He was fired from Rogers Sportsnet, where he was a host, within days. But at the same time, he made an inappropriate joke on Twitter back in 2012 after NBA player Jeremy Lin scored 38 points. If you haven't heard of Marvell Scott, it's because he hasn't worked for many large news stations outside of New York City. There is a lot more to professional sports than just the athletes themselves. While Whitlock gained a reputation for over a decade of being an intelligent, edgy analyst, he went downhill and ultimately replaced his edge with an air of unprofessionalism that has led to his October firing. He has mostly been known as a knowledgeable journalist, but has infuriated fans and others in the business a few times, with none being as notorious as his comments on quarterback Robert Griffin III while working for ESPN. Erin Andrews is often regarded as “America's Sexiest Sportscaster.” While this would aggravate many women who are trying to be taken seriously in the male dominated world of professional sports, that doesn't seem like the case with Erin Andrews. McHenry's car had been impounded and she took her frustration out on the towing company lot attendant, calling her every manner of cruel name, insulting her job and looks. There are those who can truly tell a sports story with class and conviction. Most people forgot about his racist comment and lack of remorse, but in the last few months he fell out of favor with ESPN after essentially failing to get the publication, of which he was in charge, "The Undefeated" up and running on the ESPN network of sites. Vitale frequently manages to avoid providing any actual insight to the ongoing game. Realistically, most fans don't know exactly what's going on at any given second during a game and fun facts about players, team. Jim Gray has been a sportscaster for many years and has worked for many different national stations including ESPN, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports. The following are 15 of the worst offenders. This is a racist jab at Lin based on a manhood stereotype. He was fired after a confrontation with fellow analyst Michael Smith. She lost quite a few fans that day and cemented many pre-existing hatreds. Her interviewing skills are sub-par at best and her personality comes across as cold and calculating. 9. This is usually not a good thing. 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Reynolds comes off as a dull third-string commentator whose humor is dry and witless but that certainly doesn't stop him from trying, as he will continually spout his repetitive and humorless commentary throughout the game. He shot her twice in the head and did a poor job covering it up. It was over eight years ago and Imus was talking on his radio show about women's basketball. During his trial, it became clear that Tollefson was an emotional and mental wreck. He later issued one of the least sincere non-apologies in sports history. Analysts and color commentators are essential to almost any competition. Speaking of pompous, in 2010, Gray hosted The Decision – a self-important television special in which LeBron James announced he would be leaving Cleveland for Miami. Some hideous controversies like the NBA star Dennis Rodman posed on the cover of a national sports magazine dressed in a negligee are also there in the sports world. McLean currently spouts his so-called “hockey knowledge” on Hockey Central at Noon, where he can be heard providing a plethora of nonsensical insights. Christians voiced their support for Goddard, while most others sided with Sportsnet in their decision. While many view sporting events as merely a competitive game played among the fittest people in the world, there are those who view the world of professional sports through different eyes. Britt McHenry has played the role of eye candy for Fox and ESPN in the past few years. He had abused alcohol and prescription medication for years and tried to do too much, ultimately costing him part of his reputation and a lot of money on his part, and that of the causes for which he was supposedly raising funds. Hall of Fame (Retired but Still Deserving) 1 of 11. A former NFL defensive end, Douglas turned to broadcasting after his ten years in the league. The term “sportscaster” may also include those who present talk radio and television broadcasts. These are both offensive terms to use. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Nobody wants to grow old but Lee Corso is pushing the age of eighty and still pandering to the college kids of America while grasping at the fabrics of their skinny jeans. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Those television and radio networks included must have national exposure, not regional. Starting his commentating career with BBC, he has worked with Al Jazeera Sports, Eredivisie Live and NBC Sports Network and is a popular name in the media box. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. One of the most well-known sportscasters in the New Orleans area, Vince Marinello was a local celebrity until he murdered his ex-wife back in 2006. During a game between Marshall and Ohio with an injured member of the Marshall team down on the field, Ward was overheard making some not-so-sympathetic remarks when she thought the broadcast had gone to commercial.

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