Everybody who says Slade wins without effort really needs to read some comics sometime. He's gonna make me hate Deathstroke all together. A year later, he led an assault on an Icelandic base where the Nazis were launching a prototype nuclear bomb at the White House. And awesome. Cap has practically nothing over him while batman had superior skill against him. Deathstroke has never had a prob with batman and batman's only ever ended up on the floor when he goes up against DS! Ultimate Cap is far tougher than either of those men. are their origins the same? Deathstroke: I knew a man like you once. Unless your talking about taking the missle out while it was in motion, that's dedication to his skill with the shield and enhanced perception in time. Slade can defeat Batman without too much trouble. Captain America: Great work, as always.. And don't worry about me, I'll be fine. He wins in intelligence. Not to mention slower and Deathstroke has a slight healing factor. Two super soldiers. Gimme a break now. Even though the cap wasn't aiming for anything, the shield acted as a little distraction. He can be killed by swords, guns, and explosions just like a normal human can, but it's his abilities and skill set that makes him such a hard man to kill. Bump. As OP as Cap's shield is (and it really is one of the most OP weapons in the entirety of comic history), Cap is only marginally better than Bruce when it comes to fighting prowess. He is an assassin correct? is that actually stated or just perceived to be stronger through showings? How can the shield bounce of walls if it absorbs vibrations? Captain America: Oh come on. You remind me too much of him. ". We've already tracked your target and we've pinned down his location to the docks. Deathstroke: You're tougher than you look. Combine it with his superhuman condition and you get the perfect soldier. Recently, Captain America was instrumental in the Ultimates forcibly stripping a Middle Eastern country of its nuclear arsenal. FIGHT! Black Widow: Steve? Captain America is more agile and is a more skilled h2h combatant. Batman is a peak human, with limits. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. He was always a tough SOB in the Ultimate Universe. Ultimate Cap is like a five tonner. The question is, where do I volunteer? Wiz: Slade is a master swordsman. Steve rolls to a decently sized crate and proceeds to throw his shield towards the wall. Who would win between the first Avenger and the Terminator? Scenario 1: Round 1: Captain America vs Deathstroke Captain America loses this one 6.5/10. Ultimate capt will tilt the win to capt for the win in a very tough battle. He has handled Nightwing with his electric escrima sticks with only his bare hands and proved to be dominant. Jongensoden 10 mo 25 d . Black Widow: Stay focused. Here is Batman and Cass having the advantage on Deathstroke. What happened? What's the diff between ultimate cap and regular cap as far as powers go? Boomstick: Although he has this much power, He is still human. hide. Slade picked up his pistol, but before he could pull the trigger, Steve used his shield to lift Slade 2 meters into the air, leaving him to suffer a fall that broke the floor beneath him. Deathstroke isn't beating Captain Amercia 10/10. Wiz: Not even Captain America can take down the world's greatest assassin. I mean, not only is his arsenal super fucking deadly, but he can also use it. You cannot lose something you never had. That advantage would be his trump card. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wiz: Kane was so impressed that they ended up marrying each other in such a short time. Boomstick: Slade's armor is made are lined with Kevlar and covered with Prometheum mesh. Wiz: You see, as a super soldier, Cap is beyond peak human. Steve, hurt, picked up his shield and threw it directly at Slade. He's as strong as 10 strong men which is approx. The rocket looked much more like a missile which means Slade tanked a force equivalent to 35,000 newtons of force! Whenever he has taken too much punishment, he tends to be reckless. Wiz: Being the result of a super soldier project, Steve gained enhanced abilities such as his strength, speed, and durability. I know. Black Widow: This is it, Gotham City. Wiz: Slade found out that he possessed enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced senses and he can use 90% of his brain. His durability has allowed him to withstand getting hit by trucks, survive a fall of 60 meters without a scratch, and tanking a hit from The Hulk. Yes he manipulated her to fight her daughter. Should have learned that in the military. Without his shield, Captain America is defenseless. To break metal, you need to punch like, super hard. Boomstick: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!! Yeah, a lot of these comments left me with this face: Yeah, let's calm down here people. In Poland in 1944, he battled Kleiser, one of the Nazi’s secret extraterrestrial Chitauri masters, blowing up a train delivering parts for a super weapon. What about the fact that even Deadshot admits that Deathstroke might be the hardest target he had to shoot. Let's just say.....It did not go well. In this case, the perfect assassin. Just then, he heard a faint footsteps, coming from behind him. Captain America's greatest feat was stopping a car by hitting it. Right after, Slade proceeded to uppercut Steve to the rocky, solid rubble in the ground. Might not win, but he'll make sure Slade never forgets just how hard it was to take a win. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. R3: Cap gets Mjolnir. Slade pressed the phone against his ears as the man started talking. 2 Fighters! He has bulletproof suit. Boomstick: In one instance, he could even create small craters after landing a great height without flinching. Deathstroke: Now you've seen my face. Deathstroke has Captain America beat in just about every way- he's stronger, faster, and his enhanced brain gives him an edge that makes him near unbeatable. I just keep thinking about normal humans who have given Slade a decent fight one on one. Suddenly, a phone rang. I'm leaning more towards Ultimate Captain America. He'd taken so many beatings that even Namor couldn't make him tire. Id back Slade 6-7/10 in a tough fight, This is definitely a fight I would pay to see, I wish Steve won more often in Cap vs Deathstroke threads. Captain America: Agility is important in a battle, and Captain America is very agile and dexterous. Deathstroke tagging speedsters is not a feat because it's obvious PIS. Slade's last bullet, now fired. I am going w/ ult captain america here ... DS would have trouble with normal capt. He swiped the dust off his eyes. while he can't regrow organs or missing limbs, but Slade's healing factor can also heal from gunshots and cuts. However he lost because of Deathstrokes enhancements (which give him far better feats than Captain America). But, that's not all.

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