Engage secondary students right up until the last day of... TES Maths collection: Featured author, Dr Frost, Get excited about going off-plan with these engaging resource packs, lesson ideas and investigative activities. It is also a perfect gift for your science teacher! For instance, while the pendulums are moving and pen/pencil is oscillating, you can see that the energy is transferred between the pen/pencil and the pendulum. GB. If you and your students are working on Raspberry Pi, then you can have more fun with this Lego Macintosh project. Also 2 Maths Murder Mystery Challenges! This comes with a slight warning regarding the ’personal-questions/sensitive-students-combo’ but apart from that, it sounds like it will be a very interesting task indeed. Tes Maths: Projects, investigations and enrichment tasks. It is a beautiful way to show how a simple equilateral triangle use as a pattern to build a complex shape. Projects are a hands-on learning experience which should be included in the schools curriculum. I doubt you will come across a student questioning when they are going to ever need this in their lives, unless they are planning on never going on holiday. You can watch the video below for the instructions. There are many resources out there on TES Connect that involve designing a particular room, whether it is a classroom, bedroom or student common room. Here are some project ideas for you to use to either bring a unit of work together, or just to have a bit of fun at the end of term. They would think it’s not going to stop spinning or that it has some electronic devices such as batteries. You can also try Menger Sponge after you finish the Sierpinski Triangle. This project is the best way to teach idea of integration to your kids. But keep this in mind; you can make it as round as you can, but it will still have miniscule holes , and it will not truly be a perfect sphere. With exams nearly over and schemes of work coming to an end, there may be time to do something slightly different in maths lessons. These colorful polyhedrons teach important problem solving skills during their construction, ... There’s even more Math in Art STEAM projects on my Pinterest board! If you order them online you can save some money. Making a harmonograph is one of my favorite projects to do with my students, especially those who are interested in design and engineering. Or instead, you can make half of a butterfly and use a mirror to complete your butterfly. Working on a harmonograph project with students is a fascinating process. What makes them so interesting for mathematicians is each of the snowflakes have a unique design. Constructions. So you need to use a visual apparatus to demonstrate Pythagoras’ theorem. Let’s say you want to make 6–8–10. Here is the detailed instructions. This project, adapted from the Teacher s TV version, has bee... A large 50 page Code Breaking Resource pack with a big number of codes and ready made lesson handouts for enriching maths lessons. LO: To plan and price a bedroom. If you want your students to explore the ideas of symmetry, reflection, and rotation just let them use pattern blocks and mirrors. First of all, you need to decide which triangle you will use to show proof. It’s a great project to display science & engineering. The Sierpinski triangle is a fractal and attractive fixed set with an overall shape of an equilateral triangle subdivided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles. Making a drawing of a dart board requires a lot more maths than you’d think, or should I say, what the students think. You may think that gravity is holding us back from a perfect sphere, affecting the shape of the earth or of a raindrop, but even if there is no gravity, we still wouldn’t have a perfect sphere. Then pi will be equal to 2 * (the number of times toothpick you drop / the number of toothpicks crossing the line times). Fortunately, there is a beautiful artistic way to show that pi doesn’t have any pattern. Conversions can be simple. For instance, the magnetic balls will give you more freedom of movement than the nails and the foldable support brackets are perfect to connect legs of the table. Then you drop your toothpicks and count how many of them crossing the lines and how many of them not crossing the lines. There are many different instructions on Youtube. One of the most popular shapes is called hexastix. Euler’s disk is a heavy disk and such a remarkable science toy that every science teacher should have one. Combining a vast array of topics from Shape and Measures, this is the ulimate end of year project. If you need more information about how to create parabolic curves using straight lines, just check out this article. This project would definitely enhance your students’ engineering and art skills. Like the author says, this project will produce fantastic display work and the students are going to have fun completing it. So if we use the idea of adding the area of a two-dimensional object we can find it. • Supplies: Micron Pen, Magnetic balls, Foldable Support Brackets, Plywood, Wooden Dowels. For example, they use the most efficient shape, hexagon, for their honeycomb to save money, energy, time and their future. On Youtube, the user Veritasium explains this in a beautiful way. I’ve improved some of the supplies from Mr. Sims’ list, so you can make your harmonograph cooler. We don’t even have a formula for that. They love making symmetrical shapes with different colors. Save GeoGebra File. First, you measure the length of the toothpicks and draw lines and make the distance between lines exactly the same as the length of the toothpicks. This resource has a cross-curricular link with history. It is a structure of intersecting hexagonal prisms. We know that area is about two dimensions and volume is about three dimensions. Snowflakes are beautiful and mesmerizing geometric shapes that are useful for teaching symmetry. • Project Type: Art, Geometry, Engineering. • Supplies: Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolset for Whole Classroom or Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolkit and 12 x 12 Cardboards. To prove why hexagons are more efficient than other regular polygons you just need to find the ratio of the area and the perimeter of each regular polygon. Here are some project ideas for you to use to either bring a unit of work together, or just to have a bit of fun at the end of term. You can see that the main triangle is made up of three similar versions of itself and each of them is also made up of three smaller versions of itself and also each of these is made up of three smaller versions of itself and so on… This pattern keeps on forever. One interesting idea is using a magnetic sheet and iron fillings like user Mr. Yeany on YouTube instead of sand and he was receiving better results.

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