Townshend, Courtney Your email address is used to log in and will not be shared or sold. Unlike other dolphins, Atlantic or Common bottlenose dolphins have a more flexible neck. Dolphins have the same life cycle to that of land mammals. The maximum jumping height of a bottlenose dolphin in the air is up to 20 feet (6 meters). Dolphins feed through several methods, one and the most common of which is herding. River dolphins belong to four extant families: There are six extant species of the river dolphins, which found in the South Asian rivers, Amazon river, and Chinese river. Yerbury, Rachel To breathe, dolphins come to the water surface. In captivity, dolphins are observed of fully asleep with both eyes closed and not responding to external stimuli. A bottlenose dolphin can jump up to 20 feet (6 meters) high in the air. This is slightly greater than that of humans (1,300–1,400 grams) and about four times that of chimpanzees (400 grams). Striped dolphins are very social and travel in large groups of 25 to 100. Dolphins do not need much deep dive for food. Every dolphin also has a specific signature whistle, which is equivalent to its name. For birds, the ratio is 1-to-220. Striped dolphin is also one of the most extensively studied dolphin species. ) BRAINS OF VARIOUS ANIMALS ANIMAL BRAIN WEIGHT (G) BODY WEIGHT % OF BODY WEIGHT NUMBER OF NEURONS SPERM WHALE 7800 g 15 tons=30,000 pounds= 13500 kg 0.06 %   ELEPHANT 6000       BOTTLE-NOSED DOLPHIN 1500 g 500 kg 0.3 %   HUMAN ADULT 1300-1400 150 pounds= 68 kg=68000 g 2 % 100 Billion HORSE 532       CHIMPANZEE 420       HUMAN BABY 350 - 400       DOG (BEAGLE) 72 9 to 18 kg 0.5 %   CAT 30       SQUIRREL 22       ALLIGATOR 8.4 250 kg 0.003 %   OWL 2.2       RAT 2 400 gm 0.5 %   TURTLE 0.3       VIPER 0.1       GREEN LIZARD 0.08       See the Gallery of mammalian brains at the University of Wisconsin. In herding, a pod push a large amount of fish into a small volume, called the baitball. It inhabits warm-temperate and tropical waters of the sea. But there are animals with larger brains that are not considered to be as intelligent as a dolphin. Chasing prey is also a learned behavior, in which they trap a large amount of fish in a small circular area (known as the baitball) and then turn into it and eat the trapped fish. Dolphins are well-known for their playful nature and also demonstrate teaching-skills, innovation, joy, and grief. Spinner dolphin makes 2 to 5.5 spins per jump. While dolphins living in the coastal regions prey fish and bottom-dwelling creatures. Reproduced with persmission from and, supported by the National Science Foundation, These 5 Science Projects are Perfect for Thanksgiving, Hypoallergenic Cats: Scientists Are Developing Treatments to Make Cats Allergy-Free, Which Animals Are Going Extinct? Jacobs, Bob The most important adaptation of dolphins is echolocation, through which they navigate, communicate, and locate and recognize objects. Adult males have the maximum weight of up to 185 kg with about 2.5 meters body length. Currently, there are three recognized subspecies of the Amazon or pink river dolphin; They have a wide range of diet and eat about 53 different species of fishes along with other animals like crabs and river turtles. ) Dolphins are warm-blooded aquatic mammals. The individual pod members then enter to ball and feed on the fish. In primates, this ability depends on the brain’s frontal cortex, but the small size of the dolphin frontal cortex leads researchers to believe that the cetaceans rely on their hyperdeveloped temporal and parietal areas, just behind the frontal lobe. It is the most famous species of the Oceanic dolphin family. 2012. and Along with conical teeth at the front, they also have some molar-shaped teeth at the backside of their jaws, which are unique to them. Dolphins usually swim at a speed of 5 to 11 kilometers per hour. How I Know You (7): Compared with humans, dolphins have an extra lobe in the emotion-managing limbic system of the brain. The latter facilitated a successful feeding strategy to support an increased metabolic turnover of the brain and led to a hypertrophic auditory system. When dolphin receives the reflected sound signals, an image is formed in their mind about the location, size, and speed of the target. (McGann, J.P., Poor human olfaction is a 19th-century myth, Science, Volume 356 Issue 6338, eaam7263 DOI: 10.1126/science.aam7263, 2017)

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