In married life, when one party involves him/herself in debts the other spouse becomes fully liable. CONCLUSION: 10. 9x+6+4x+5=? Instead, I’d like to talk to my spouse about her behavior towards me and my family. Please help me with probability! Single life is linked with more freedom, fewer responsibilities, better health, and financial freedom. Furthermore, the increase in BMI results in cardiovascular problems. the difference is what you expect out of the relationship.....there is also a difference in the effort put into the relationship by both partners...I am sure that you have heard about married couples that no longer get along or no longer have any common interests...the only reason they stay together is that little piece of paper...single people put more effort into keeping a relationship going....they do the little things that make the other want to stay...married people tend to get lazy and let the little things go by the wayside..just MHO. Besides, individuals in single life can go out with their friends whenever, but married people have to ask their partners if they concur with the idea of going out. What is the difference between civic engagement and service-learning. Physical activity is important to people’s life. I-INTRODUCTION- Nobody will command them not to sleep late, not to watch movie too much and so on and so on. The differences between married and single life range from very small to very large, but there are a few core contrasts that serve to illustrate the main differences between the two lifestyles. Single life is linked with more freedom, fewer responsibilities, better health, and financial freedom. Qualitative research has been adopted in this report. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. This assist one to remain fit thus, preventing weight gain, and other related disorders. Single life is when you are not married to someone else, and don't have share the same last name, as to someone who would be married to. As such, you may find a single person decorating their homes or venturing in things that only reflect who they are, whereas married people have to consider the image of their partners and/or children. your topic is verry well , I like it simply because it is informative, single man have mostly adopt wrong way for life partner and every time he has tension for life partner for enjoying with partner,in contrast married use right way and enjoy his life with partner without any hesitation ,fear and tension. Second , responsibility is another difference between them . Advertisement. For your health’s sake is it better to be married or remain single? |   From the discussion, it is true to say that single life is better as compared to married life. Contrary, married people live as a husband and wife with children, and their lives are not as easy. Otherwise, they can ruin their lives easily. Understanding the difference between married men and single men is the main aim. However, single people are required to cover solely all their living expenses but such expenses are usually low. Before making a decision on how to spend the finance, a spouse has to consult his/her partner in order to get their opinions. The widowed have a 20 percent higher risk, while married people have lower risk, but it was not quantified. Lastly, married people are more responsible and busy than single people. Single people also take precaution regarding their health as they know that they lack a spouse to assist them. Most phishing emails are pretty poorly made. While being single, that person only cares about themselves and fulfill’s their own needs with what makes them happy. So, ladies, if you ever wondered what your life would be like after marriage, check out these funny illustrations that we at Bright Side have prepared for you. But then again i am a guy. In contrast, married life makes people be more responsible for family so that they have less time to do other things. There is a direct relationship and positive correlation existing between marital status and BMI. ( Log Out /  Getting married is no royal road to longevity, either. A marriage traditionally marks the beginning of a family, but being single usually means you are free to roam as you please. I only know one thing in this dame world ! Single people have the less responsibility than married people . Millions of animals are killed each year. ( Log Out /  Literature Review Generally , single people do their individual works but married people are responsible for a lot of people in their home . It can be said that freedom and lack of numerous responsibilities in single life are linked to better health. I've never been married so i'm not so sure about that, but i do know i love being single. They have more freedom and independence. Both married life and single life have their disadvantages and advantages. student in this room, still we are leading the single life , which we called bheacelor or unmarried life. Single life let you have more time and more opportunities to join the outside society, develop and become a person that you like to be. About that fifty percent of marriages will end in divorce, according to the “This Map Of U.S. Divorce Rates Shows Where Marriages Go To Die” article on Huffington Post.

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