This morning I went out to pick off the beetles and drown them (sorry beatles!) 0. they love our weeping cherry – have to spray sevin once a week for 4 weeks to partially get them under control – is there a better way ? My climber is now 7 years old and I am moving, now that it finally gets a lot of blooms. These climbing hydrangeas have been in this spot about 5 years and are doing fine. do I change an adult walker to an upright position? The best way to deal with Japanese beetles, however, is simply to go around in the morning or early evening when they're lethargic and just tap them into a carton of soapy water. I killed as many as I could. If you want to learn more about eliminating Japanese beetles, you can read controlling those #$@&%* Japanese Beetles. These small commissions help pay for hosting and upkeep on A Gardener’s Delight and its sister website(s). HELP,tile counter tops,darkwood ceiling,light flooring,light cabinet ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And if ever they do nibble a leaf or flower here and there, the damage should be so light as to be unnoticeable. I mixed the oil and water a few years ago to spray at my old (negative) workplace improve the atmosphere so I don't remember which oil I used. The plants will recover eventually. I have also sprayed since its not a large tree. They also devour roses, crape myrtles, late blooming Magnolias, oak leaf hydrangeas, cherry trees, and more. I’ve found that the easiest method of control is to pick the Japanese beetles off the plants and knock them into a bucket of soapy water or a jar filled with rubbing alcohol. Additionally, the Japanese beetles tend to love my Rose of Sharon flowers. Thanks for the warning! Japanese beetle season is upon us or almost upon us, depending on where you live. ( Log Out /  If you find a natural solution please let me know also. ( Log Out /  Do climbing hydrangea need a lot of airflow to stay healthy? NOTICE OF FULL DISCLOSURE: Some links on this website contain affiliate links through, Pepperjam Marketing, Target Marketing, Rakuten LinkShare, and other associated affiliate sites. Also, to be perfectly honest with you, I do not trust putting that product into the ground and into my groundwater. The Palace of Versailles — A European Destination Garden! Thanks for the info. I got superglue on my glasseslense how to remove without accetone? You can use Milky Spore for long term and Garden Alive's beneficial nematodes for short term. Learn how your comment data is processed. Photo: Luke, Wikimedia Commons. Hiw do i make a vanity mirror with light around it? It seems that the Japanese beetles definitely favor certain plants in my garden. This may also be a very young start and take longer to grow than normal if that is the case. I plan to get more chickens next spring and they will eat the bugs too. Also, this year the Japanese beetles are devouring my climbing hydrangeas and some leaves on my oakleaf hydrangeas, too. I love the sweetly mesmerizing fragrance of the Russian Olive flowers in the Spring. I've know others who have used Milk Spore....but we have 2 1/2 rural acres, have dogs that have the run of our property and are on a retirees budget so its not likely we can manage that. The Japanese beetles don’t touch my other hydrangeas. Plants That Japanese Beetles Hate. Helpful. This year they are going to be tons of them. Worth a try!! Japanese Beetle damage on a grape vine (Photo Credit: Adroit Ideals) Also, this year the Japanese beetles are devouring my climbing hydrangeas and some leaves on my oakleaf hydrangeas, too. JB’s are attacking the 11 Burning Bushes in our yard! I bought these 2 climging hydrangea's a few months ago and they are doing NOTHING. See my “collection” jars below! controlling those #$@&%* Japanese Beetles, The Fly That Controls Japanese Beetles – Laidback Gardener, Plants Japanese Beetles Like – Laidback Gardener. How can I decorate for Thanksgiving with antique rose dishes? Insecticidal soaps have a very short residual action period and probably would have no effect on your beetles unless you actually spray them directly. In my experience JH take a bit of time to get going. We have tried grub control on our lawn, however, that doesn’t seem to be effective as we are still seeing the beetles. (I use no Miracle Grow or chemicals to fertilize my flowers just homemade compost and bark chips.). Japanese beetle. Japanese Beetles have destroyed my Hibiscus, and Hydrangeas, and are starting on my Crape Myrtle and Azaleas. How do I fix my chandelier that has separated? Their shiny metallic green and copper shells glisten in the sun like rare jewels but beauty can be deceiving! My neighbor uses a bucket of water and puts them in that. As do phlox, delphiniums, foxgloves and other poisonous plants, though they may become entrench to them. Note, they have a lot of airflow. As you can see, this blog is truly a labor of love… and of sharing! Normally, I would spray for the Japanese beetles, or collect them in a jar. They will kill everything in sight. It is about 20 feet high and Donna is right, they are very slow growing. Grrrr. Leave a comment and let me and my other readers know! Photo: Benny Mazur, Flickr. The application comes in both granular and liquid form. They LOVE petunias and new guinea impatiens as well. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You'll have a better chance of getting insights from other Hometalk members, however, if you post your question as a new question using the red "post & ask" button at the top of the page. To see more: I was advised to treat the lawn in August for grubs, I have animals that graze on some of the grass, so I need something that won't be harmful to them or my family. I’m not sure why they love the climbing and oakleaf hydrangeas…but they do. They don’t seem to care a bit that they are destroying our favorite roses, hibiscus and clematis flowers. ( Log Out /  I just planted a beautiful climbing hydrangea and it is being attacked by Japanese Beatles. The best way to deal with Japanese beetles, however, is simply to go around in the morning or early evening when they're lethargic and just tap them into a carton of soapy water. Explore the Fairy Gardens at Winterthur – You Might See a Troll! How to stop a washing machine from walking? The Japanese beetles don’t touch my other hydrangeas. I was looking at the tattoos on the vase. We are totally organic on our property so that means no chemicals....I've read about Insecticidal Soap (IS.) I’m not sure why they love the climbing and oakleaf hydrangeas…but they do. Another reader also suggested garlic, green pepper tea (using vinegar.) I have some from a few years back....does IS lost its potency after it get a bit old?

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