D-Limonene is a key ingredient in products like Goo Gone, Simple Green, 3-IN-ONE Degreaser, etc. Do you have a strong position “for” or “against” using lemon oil? Put them outside to ventilate when you have finished using them. Timely advice for me. This means that a well-ventilated area is required while they are being used. This isn’t because I’m “anti lemon oil.” It’s because I don’t know how much actual lemon oil is in any of them. Hi, I’m planning to get an Epiphone LP VE which has an Okoume fretboard and a poplar body. It’s kind of pointless. You don’t need to use it often, once a year should be enough. Fourth, some maple fretboards are sealed with oil, not lacquer. This is just the nature of the beast with natural finishes. I’ve removed those specific words, so that all is right with the world again! The fact that you’re following it with a proper fretboard conditioner may be working in your favor. Most people like this effect, but it’s good to be aware of anyway, so there are no surprises. Parker & Bailey is a well-known brand that is an example of this kind of lemon oil. Here’s what I’d recommend…. Yikes. The information can be always found on the product. Well, it depends on what you mean by “lemon oil,” which is why there is so much arguing: neither side of the debate really understands the nuances I’m going to outline here. I have a Taylor 310ce. Why? The products listed here are the best ones in my opinion. Guitarists make the mistake of buying this stuff because it is much gentler on the pocket, even if it is harder on your guitar. I have a Peavey HP Special that has an unfinished Maple Neck & Fretboard. Dark woods like ebony and rosewood are without any finish and can use any type of protective oils. 2. Using pure lemon essential oils. There will be no need for additional products. and therefore have an adverse effect on a guitar’s sound quality. I have enjoyed the “lemon oil” debate for years now. The long answer is that I tend to favor linseed oil the majority of the time. Of all the parts of the electric guitar, the fretboard is the most used. The trace amount of lemon oil present helps clean the fretboard, and any other oils it is blended with will condition the fretboard. I’ve been watching Ben’s YouTube videos for years now–since he first started making them. They are easy to use and often come with a piece of cloth to collect the extra residue from the fretboard. It’s bad for business. It’ll look terrible, unless you’re purposely trying to get that “old maple mojo” look on your fretboard. Wow… this article and the safety data sheed from Dunlop are eye openers. Anyhow, lesson learnt. We are NOT earning affiliate income from these links and recommend them as they are products used in our workshop daily by ourselves on client guitars and by our students on our courses. Products like Dunlop’s Lemon oil usually called just “fretboard 65” are still great. Petroleum distillates, like the guitar honey we mentioned, can be used for treating almost any type of wood including exotic wood, ebony, and rosewood. I have Dunlop 01 Cleaner and Prep. It is safe for all types of woods so you are less likely to make a mistake. Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by Vladimir, Oct 22, 2012. Music Nomad is well known for its guitar maintenance products that were launched in 2010 and became a huge success. More About Me, Your email address will not be published. I just use a tiny dab on each fret and wipe with a cloth to get rid of any residue. Are you looking for the best gifts for guitar lovers? Fretboard oil comes in a larger bottle, will last for a long time, smell great, but there are different opinions on … Para valorar si es posible o no igualar el precio ponemos estas condiciones: - Que la tienda a la que nos dirijas sea Europea. Instead, just wipe it thoroughly at each string change (while all the strings are off) with a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Do you have any thoughts if it’s is reversible or not? These don’t contain lemon oil or any artificial colors that can discolor maple. You should avoid alcohol and household products. No matter what I (or anyone else) write, this debate will continue. If you still have razor fret after a couple weeks of this, you can give it another few days of this treatment, or you may need to have a repaairperson file those fret ends back a little (but I only file fret ends as a last resort). I look forward to future articles from you. First, I thought it was mold or salt air (I live by the beach) but doesn’t seem like. EADGBE Member. The next time you hear people arguing about whether lemon oil is good or bad for a guitar’s fretboard, understand that both sides have good intentions, but it’s doubtful that either understands the nuances I’ve outlined in this article. Just stop using any oil for awhile. Despite being an oil, pure lemon oil can cause drying of your fretboard and, with excessive or long-term use, can break down any adhesives that might be holding your frets or fretboard binding (if yours has it). Below are two good, safe lemon oils to consider for rosewood and ebony fretboards. Guitar Strings: Why do my strings keep breaking in the same place on the neck? That’s not an oil that is typically used to condition fretboards, so I’m unfamiliar with it. Search Google with a phrase like “is lemon oil safe for guitars” and then click on any of the search results that lead to a guitar discussion forum. Win a Broadcaster or one of 3 Teles! If what you say is true, I’d like to learn more. When re-wetting the humidifier, don’t let the guitar set exposed to the open air for more than a few minutes. It is always a good idea to use some fretboard oils or conditioners to prevent any further damage to your guitar. Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll probably be just fine using lemon oil on your fretboard once every 1-2 years, and your fretboard will look and smell great. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The guitar manufacturer probably did when they manufactured your guitar. I’m also generally curious to know what you do like using on your fretboard, lemon oil or otherwise. Buying a good guitar amp that caters to your needs can be a difficult process. Luckily, manufacturers of the popular fretboard lemon oils understand everything I just outlined above. http://www.alembic.com/support/care.html Period. This “Great Lemon Oil Debate” (as I like to call it) has raged for years. Many people, myself included, have used these 3 lemon oils and had really good results. If you hadn’t the opportunity to try it, you should do it as soon as possible. Your email address will not be published. You can also go for a specialist fretboard conditioner like MusicNomad’s The F-One Fretboard Conditioner, which is a favorite of ours: Fret Doctor Fretboard Conditioner is another solid choice. NOTHING. J'aime; Tweet +1; Note moyenne : 4.4 ( 4.4/5 sur 7 avis ) 3 avis: 43 % : 4 avis : 57 %: Acheter ce produit neuf. 48215 Bizkaia. What Martin Guitars fail to address, however, is what kind of lemon oil they are referring to. Your fingers are constantly touching wood and strings. I’ve noticed some white-ish stains on the fretboard. For raw maple fretboards, you’ll want something like Tried and True Original Wood Finish, or a similar oil that won’t darken the maple. I’ve been watching the Lemon Oil wars for years now, ever since I bought an Alembic bass. It is natural oils based product, so you don’t have to worry about lemon or petroleum, or any other potentially damaging substance. Martin Guitars have been around since 1833 (longer than the state of California), and it is safe to assume that they know a thing or two about guitars.

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