South Korea is a dream destination and an attractive country that foreign tourists want to go to. Being drunk is a natural thing in South Korea. The history of the reason is debatable and not clear but still most Koreans find it offensive and unlucky. For women, short shorts and shirts are all the rage, and long skirts rather than leggings or pants. Every local does it. Copyright 2017 © Teambooster. This helps with the costs of running my blog so I can keep my content free for you. TIP: And don’t be shy with taking pictures; Koreans know their best angles and aren’t afraid to look vain by snapping a couple (dozen) shots. So Koreans don’t take kindly to either being yelled at or ignored, as those are both shows of disrespect, and will usually get you immediately booted out or denied. Men tend to wear jeans or slacks at all times rather than shorts or sweatpants. Koreans are really proud of the culture. Moving to Korea was my first time in Asia, and I certainly made my share of mistakes. So beware of writing names in red or writing 4's in red, that'd be the worst. I have so much respect for Koreans holding it in so well but anyhow you will see zero Korean blowing their nose in public. Probably a lot a didn’t even realise I made. This is a habit that cannot be separated from South Korean customs. So please litter responsibly. When having a meal, in particular, don't even try to blow your nose on the table and just go to the bathroom and take care of the business. Let me get excited, say thanks with the word “Kamsahamnida” or “Gomawo”. Koreans are really proud of the culture. Here are some exciting things to do in South Korea you can book in advance to enrich your trip: Now you’ve discovered secrets about the do’s and don’ts in South Korea by a local, perhaps you’re ready to make the trip! We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to help our website run effectively. For you lovers of culinary tourism, there are important things you must know about Korean eating habits. First pin image credit: Pixabay They also won’t yell at you if you do rude things, like drink alcohol or eat on the subway (which is legal but frowned upon); they’ll just look away with annoyed expressions, or maybe sigh. Most Koreans would still give you a hand but there's a better, more respectful way. })(document, 'script', '//'); Some people are really open minded whereas some people are still super conservative. Usually, Koreans are more welcome with tourists who begin the conversation with this word than the word “Excuse me”. Do’s When Traveling to Korea There are some things you have to pay attention to when you are in South Korea. See: Don’t Miss, What to Do before Travelling to South Korea. You'll be required to take off your shoes at some of the restaurants or even cafes but it's completely natural in Korea so embrace it. Men tend to wear jeans or slacks at all times rather than shorts or sweatpants. Just because it’s A city, remember it’s not YOUR city, Things to do in South Korea to book in advance. It's a taboo to write someone's name in red color. Don't get frowned upon and mistaken for a "rude foreigner" because some of the cultural differences we'll be talking about here might be something that you've never heard before. Nevertheless, there's some universal courtesies/travelling tips in korea to keep in mind when travelling to South Korea. You will hardly ever see a young man or a woman sitting on the elderly's seat even when the subway is crammed. If you are lost or confused, try starting your question or conversation with the word “Annyeong Haseyo”. Some people from English speaking countries tend to speak English right in the face to a Korean. Read on for more! Pin me to Pinterest for later reference! So it’s no wonder that the noisy ones are told to go down. All Rights Reserved. Although, I have seen TV shows where celebrities offered to wash dishes for several hours for food just to liven up the content of the show. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); This might be new to you or surprising, but it is their culture and you’re in their country. Crucial Do’s and Don’ts in Japan to Know Before You Go. You can’t be picky. Keep this phrase in mind "Choisonghamnida, young-eo hal jul aseyo?" In Korea, you have to eat up the food served by the seller. Feel free to yell at your meal mates, at yourself, and even at your server. Essential Taiwan Travel Tips From a Local to Know Before You Go, 10. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); But when I walk around Seoul’s most popular neighbourhoods, I see more & more physical diversity. Don't get frowned upon and mistaken for a "rude foreigner" because some of the cultural differences we'll be talking about here might be something that you've never heard before. But over the years, I’ve learned how to blend in as best I can as an obviously non-Korean person. There are a bevy of other stereotypes, but those are the most important ones to be aware of as a visitor. Welcome to my “Be Invisible” series – your ultimate guide for how to avoid looking like a tourist on your next adventure and guaranteed to boost your entire travel experience.

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