Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Here are a few reasons why: • The original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts all contain the word “Israel”: While we do not have the original manuscripts penned by the original authors such as Moses, Isaiah, Matthew, Paul, James, etc, we have access to a plethora of early copies including the Dead Sea Scrolls and other Church documents that all include the word “Israel” without exception. Manden ønsker ikke at samarbejde med politiet. Next Partner → It published four documents (in 1983, 1984, 2001, 2003) expressing a willingness to cooperate with the Jewish people and showing appreciation of the Jewish faith — but not of the State of Israel. It has been slightly revised up to the publication of The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020. • Such a “Bible” emboldens the enemies of Israel: This becomes one more arrow in the quiver of Jew-hatred used by people like those in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement who aim at ostracizing, demonizing and eventually eliminating the Jewish people. SC010767 Registered Office: 7 Hampton Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5XU, United Kingdom. Bible Society of Denmark removes the word Israel from the new translation... Joe Biden Picks Pro-Abortion Activist as His Chief of Staff, Rabbi affirms to have the exact date of the Messiah’s coming and asks people to prepare, Digital Ministry Creates Innovative Way To Spread The Gospel To Modern Society, Dangerous hurricane Iota hits Nicaragua, the western Caribbean with catastrophic winds, Americans in Israel denounce that their votes for Trump “disappeared”, Norway will punish, by up to 3 years in prison, anyone who discriminates transgender people, The European Union will sanction countries that do not respect LGBT people’s rights, Shoebox gifts are reaching millions with the Gospel, Edward Graham says, Scientist and co-creator of Pfizer vaccine says ‘it could be possible to return to normal life in 2021’, Pastor explains reasons why he breaks government rules that forbid in-person services, Religious organizations send humanitarian aid to those affected by the massacre in Mozambique, Kirk Cameron urges Christians to pray against evil that could threaten America’s security. In this revision the question of Israel has not been discussed. Inciters in the Middle East aim to replace the State of Israel with their own Islamic claim to the land. Trump and Israel: True Love or Biblical Obligation? This land is also called ‘Egypt’ in the new edition of the Bible. Read more: Australian online media Eternity covers the debate. 01.15 mandag anmeldte en 25-årig mand fra Svebølle, at han var blevet udsat for vold af en fremmed mand ind på en tankstation, hvor han sammen med …, Kribler det i fingrene, når du tænker på staudebede, urtehave og dit eget lille grønne frimærke midt i den danske natur? Of course not! How about the word “Israel” in The Old Testament in The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020? Q: Have you omitted the word “Jews” in The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020? til Regeringen forklæder sort skattereform som grøn omstilling, til Israel er bedst for kvindelige iværksættere, til Massiv opbakning til Trump bekymrer Demokraterne, til Man kan ikke længere stole på et korrupt system, til SSI’s forudsigelser rammer helt ved siden af, til Socialdemokratiet øger fattigdom og ulighed, til Mundbind på offentlige steder bør afskaffes, til Mette F. burde erkende sit ansvar og trække sig, til Regulært retsstatsligt kollaps og myndighedsovergreb, til Demonstrationer mod regeringens brud på Grundloven, til SSI er underlagt politisk kontrol og styring, til Aftale mellem Region Hovedstaden og Tivoli forlænges, til Bach-forestilling vinder stor international pris, til Michael Katz Krefeld er Årets Forfatter, til Demonstration påvirker trafikken i København, til RYSTENDE VIDEO! The Danish “Bible Society”, which is responsible for the translation, has cleansed the New Testament – which in the new edition is called “The New Agreement” of the word “Israel”. There is apparently a Lutheran connection to this project, and that just adds oil to the fire that was started by Martin Luther at the end of His life when he wrote Of the Jews and their Lies. Medlemmer bedes klikke Login. Muslim lover borgerkrig, hvis bestemt parti får magten – “Socialdemokraterne er et godt parti”, til Venstres power woman i pinlig retræte. DBS pretends that we get the divine watchfulness. Is the word "Israel" omitted from The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020? A new official translation of the Bible into Danish arouses wonder among religious people. This means that many things are translated differently than in traditional Bible Translations. Unfortunately, Martin Luther was no exception to the heretical teaching of the replacement of the Jews and his call for their murder. (Rev. Recently, the Danish Bible Society published a new Bible known as “The Bible 2020.” It is currently only available in Danish but has already been reviewed by a few people. Read more: The author of Jews and Anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church Tricia Miller concludes that if The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020 is read in its entirety, and the translations of Israel are read in their context, it will be difficult for the reader to come away with a belief in replacement theology or anti-Israel sentiment. According to Jan Frost, who has read the new edition, it applies both when the land of Israel and when the people of Israel are mentioned. Men det er dyrt at udgive 24NYT, og derfor håber vi, at du vil støtte os med et abonnement. Which other people have a protector like God? Who profits from a fake Bible? The word Israel has been rewritten so that people without biblical knowledge can understand the Bible, reports the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Denmark, Birgitte Stoklund Larsen, on the organization’s website. This comes with high-profile disputes over dress codes (ongoing since 2005), Muhammad cartoons (ongoing since 2005), Islamism and terrorism (since 2014), and citizenship laws (since 2018). This is not to say that all Christians are antisemitic, but such a document renders the relationship between genuine Christians and Jews ever so more complicated.

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