That’s the region between Phaleron Sandy Bay and Cape Sounion. Looting Elpenor’s body will reward you with the Scaled Torso Legendary Armor. He is now showing up on the map at Mykonos. That was a waste of time as far as I can tell. You must first eliminate all … The Sage for The Eyes of the Kosmos is Nyx the Shadow. The quest is located in Silver mountain and is for the Sokrates chain of quests. In fact, you can set out on a quest to find and kill other members of the cult only after you finish the 3rd chapter of the main storyline. I go there, kill the cultist, confirm kill, get the loot … I read a post saying it was necessary to do all of Socrates side quests, so I did them. I just want to say the reason I know you do not have to complete all golden exclamation mark quests is because I still have another two on my map now for Attika. Help people nearby. The next member of the Eyes of Kosmos that players can find is Sotera. It … Killing him will kick off the questline to find and eliminate the other members of the Eyes of Kosmos. Recommended Level: 15; Location of Cultist: Snake Temple, Valley of the Snake, Phokis; Sotera. The vague clue is: A cultist owns a quarry and a slave operation in Attica. I went to the silver mine, in the back on top of a ledge there is a cultist clue (on screen prompt). You kill the man during the "Snake in the Grass" quest - which is obligatory to finish the game. I open the cultist tab, reveal the silver mine owner. He’s going to be in the south of the mountain itself, in a small encampment near the Lavrio Silver Mine. Once all of the Eyes of Kosmos cultists are dead, the way to Nyx will be shown. She can be found southeast of the Statue of Athena in Greater Athens, Attika. The murder of Elpenor is in fact a prelude to the whole mechanics of finding and killing the cultists of Kosmos. The Attika Cultist from the Eyes of Kosmos branch, called The Master, is hiding in plain sight in the Silver Mountain region, in the south of Attika.

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