Most of us are familiar with the term “art journaling” which is usually used to mean someone who uses images, mixed media, or other art forms as their journaling. We start with something visual, and we use that as a jumping off point for our own interior space. These assignments not only gave students inspiration to work on their technical skills, but also became important creative outlets. Art isn’t something necessary for survival, it isn’t something selected for by natural selection. Really examine it, look for things you haven’t seen before. The page isn’t blank, so to speak. But what about the other way around, have you ever allowed an image or piece of art to inspire your written journal? Our world is suffused with symbolism, and those symbols are so deeply embedded in our subconscious that they can be incredibly helpful when we want to go deep and examine our inner landscapes. You could also use prayer cards, images you find online (check below for a whole lot of possibilities right here on Crazy Whole Life), postcards, art on the walls of your home, or at a local gallery or museum. Don’t worry about form, or plot. So what can you use as a visual journal prompt? A postcard your grandmother sent you, a coffee table book of gorgeous images, a photograph you found online, your wedding pictures, tarot cards, religious icons or prayer cards, the art hanging on your wall, you get the picture. I make sure the dog has been out, the cat has been fed, and the significant other knows I’m busy for a while. Here are a list of self-awareness questions that will help to develop a profound self-understanding. Suggestions please!! Get something to write with, pen and paper is best but a computer is just fine too, pick a prompt and get journaling! I came up with prompt-based weekly visual journal assignments. If your journaling needs a pick me up, a refresh, or a new infusion of inspiration you’ve come to the right place. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you had to live in a giant bowl of food, what food would you choose? But if you are anything like me that doesn’t make it easy. Any image can be used as a prompt for journal writing. Learning about these things can deepen our experience. Notice what you are drawn to. Or click at random from the list of journaling prompts I’ve shared below: Horizons, Growth, Water Drops, New Beginnings, Meditation, Found, Reflection, Shells, Monuments, Sweet, Looking Closer, Make Light, Sunset, Warts & All, Dry, Wisdom, Horizons. And it’s a lot of work as well. Tarot cards also contain a great deal of symbolism, some of it deeply cultural and fairly common if you live in the Western world; some of it specific to tarot itself. Our creativity flows from our spirit, it is our spirit that has the capacity to see beauty. This is a good time to do breathing exercises or a little meditation to clear your mind. What about it spoke to you? We can get along making babies and staying alive without art in our lives. Maybe right now a visual prompt isn’t what you need, if so head over to this article where I explore 20 journaling prompts from all sorts of genres. If I have posted something that belongs to you, and you would like it removed please let me know. This can be complete fantasy, or it can be the story that the image is trying to tell you. your own Pins on Pinterest However, we're still putting this thing together. Get comfortable. But that spark within us that makes us something more than mere survivors is the same spark that creates artwork, that drinks in art, that needs beauty. Notice what you don’t like or find jarring. Where would you like to be in the image?

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