The deer family consists of a number of different animals and the elk and the moose both belong to it. ( Log Out /  Photo: John Schweider. Elk are shy creatures, and will retreat into the cover of the deep forest at the slightest disturbance, loping off with a slow-motion gait that uncannily resembles a giraffe running on the savannah.

Analysis of dung has identified this wolf as being part of the Finnish-Russian population, and it represents the first new blood for the local wolf population since the 1980s. To settle the argument, the Outdoor Life editors gathered backstraps from six different big game species: whitetail, moose, mule deer, elk… warming winters spell more trouble from deadly ticks, Fish Eggs to Fry Zooms into Virtual Classrooms, Proposed EPA Ballast Rules Too Weak to Protect Great Lakes…, Respond, Reflect, and Renew: National Wildlife Federation’s 2020 In the…, Finding Common Ground on the lower Snake River, A Win a Decade in the Making: Governor Whitmer Moves…, Greening the Grey to Grow More Oysters in the Bay, We are Here, and Buffalo are our History and Future, How to Recycle Halloween Pumpkins for Wildlife. Elk vs Moose: Where the Confusion Started. As the animal looks up, crouch down again and remain still, then creep forward again as it returns to graze. ( Log Out /  It is estimated that to keep the population genetically viable, new blood needs to be introduced at least every 15 years or so. Bergslagen is a fascinating area for wildlife watching, and the images of elk frozen in the torchlight are still fresh in our memories – we’ll make sure we plan a little more time for elk watching on our next visit! However, even though this is the case, there is still a fine difference between the two. Moose have dark brown fur all over their bodies with a bulbous nose and a dewlap hanging from their neck. To make matters even more confusing, elk in North America is used for an entirely different animal – a kind of deer, Cervus elaphus, otherwise known as a Wapiti, which looks like this. The trick to getting close, says Marcus, is to crouch down in the grass until the elk bends its head to graze, then creep slowly forward. The stately antlers grown by male elk are an elongated shape with many points coming off the large beams. One of the common problems that people seem to run into while trying to differentiate between animals, is when they have to try and tell the difference between a moose and an elk.

Unlike elk or moose (or any other deer species) male and female caribou grow antlers – which have a cool “C” shape when you look at them from the side. my kids and i prefer moose. Moose have more of wail sound and they grunt too. four + = 10. While it is not unusual for a commuter returning from a day’s work in Stockholm to see an elk standing motionless on the edge of a field in the setting sun, similarly a hunter may wait a week in a hide in the woods and not see a single elk! The elk, caribou and reindeer are almost the same size. All four of these animals are species of deer but among the four, the moose is the largest.

To find out more about this spine-tingling adventure, see our Howling with Wolves experience. During a recent visit to Sweden, the Nature Travels team had the opportunity to take part in an evening elk safari with local elk expert Marcus, who has been running elk safaris in the Bergslagen area for a number of years now and has never once returned home without a sighting. *BTW, the photo at the top of the page is a herd of elk at the National Elk Refuge in Wyoming! Male moose have flat, wide antlers that can span six feet from tip to tip. Not all elk hang out up high, all depends on the area. Moose don't seem to be impressed as much as Elk with multiple solid hits. In appearance, elk meat is a bit darker compared to beef and moose. PO Box 1583, Merrifield VA 22116-1583 1-800-822-9919

In Europe, the animal that the Americans call the moose is known as an elk. The full safari takes a number of hours, and combines an exploration of the local forests on foot with observation from the minibus (as in Africa, vehicles can sometimes be less threatening to wild animals than a human presence on foot).

As home to the traditional royal hunting grounds, hunting pressure on the elk in this area is lower than in some other parts of Sweden, and as a result the elk population far outnumbers the human population! Specifically a male elk, bugling to attract mates. While on the other hand, the animal that is referred to as an elk in America, is known as a wapiti in Europe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On top of which, the names of these animals also differ in some countries. Reconciling the interests and opinions of conservationists, farmers, hunters, local people and politicians is never an easy task, and the presence of large predators in Sweden has always been a sensitive issue., Since 2006, Marcus has been working together with the researchers at Grimsö to offer evenings of wolf tracking and wolf howling. Elk  and caribou “only” get to be about 3 to 5 ft. tall at their shoulders. Due to time pressure we took the “express” version of the elk safari – a whistle-stop tour of some of the best local elk-watching spots – but nevertheless managed to see 9 elk in just over 30 minutes, including some wonderful close-up views of mother and calf and a large male with full antlers. A recent initiative has been the introduction of special fencing, similar to an electric fence but with strands much closer to the ground, which has proved extremely effective in reducing livestock deaths due to lynx and wolves. If you’re in Sweden, the answer is “BOTH”! Not many people are able to do this, simply because of the fact that they don’t know what the difference between the two is. Climate change is making it tough for them however, as warming winters spell more trouble from deadly ticks. Smaller populations of elk can be found in various Eastern and Midwestern states where they historically roamed, such as Arkansas, Minnesota and South Dakota; and they are being reestablished in eastern states including Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use. Bull moose will wander far and wide to find a hot cow. The stately antlers grown by male elk are an elongated shape with many points coming off the large beams. The research station at Grimsö, deep in the Bergslagen forests, works with radio tracking on local predator populations in an attempt to learn more about their movements and behaviour and develop management plans for their conservation and future survival, while at the same time working hard to maintain the trust and goodwill of those who may feel less than positive about the presence of wolves and lynx in the area. Elk meat if full of flavor and low in fat just as moose meat. Now that you know how to tell the difference between elk, moose and caribou, please lend your voice in support of our best conservation tool for protecting and restoring their habitats across America. But Sweden is tackling this question with typical foresight, compassion and practical skill. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Caribou generally stick to grunting. Sámi, skiing and snowmobiling in Arctic Europe! Have seen and called in moose and elk in same spot. Elk will generally run farther, and Moose will generally live longer in my experience. If well prepared, it can be much tender than beef. This Bill Saves Wildlife in Crisis. The elk is a little smaller and doesn’t have the same nose as a moose. The first main issue is the fact that the names of these animals are fairly similar. Deer are part of the Cervidae family, - herbivores. ( Log Out /  Elk safaris are available between May and September and include an atmospheric night in an authentic charcoaler hut!

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