8. A textured projection 34a has an exposed contact surface 34b that is opposite from stud 32 on arm 34. It is .formed by an upper guiding cylinder TO- supported at a convenient height above the opening' G5 by means ot standards Tl bolted or otherwise firmly secured to the walls 72. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary bottom view of the knife of FIG. The upper crossing basin is separated from the head bay by a shortI canal the bottom of which is level with the bot-tom of the upper' canal. In the ascent lock tthe boat which floated at the top of the section -42- is now lifted to the top of the section 4l-g the boat which floated in the section altis now lifted to the top of the section 4S- and so on. Thus, finger 24a can be moved from the locking position, shown in solid lines in FIG. 3 and as shown in FIGS. This embodiment has the advantage of being readily operated with a simple movement of a thumb or finger while the knife is being held, although there is more chance that the position of the safety may be changed inadvertently. CIGAR CUTTERS – Cigar Cutters may be covered by a pending patent. 6, 7 and 8 illustrate knives having three different configurations of safeties but with locks that are substantially the same as lock 28. In order to not interfere with the movement of the lock when the stud is in the release position, a slot 44, in line with slot 42, is also formed in the exposed edge of finger 24a. Finally in the case of tunnels oining canals laid on the opposite slopes of a mountain, in order to take advantage in this case also of the automatic traction of` the boats, it is convenient to build two separate` and parallel tunnels having vopposite inclinations, so that the water which 'starts from a slope may reach the other and then return back to the slope from which it had been derived. FIG. Rotation of the carrier moves a stud mounted on an outer edge of the carrier between the safety and release positions. reach the lock -20- imthrough the opening 6ft-- As it has been before stated, each lock chamber, together with the short tunnel which follows downward and the short entrance canal preceding upward, are on the same axis in straight line, while the axis of the other locks, each one with its tunnel and its canal, may have any other direction, in which case the axes of the successive locks cut themselves in the crossing basin which forms the vertex of the angle, and performs the duties of a turntable in a railway. Please provide all available details regarding the identity of the alleged infringer and the suspected infringing activity. (111111111111111.V TUBULAR INGLINED SHIP LOCK. 2. I never heard the patent expired for the lock, and if it did I don't expect any major brand is going to take it without McHenry and Williams having some say in it. 19, 1910. BAILOUT – 537 Products may be covered by a pending patent. Another essential feature, and also z very important one, is that in ordinary cases it is not necessary to build a totally closed structure, but only a partially closed one except when the canal is to be run in tunnel, so that when the successive sections are sufficiently long and the slope gentle the boat, instead of navigating in aV closed tunnel, will actually navigate in a canal with inclined bottom and mostly, or even totally, uncovered, as it will be seen further more in detail. Inclincd tubular Zoe/cs wit/L tubular pcrp/Lcrz'c soragc resemofr8--Vhen the water supply is scarce and the consumption musttheret'ore be reduced it is convenient to provide the locks with storage reservoirs, arranged in any convenient manner according to the particular circumstances. The present invention relates to a tubular inclined ship lock by means of which boats are enabled to overcome easily falls of any magnitude in navigable canals. It should be remarked that, when the lock is empty and the lower gate is sluit, in the bottom of the chamber remains still sutlicient water to allow one. I hope Kizer drops an Axis Lock knife with the same fit and finish as their recent offerings. It appears then that, by arranging a whole stairway of said locks in zigzag line, it becomes possible to ascend a slope by following the shortest way and without it being necessary to lengthen the canal by superfluous detours. It will be interesting to see though, seeing as it has been 17 years since the patent was issued. There is thereby no chance for the blade to become unlocked while the handle is firmly gripped. Safety 30 includes a stud 32 mounted to one end of an elongate arm 34. A canal lock for transferring boats from a canal section to another comprising a tubular inclined chamber, a gate at the bottom of same where ends the lower canal, a gate at the top where begins the upper canal, means for iminitting water at the bottom of the chamber and filling same, means for emptying the lock chamber and means for operating the gates. All the arrangements hereinbetorc described show the lock chamber as well as the storage reservoirs, in communication with the open air. When the communication between the two chambers is established the water from the full chamber passes in the empty chamb-er, dropping the boat in t-he former and lifting the boat in the latter. Fig. A practical form of execution of said arrangement is shown in the Figs. That is, while the handle is being gripped by a person, the arm 34 is held in handle recess 38, thereby preventing inadvertent movement of the safety to the release position. Care must be taken that the interval between the upper gate -1l and the point -8- be suiiicient for receiving the boat #10d when it reaches the upper level. Spyderco already has their caged ball bearing lock which does the same thing.

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