If you’ve ever wanted to shoot your shot at being an influencer, now’s your chance. I feel like the less body fat you have on your stomach (or body in general), the better results you’ll see. Looks like there are enough of them to keep you going long term. I tried a couple of her workouts but no way in hell would I believe I can get abs in 2 weeks when I'm still eating junk lol. Like what you see here? Chloe Ting's workouts are mainly cardio/hypertrophy focused. I have had great results! And you do kind of sound like you just want to gain public". Published Fitness Model, Brand Ambassador, Fitness Model, Bikini Competitor, Digital Influencer, Fitness Model, Fashion Blogger, Internet Personality, IFBB Bikini Athlete, Fitness Model, Coach. She also pays special attention to her vitamin, mineral, and fiber intake. Before he starts dissecting Ting's content, dinokang makes several disclaimers, such as: Dinokang feels that as a YouTuber, Ting has a "social responsibility" to present accurate information. Specifically, Ting had talked about sugars, processed food, how the body burns fats, intermittent fasting, and factors that appear to make weight loss easier. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, personal trainer Noam Tamir previously told Insider, burning fat and toning muscle in a healthy way can take months or years. 2 weeks to kickstart things is really doable! A.C.E. Web development by Ripplewerkz. If you want to see real results do her whole program along with other exercises and a diet. "It's like 90% diet. I don’t have crazy results like some girls, but I can see and feel some difference. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Instead, she eats everything in balanced and moderate amounts. Chloe ting workout pls help youtube workout vids and getting skinny Weight loss help please how to glow up? The first time, I saw a drop by an inch or so and noticed my skin was firmer. Chloe works as a fitness model and blogger. Every day, Chloe eats a lot of vegetables with every meal. Many people mainly know Chloe for her famous ‘Do this every day to lose weight video’, and assume that you are meant to do that video every day alone to lose weight. If you're using it to lose weight, that's NOT gonna happen unless you're also in a calorie deficit. Some people may be able to achieve it with effort, but for others, it's almost impossible or would require dangerously low body fat percentages. Here's a review. I also like hana mily - she’s got more modified stuff than chloe. In these cases, she’ll take a whey protein, along with a multivitamin and mineral formula to cover any gaps in her nutrient supply. This way she achieves the muscle pump and the intensity needed to shape and sculpt her muscles. I love❤️ koboko workout - she is awesome and has more diverse sets. Good luck. imo i didn’t see any results. | It's possible to follow along and you'll likely still get a workout, but you may not be working your muscles as efficiently as if you had a personal trainer to provide corrections and more detailed examples. Chloe Ting, a lifestyle vlogger from Australia, is best known for her series of wildly popular YouTube workouts promising to help burn fat and lead to six-pack abs in weeks. Its only 2 weeks, and most videos are 10-12 min, But muscle weighs more than fat, so if you gain a lot of muscle you might notice you are toning up and have less fat but weigh the same, I’m not sure if it’ll give you abs in 2 weeks but I did one workout with my sister this week and it kicked my butt, Trying it and I actually see some progress. Chloe Ting is my girl if I want to do a sweaty workout with no equipment. © 2020 Greatest Physiques. When I started out I could barely do 5 pushups. Your email address will not be published. Exercise can help reduce body fat (and build muscle to raise your metabolic rate) but unless you're putting in hours a day, that only goes so far, since the majority of our daily calories are burned at rest. Evidence shows you can't spot reduce fat — that is, doing a targeted exercise like a crunch won't melt the body fat off your stomach. Instead, dinokang says, Ting is really good at marketing herself by telling women what they want to hear. And this time I’m trying to stick with it and yes your workouts are a pain in the butt but I am trying my best, and I have been getting some results so far. I am planning on doing different videos of her when i finish this 2 weeks, I would say try it and see! It's possible to follow along and still get a workout, but Ting's form is questionable and she doesn't explain the techniques, potentially making them less effective. Greatest Physiques is the number 1 destination for the best looking bodies on the planet. In addition to her workout regimen, Chloe’s diet consists of nutrient-dense food that allows her to stay lean year after year. So what is it you're really looking for? Even a little, it will help. Chloe Ting Free Workout Programs. Ting, who specialises in fitness content, has a staggering 9.94 million subscribers on the social media platform. Account active I recently did her 2 week shred challenge WITHOUT changing my eating habits (and they’re not rlly good haha) and i noticed my skin getting firmer and I lost 1-3 cm off different parts of my body (legs, hips, waist etc). And this time I’m trying to stick with it and yes your workouts are a pain in the butt but I am trying my best, and I have been getting some results so far. The second time, I noticed a significant difference (like 2.5 inches)! These healthy and delicious sources of protein will help you achieve your body composition goals... in the tastiest way possible. Chloe Ting, a health and fitness YouTuber currently grossing over eight million subscribers, has risen to fitness fame with her various workout challenges. In terms of reps, Chloe does 12 or more per set. I’m five pounds away from my original goal weight! Release date: Nov 2020. This takes a lot of free time from her, making training and eating healthy challenging at times. I think it is really not good to restrict your calories so much. And even if her programs don’t give me the defined solidified results I want, her workouts are better than no workout! Top image via @Dinokang and @chloe_t on Instagram. Everybody is different, and it takes everyone a different amount of time to see results. We Are Hiring Chloe Ting's workouts are mainly cardio/hypertrophy focused. Dinokang also debunks some inaccuracies about fitness that he felt Ting was sharing. The bodybuilder also lists himself as an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified trainer on his bio. I Just Smashed the 100 Pounds Lost Mark! Please keep in mind how important it is to eat. She has a 10 minute ab workout and some cardio videos too. Cloud hosting by Vodien. )can bring. If she can only have 1 or 2 weekly training sessions, then Chloe will get the most out of them. Chloe Ting is a fitness model and “travel & fashion content creator who loves to inspire.” She uses her presence on social media to motivate her fans to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible.

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