This was in 1933.”. Lorraine Tutmarc (L) playing the #736 Electronic Bass Fiddle. Bass guitars are very easy to get started, most people … The Grand Piano is designed so that its frame and strings are parallel to the floor with the strings extending away from the keyboard. Tutmarc’s ‘Electric Bass Fiddle’ 1933. Credit: Seattle Post Intelligencer/Bud Tutmarc. Credit: iFPHC. It is the largest instrument of the violin family with the lowest pitch sounding an octave lower than the cello. This was similar to the ‘frying pan’ guitar developed by George Beauchamp, which was later […] If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The first one he hand-carved out of solid, soft white pine, the size and shape of a cello. Bass Fiddle- Is a stringed musical instrument that usually consists of 4 strings and rests vertically on the floor when played. In March 2018 one of the three known examples was sold at auction for $23,850, perhaps reflecting the importance of Tutmarc’s design to the history of the bass guitar. It can be played either with a bow or by plucking the strings. She later gave up ownership of the company to him, and she died in 1992, perhaps unaware that she had made history as the first electric bass guitarist. That is the actual idea that got my father into making an electric bass. “My dad, being a bandleader and traveling musician, always felt sorry for the string bass player as his instrument was so large that once he put it in his car, there was only enough room left for him to drive. Compact Bass CJB-70s ASH/Active “アクティヴ回路搭載仕様” (NAT/M) [スモールサイズの本格派!大人気コンパクトベース]【11月28日入荷予定】, Compact Bass CJB-70s ASH/Active “アクティヴ回路搭載仕様” (STWH/M) [スモールサイズの本格派!大人気コンパクトベース]【11月28日入荷予定】, Compact Bass CJB-60s (3TS/R) [スモールサイズの本格派!大人気コンパクトベース], Compact Bass CJB-60s (OWH/R) [スモールサイズの本格派!大人気コンパクトベース], Ibanez Bass Workshop EHB1505MS-TSF [マルチスケール採用モデル] 【USED】, Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro Bass (AW)【10倍ポイント還元】, Bacchus WJB-330R (SLPK) 【VOXヘッドホンアンプ エレキベース入門セット】, Fender USA American Performer Jazz Bass (3-Color Sunburst/R) 【中古】, Warwick Rock Bass Streamer LX 5st (NSF) 【特価】, Warwick Rock Bass Streamer LX 5st (MBLHP) 【特価】, Warwick Rock Bass Streamer LX 5st (BHP) 【特価】, Warwick Rock Bass Streamer LX 5st (OFCHV) 【特価】, Warwick Rock Bass Corvette $$ 4st (OFCNB) 【特価】, Ibanez GSR320-LBF [SPOTモデル] 【アクセサリ7点セット付】【10倍ポイント還元】【ベースの日記念!Ibanezグッズプレゼントキャンペーン!】, Warwick German Team Built Streamer Stage I 5st "Flame Maple" (Nirvana Black Transparent Satin) 【特価】, Fender USA Precision Bass '75 Alder Body OWH/M, Moon JB-5A MB (BK/R) 【MOON純正ストラッププレゼント!】, Fender Made in Japan Modern Jazz Bass (Deep Ocean Metallic) 【特価】 【10倍ポイント還元】, Warwick RockBass/Streamer LX 5 (MHP BL) 【特価】, Warwick RockBass/Streamer LX 5 (BHP) 【特価】, Warwick Teambuilt GPS Streamer LX 4st "Flame Maple Top"(Burgundy Red Transparent Satin) 【特価】, Warwick Teambuilt GPS Streamer LX 4st "Flame Maple Top"(Antique Tobacco Transparent Satin) 【特価】, Warwick RockBass/CORVETTE $$ 5strings (OFCBR) 【特価】, Warwick RockBass/Streamer LX 5 (OFCHV) 【特価】, Warwick Rock Bass Corvette $$ 4strings (OFCBR) 【特価】, Warwick RockBass/CORVETTE $$ 5strings (OFCNB) 【特価】, Warwick RockBass/Streamer LX 4 (OFCHV) 【特価】, ALEMBIC Series-I / MSB 4 (Walnut Top & Back) '80 【USED】, Freedom Custom Guitar Research Retrospective Series JB-4st Flame Ash 2P/R "Poly Natural", Wal Mk2 5st Fretless (American Walnut Facings) '91 【USED】, Bacchus WOODLINE4'20W-SPM/E (BLU-VGR) 【ディバイザー”バーチャル ONE DAY Guitar Show 2020 Winter”選定品】, Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass (Worn Cherry)【10倍ポイント還元】, Fender Made in Japan Jino Jazz Bass (Seafoam Green) [日野 “JINO” 賢二シグネイチャーモデル]【10倍ポイント還元】, momose IKEBE 45th Anniversary MJ-IKB45TH "All Flame" (Blue Burst)【10倍ポイント還元】, momose IKEBE 45th Anniversary MJ-IKB45TH ”Burl Maple×Resin” (See-through Purple w/Blue Resin)【10倍ポイント還元】, Bacchus WL4HL-H.J. After Lorraine and Paul divorced in 1943, she started a real estate company with her son, Bud. Moments in Bass History… the Six-String Electric Bass Today, six-string electric basses are commonplace, with virtuosos like... Who Was the First Person to Make a Fretless Bass? Basic LEFTY S-Style DIY Electric Guitar Kit $ 149.00 – $ 189.00 Read more Sold! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Bass Musician Magazine – Tutmarc Bass Fiddle 736, Igor Saavedra Jams on Bass in Seattle and Talks Tutmarc Bass. Grand Piano- Is a musical instrument played using a keyboard consisting of 52 white keys and 36 black keys that cover a range of more than seven octaves. The instrument he created was unfretted and designed to be played vertically like a double bass (see photo below).

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