Please your assistance and comments will be highly appreciated. Really the man named himself as Okpara and he duped me if 16500 for 30 crates of eggs, he advertised himself on JiJi. i am a farmer and can supply as many a you want. I’ve just completed my secondary school and I need an easy business to do while i continue my music school. Please help me out, Good sir, I have been following up on your post for the past two months now. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. N15,000 income weekly is encouraging to me being new in the business. I'm into the business already and would love to expand. If you decide to go into egg business in advance, that's fine as that may give leverage of income. But why packaging, where are you taking it to? This is how you determine your profit. Business-Buying And Selling210 Comments. I want to go into egg distribution business. what is the average price of eggs from the farm now? You know the rest of the story. The ingredients required to manufacture high quality feed are readily available here in Nigeria hence my feed has a high quality energy source required for growth and maintenance of body tissue resulting in improved weight gains because it is fortified with balanced vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus Stabilized Vitamin C required for better metabolism, skeletal formation, nerves, body fluid regulation and enzymes to yield maximum productivity. Cost of acquiring a used vehicle constitutes almost 90% of your capital needed in this business. Like how many crates do you need? It is also used as glue, the sticky quality of egg white clean some certain surfaces like leather. You can buy crates of 00 pieces at N10,000 or N5,000 if you choose to buy the paper crates , the total number you will need to run your business now depends on you. Looking for a farm to get eggs from. Small size =#400 for a crate, Good morning, why don’t you give your contact number here for the people that does not have twitter…. Probably, you can connect me with farms, i leave in Igando area of Lagos, Nice, how much will you get the egg in the farm. I stay in Lagos and would love to get eggs from your farm. Still from the individual that was duped by obasanjo is another number I used in communicating them 080667xxxx and this was the account number I used in transferring the 60k to them:SAMSON HAPPY JULIET-6237424326-FIDELITY BANK. Any suggestions please. Maybe or may not. a prompt response would be appreciated. Searching for a reliable farm to register with that can deliver 500 creates of quality eggs per week. Lagos. Please beep me on. Thanks for an inspiring info on egg supply biz. Call me. I appreciate you effort to enlightened us on egg business. He promised to deliver the egg at 600 per create but I insist to make payment at delivery. Farm is at Eneka, Port Harcourt. I have been meaning to start this egg business but am looking for place that can supply me. As a starter to avoid buying such Eggs go to a farm that’s well known with large customer patronage. I reported the case to JiJi though and I hope they bring down his advert there. Hello Victoria, Many farms out there don’t have a good marketing strategy on how to sell their Eggs, so they keep the Eggs for too long in the farm waiting for buyer’s to come that’s why you have records of people who have purchased spoilt Eggs. This document sets forth a direct and clear line of... Only Seek Out the Best Deal. RE: How Does One Become a Successful Forex Trader as a Beginner? I am not mobile yet, will it affect my output? Call 08023833778. We also ducks, bush birds, dogs of different types and breeds and many more. Yes, you can start with 30K or even less and still make your profit. Nigerians can easily dupe you with anything. Good morning Mr. Darlington. Good day, Pls how can I get plastic and paper pulp egg crate here in Nigeria any one wit useful info should Pls contact me on, OBA NI JESU FARM SAY GOOD WORK FOR THIS MIDIUM GUYS. A day old black cockrel = N500 Depending on any size of egg you choose to buy, you will gain profit of N100 on a crate of egg if you sell as a whole seller but if you choose to sell as retailer you can have profit of N300 on a crate. That is the reason we don’t allow phone numbers and emails here. A day old hybrid turkey = N450 Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f7932d25c982c3e

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