So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. The Messenger of God said: “A woman is responsible for her husband’s home. The Prophet (peace be upon him) says: “The people of the worst stature with Allah on the Day of Judgment are men who confide in their wives, and wives who confide in their husbands, and then they spread each other’s secrets around.” [Sahîh Muslim]. The Quran emphasizes that wives should obey their husbands; however, this does not mean that they are slaves. A wife should honor the parent’s of husband as she honor to her own parents. Ask the opinion from the husband. Accompanying the Husband Having Meal Until Finish. Taking a Husband’s Property With His Permission. Treat each other with the respect that deserves as the main building block of your marriage. First Duty: To financially support his wife. 9. Find what the couple both like such as go for trip together, watching movie, games, or adventure with the husband. Regarding men, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to his ascetic Companion Abû al-Dardâ’: “O Abâ al-Dardâ, you have a duty to your body, and to your Lord, and to your guest, and to your wife. For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.". Build trust in the marriage by sharing your thoughts and feelings freely to say to the husband. Guard and Confidant. If entrusted with her husband's money, the Quran says that she must carry out any related duties thriftily and efficiently. What Are the Duties of Muslim Wives? Once a woman is married, she has to obey her husband instead of her parents anymore. The rights in marriage fall into 3 categories: 1- Mutual rights between the two spouses. Helping to Establish the Spiritual Life of Husband, The wife is the person most responsible for straightening the husband’s behavior that is not in line with Islamic Shari’a. As a married Muslim couple, you must understand that primarily your rights and duties as Muslim’s is of primary concern. Kate Bradley began writing professionally in 2007. 1 Honor and Obey. It is a symbol of honoring the woman and it is not permissible to neglect it until after the contract. A woman should obey what their husband order as long as not in contrary with the Shariah (such as not wearing hijab or not doing obligatory prayer). It is the primary points of the duties of a woman since from the marriage time. Give everyone their due right.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî], Sixth Duty: To adorn themselves in a reasonable manner. Prohibited to Reveal the Secret of Her Husband. Fourth duty: Not to let anyone into the house unless he permits it. “Any wife who leaves her house without her permission, then she is in the wrath of Allah until she back home or her husband gives it up.” (HR Khatib from Anas). Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages. According to the Quran, an Islamic wife's role is to be her husband's equal partner, supporter, and helper in life and in their spiritual journey together. Wife must be willing to let her husband go for Jihad Fisabilillah (join the battle to defend the Islam). 24. The Quran also dictates that Muslim wives must always put God's commands above her husbands. Fifth Duty: To pass the night with one another. For example, wives are expected to dispense wise and thoughtful advice on matters of morality and religion. Islamic Law does not define this expenditure monetarily, but left it to the customary practices of society. Because all the beauty of wife is belongs only to her husband. 6. Always showing the gratitude of the wife for everything the husband do for her. The Prophet Mohammed said: “If the man called his wife to bed, and she refused, the angels will curse her until the morning”. “I heard the Messenger of Allah say:’ A wife should not spend for charity purposes from her home without her husband’s permission’. When a woman plan to go out, make sure the husband will not angry. Allah says: “O believers! 21. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in international studies and a minor in German from Berry College in Rome, Ga; TEFL/TESOL certification from ITC International in Prague; and a Master of Arts in integrated global communication from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Ga. This is a financial right, and includes: food, drink, clothing, and other basic needs. It is reported that the Prophet, may peace be upon him, said: She should also never sleep outside the house unless she has permission. The Prophet PBUH gives the guidance practically and easy to do. The Prophet (peace be upon him) says: “Fear Allah when it comes to women, for they are helpers you took in faithfulness to Allah. See disclaimer. Third Duty: Assisting them in their quest for salvation by teaching them their religion and reprimanding them for disobeying Allah. Sixth duty: To serve and run the house in a reasonable fashion. This is part of Islam’s organizing of the family structure. Third Duty: To offer each other wholesome advice concerning obedience to Allah. Ask the Permission to Husband When a Wife Going Out. Nay, ye would abhor it...But fear Allah. Islamic wives are charged by the Quran with taking care not only of their husband's emotional and physical needs, but also of his household and any children they have. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them. A woman should do the domestic job such as washing, or cleaning the house. Virtual Gold Investment in Islamic Perspective You Need... What You Should Know About Online Business in... Pre Order Online Shopping In Islam You Should... How to Perform Ghusl after Sex You Need to Know, How to Perform Ghusl after Nifas You Should’ve Known, Take These Notes on How to Perform Tahajjud Prayer, Best Duas for Family in Islam You Should Recite Daily, Blessing Virtues of Surah Ali-‘Imran Should be Know by Muslim. Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Adchoices | Disclaimer. Allah says, regarding a newly divorced woman: “House them as you house yourselves as is available.” If this is for the divorced woman, then the wife who is under the marriage contract is worthier. Affirm their feelings by leaving them love notes and thank-you notes. This is a mutual duty. The Quran also requires them to pray for their husband and children and to not take any action that would go against Islam. Many traditional interpretations of a Muslim wife's duties include the mandate that she... 3 … Not Destroying for Her Husband Leadership. ", Quran: [49:12] "O ye who believe! Third duty: To refrain from fasting voluntarily unless she has permission. So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded.” (Surah Nisa, 34) The husband has the right whom the women allow to chat with his wife and whom not. Following the Husband’s Wherever He Stays, The wife must to follow the place provided by her husband. Fourth Duty: To pay a dower. As the Prophet said: “Whoever does not respect the older and does not spare the younger – not of us”. She should do this and not complain about her husband to her parents and stand behind the doors. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked: ‘Which women are the best?’ he answered: “The one who pleases him when he looks at her, obeys him when he asks something of her, and is not disobedient in herself or her money in what he hates.” [Musnad Ahmad]. And if they should be pregnant, then spend on them until they give birth. A woman should obey what their husband order as … She should obey him here unless there is a valid excuse not to. She must also nurture her marriage by loving her husband unconditionally and forgiving him for small mistakes. First Duty: Obedience. The wife can set the romantic dinner along with candle light and rose to spark the love again. The wife’s duties to her husband are as follows: First Duty: Obedience. Fifth duty: To guard his property. Putting Husband’s Interest Above Her Own Parents ‘s Interests. Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images, Understanding the Role of Muslim Women, Haq Islam: Characteristics of a Pious Wife.

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