes a student who is crying so she stops everything. I hate carrying my worries and emotions from school to my home or visa-versa. Teachers work in complex, often chaotic environments characterized by countless demands and a wide range of social, emotional, and academic needs. I was in the front row and couldn’t see her face, but I felt the heaviness as if she were right beside me. In our competitive culture, it is easy to develop a sense that we have to go … When there is an unexpected change in air pressure, the air masks drop and in spite of the fact that the steward warns you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, you start to help others. You can certainly take a few seconds to take control of your feelings in meetings, after a lesson gone bad, or if you are struggling with behaviors in the classroom.

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