We have already learned earlier that ladybugs love to munch on aphids. But in this section, we will learn that ants protect the aphids. The most common insects that ladybugs eat are aphids, which are serious pest of plants. Most ladybugs are predators. but will hunker down in defense when confronted. Ladybugs and Ants normally clash over aphids. There are also species, such as the Epilachninae and Henosepilachna, that feed exclusively on plants. They are often called a ‘gardener’s best friend’. Many ladybug species are omnivorous and feed on both plants and insects. The more aphids, the better it is for the ants. Despite their numerous defenses, there are a lot of animals and insects that prey upon and eat Ladybugs. Here’s the whole list… However, it is not unusual for ladybugs and ants to come in close contact. However, for the most part, while the diet of ladybugs differs from species to species, nearly all ladybugs feed on aphids. Ladybugs do not eat ants. They eat other insects, most of which are considered pests to humans who like to grow plants for food or beauty. Ladybugs eat aphids while ants farm for them. So, in this series of pictures, the ladybug tries to eat aphids, while the ants are trying to defend their lifestock. So what do ladybugs eat? Birds such as Swallows, Martins and Swifts. Insects like Dragonflies, Assassin bugs and Parasitic Wasps, Tree Frogs, Ants, Anole, fungus, and even other Ladybugs. In their daily lives, they fight over aphids. They prey the same soft-bodied insect which is aphids. There is some misconception that ladybugs eat ants, however, they do not eat ants. They do not eat ants. Exceptions in individual cases may occur - or people may see a ladybug bite an ant, but the formic acid ants contain is unpalatable to the ladybugs. Ladybugs usually ignore Ants when targeting aphids. Do ladybugs eat ants? So ants protect aphids colony from any … They will control the pest insects in the … Ladybugs commonly eat aphids (more on this below). Now, this is an interesting subject. Ladybugs, a beetle species, on the other hand like to eat aphids, they and even more so their larvae can eat an astonishing amount of aphids and thus play a huge role in gardening and pest control. No, Ladybugs do not eat or attack Ants. That’s why ladybugs can be the gardener's best friend. Certain ants, on the other hand, are attracted to aphids because of their sweet tasting waste material called honeydew that they eat. Ladybugs eat them and Ants farm them. A ladybug may endure one or two ants assaults, but when back up ants arrive, she will generally move off.

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