It is concerned with how messages, or texts, interact with the role of texts in our culture’ (p. 2) The second school considers misunderstandings or miscommunication not as the cause of communication failure but may result from the cultural differences between the sender and the receiver. 5.3 Addressing people: In many cultures, people are addressed by their first name whereas, in many cultures, this trend is a symbol of disrespect. For example, palatable eye contact is notably different in the South (2-3 seconds) than the North (almost none) versus Asia (none due to honor and deference) to the extreme (10 seconds) in the Middle East. Business Communication Strategies. Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, 866-511-0908 Copyright © 2020 - IvyPanda is a trading name of Edustream Technologies LLC, a company registered in Wyoming, USA. Coercive power refers to punishment (Daft, Kendrick & Verhinina, 2010). The We see differences in the use of the extreme response style in high or low UA cultures. The woman will request the orders to the Italian man and not command them. professional specifically for you? Culture of different people make them used to how they deliver messages which can become a hindrance to being open-minded to other's messages. Your privacy is extremely important to us. Words may have a different meaning in different cultures, e.g Chinese and Japanese use the word “Yes” to mean ‘I am listening’. We can communicate effectively in a cross-cultural context if we understand how one culture differs from another and on what basis. Cultures view silence differently. How do cultural differences affect communication? In these cultures, people rarely touch one another and tend to stand farther apart. This paper dwells on this aspect using a descriptive approach. Sign up for our once-monthly newsletter list full of communication tips, and receive our FREE eBook, “Twelve Tips that will Save You from Making a Bad Presentation.”, Four Differences Between Training Online and In-Person, Three Secrets to Cracking the Formula for Change, Online Meeting Tips: 3 Easy and Inexpensive Tips for Improvement. The This course provides an introduction and overview of the hospitality and tourism industry. (1996) claimed. They will undervalue their ability and importance (Brooks, 2008 in Pu, 2010). Some cultures are more direct in their speaking than others. 2019. These cultures are slower in introducing electronic communication devises like mobile phones, e- mail or internet (Hofstede et al., 2010). 6 Uncertainty Avoidance Index Uncertainty Avoidance Index, UA, is the fourth dimension. We only collect, use and process your data according to the terms of our privacy policy. For this particular job he travelled a lot and saw how different personnel worked in other countries. The same word may have multiple meanings, e.g The word run means move fast, operate, cricket score, and much more. I’d love to hear about your experiences with different cultures. In noncontact cultures, this type of touching is seen as inappropriate, pushy and aggressive. Cultural differences of the people in a group/team affect effective communication among them both positively and negatively. They often question their own behaviour and are insecure about the fact if something is appropriate or not. The room was empty just minutes after I was done. c. Non-Verbal Differences: It is very important to understand the differences in the meanings which non-verbal communication conveys in the context of diversified cultures., Copyright © 1986-2017 American Hospitality Academy. is a free resource for students, providing thousands of example essays to help them complete their college and university coursework. The dimension masculinity affects the communication as well. Download the full version above. It is expected that in feminine cultures there is more use of the nonverbal communication. After the explanations of these there will be an example of the teacher-student-relationship in which all the components will be described and applied. The American is straight-to-the-point and will say it when he does not agree with the Chinese. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. There are more than three thousand (3000) languages in the world and therefore there is a chance of miscommunication during international communication. Different factors influence the communication process. If a person does not have the mind to listen what others say, he is not going to succeed. You’re a great asset to our team. Cultural Influences on Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Styles. Religion is an important socio-cultural factor and guides way of living and future thinking. When I was done, I was surprised that no one came up to speak to me. To communicate effectively with people of other culture, understanding their culture is very important. Your email address will not be published. People living in different cultures have different habits, values, and ways of expression. It would be easier to list the ways culture doesn’t affect communication. While individuals in cultures with a low PD prefer autonomous leadership and want to have more equal power distribution (Eylon & Au, 1999). To explain this dimension affecting communication an example illustrating a Swedish and a Japanese employee working together. For example, North Americans maintain two feet distance while speaking. In Bangladesh, people feel free to talk about status but English man hesitates to talk about it. This means that in those cultures a middling response style, instead of an extreme response style, is more common. The communication structure is both downward and upward. I had been invited to give the keynote to a mostly-European audience in Germany. Fiske (2002) distinguishes two different schools in the study of communication ‘the first sees communication as the transmission of messages. A low context culture is associated with an individualistic culture and a high context culture is therefore associated with a collectivistic culture. There was no direct ask. This reflective essay on Impact of Culture on Communication was written and submitted by your fellow student. Low UA cultures do not avoid communication with outgroup members and a have a more open mind (Gudykunst, 1997). Some cultures regard time as an important factor everywhere but some other cultures view time in a more relaxed way. Impact of Culture on Communication. For years my go-to book for cultural advice has been Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands. Our team batted first and scored a defendable total. The way people speak may be determined by whether they are a high context culture or a low context culture. 2 Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory Geert Hofstede is a Dutch social psychologist. Communication varies depending on setting, which depends on the environmental contexts of interpersonal communication. She has been a professional writer since 1994 and has written for numerous publications. This relationship is quite similar to the relationship of subordinate-supervisor. This will led to a more extreme response style (Johnson et al., 2005). While the woman has soft speaking style and uses more nonverbal communication the man wants to have clarity in communication and this can lead to confusion. It’s not about you. Also the level of indirectness and the response styles are communication characteristics that are influenced by individualism. But when the opposite team started batting, unfortunately our fielders started loosing the catches sand missing the fields. This extreme response style is reflected in the intolerance of ambiguity (Hamilton, 1968 in Johnson et al., 2005). Yes! Communication is something that everyone uses, but only a few can define it in a comprehensive way (Fiske, 2002).

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