Max and Eleven leave quickly on the bus and Mike is left there with Will and Lucas heartbroken. The Duffers feared they would not be able to find someone who could stay focused throughout an entire scene. Eleven After wandering the halls for a bit she found a small tear back into the real world, and opened it up so she could travel back into our reality. While the exact cause of this is currently unclear, it is presumed to be an aftereffect of the Mind Flayer's bite. Corey was born and raised in New Jersey. That really is the perfect word to describe Eleven's ( Millie Bobby Brown) new look in Stranger Things season two. Although Max seemed to admire Eleven and was willing to become her friend, Eleven was cold towards her and appeared to be jealous of her after mistaking her hanging out with Mike as something romantic. After almost a year, when they finally reunited they shared a long awaited hug just to be separated again. Mike became devastated at this and called her on his Supercom for 353 days in a row as well as keeping the pillow fort in perfect condition in regards to her memory, unaware that Eleven was actually alive and also trying to contact him through the Void. Eleven's history with Dr. Martin Brenner runs deep: not only did he define her childhood, but he was potentially responsible for her very existence. These difficulties communicating often lead to misunderstandings with her friends. Gender Eleven's powers would occasionally affect the nearby electricity; when attempting psychic communication, nearby lights would sometimes flicker or even go out entirely. 246 young actresses were seen for the role of Eleven. Double majored in theater and literature during undergrad. When Eleven was discovered to be manipulating the compass to keep the boys from finding the Gate, Lucas grew angry, accusing her of being traitorous. Today is a great day for Netflix subscribers. Flash forward to season two. Eleven, in turn, was clearly at her most relaxed while alone in the company of Mike. Eventually, Eleven’s body had grown accustomed to the recurrent use of her powers, being able to go longer durations without succumbing to complete exhaustion. When Dustin revealed he got a girlfriend, El was shocked and went with him to help build Cerebro so he can contact his girlfriend Suzie. The series was created by the Duffer Brothers, who are also executive producers along with Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen and Iain Paterson.. Hopper appeared to have some awareness of Eleven's status following her self-sacrifice, providing her with Eggo waffles on Christmas Eve. 1985 The Demogorgon, while traveling between dimensions, had remarkably similar effects on nearby electricity, suggesting her abilities may also cause distortion of the electromagnetic field. Physical information Due to her love for Mike, to protect him and their friends, Eleven used all her powers to disintegrate the Demogorgon and vanished to the Upside Down. Despite this, Eleven harbored some love towards her mother, even though she knew that Terry could not raise her as a result of being mentally broken. While she watched television at the Wheelers' house, the 1983 cartoon. When Eleven disobeyed him, she would instead be subjected to cruel psychological torture. This resulted in Eleven forming an unlikely friendship with Max. It turns out that this confrontation transported her back into The Upside Down, with Elle trapped in the alternate version of the school. Upon learning that the Mind Flayer had reappeared to stop her and get revenge, taking over Billy and other people in Hawkins in the process, she joined her friends to defeat it. Mike would then later reveal that he only avoided Eleven because Hopper had threatened him and they reconciled in the hospital while waiting for Nancy and Jonathan to get back. Joyce Byers (friend/mother figure; guardian)Jim Hopper (adoptive father)Sara Hopper † (adoptive sister)Terry Ives (biological mother)Becky Ives (aunt)Kali Prasad (spiritual sister/fellow Hawkins Lab test subject) She even supports her relationship with Mike Wheeler, unlike Hopper. Being in distressing situations would occasionally cause Eleven to unleash her powers involuntarily. Unfortunately, this good deed would lead to his death at the hands of DOE agent Connie Frazier. Becky believed Terry really miscarried and in extension believed that Jane did not exist. It … After Mike stood up to Troy for insulting Will, she used her powers to make Troy urinate in front of his classmates, humiliating him. Aliases As evidenced by the drawing on her cell wall, she does know how to write. The two boys fled in terror. Hair color Stranger Things Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When Eleven awakens after over-exertion, having saved Mike and Dustin-. He rescued her and her friends from government agents, safely bringing them to the Byers house to meet with the others. Mother & Son. After Eleven was bitten and injured by the Mind Flayer, Will did everything he could to treat and help her. After discovering that the Mind Flayer returned and Billy was flayed, the two girls worked together, along with their friends to stop the Mind Flayer. However, in 1985, Max and Eleven start to bond over the fact that their boyfriends are constantly lying to them, and the become instant best friends, as they shopped and have fun at the Starcourt Mall, with Max giving Eleven good advice. After Eleven ran away, Lucas had little interest in finding her. She would go on to use this knowledge to aid herself while closing the Gate.

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