You will be able to keep everything organized and all your materials together, rather than having to divide them up and figure out what you want for each task. Bonus section by popular demand! Check out our. For this task we’d probably want to choose the production coordinator. For these reasons we don't recommend offline solutions like a rolodex or desktop excel template. Having all of these sections in one place is a huge time saver and you will be able to communicate with each member of the crew more easily. Can not stress this enough especially when working with difficult people on set. PROFILE IMAGES 6. (more…), Food on set. Ideal for smaller productions. For this post, we’ll be using StudioBinder screenshots to illustrate the points, but these are universal insights you can apply to any film contact list template. You may think that all crew contracts are the same. film contract template – solovei from film crew contract template , This is why it’s very important to approach contact lists like a long-term investment. The first thing that you want to take into consideration is if the template is a Creative Commons or Non-Commercial License. Start typing their name in the search box and you'll find them. Treat your talent well – one day they might be an action hero. Just your basic, no nonsense film shot list template. For our final section we’re going brush up on some basic film crew terminology. You’ll also want to printed copies of your contact lists to set with you just in case. Like everything in your film crew, it'll depend on the scale. A long list of Locations Managers and locations themselves are a great asset in any film production crew contact list. The post process will need a whole new team of artists and technicians. And we can choose anyone on the film production crew contact list to be responsible for collecting the talent releases. You may have one person for each of these tasks. You can make a list of sub-tasks for every person in your cast that needs to provide a release form. A film budget template helps you to manage your shoot expenses and overall budgeting. This group led by the Production Designer, may also include an art director and a prop master. Are you working with a composer / musician? The head of your camera department will be your Cinematographer, aka the Director of Photography (DP). Often called “Crafty” for short, this could be a one person department. video project management for producers & coordinators. Even if they aren’t a StudioBinder user. You can sub-group them in convenient ways as well. But from there it can grow into a database of everyone you've worked with. Perfect for small to medium size productions. Printing or saving the page as a PDF is possible as well. Along with them you'll have Production Assistants. Your email address will not be published. Get your ducks in a row with this artwork & object release form. Behind all that aesthetics are unavoidable technicalities created to protect the rights of the film. This will be true on the budget, the call sheet, sometimes the schedule. The standard format for scripting commercial videos such as TV ads, tutorials, interviews and other short internet videos. Complete video project management for producers & coordinators. On a smaller set you may only need those, plus what is sometimes called a “Swing.” That means a person or two who can do both G & E work. And then, after you've wrapped, use your contact list again to invite everyone to the premiere. You need to keep everything else separated to make it easier to keep track of what needs to be done. One of them may be the “Focus Puller,” and in the days of shooting on film you'd have a “Loader.”. A Production Coordinator. (more…). Includes crowdfunding strategy checklist, team contact list, communication timeline and perks planning tools. That’s why we want to share our resources with you for free. Film sourcing production documents and templates are not intended to be legal advice and are for educational purposes only. Download a photo release form template for your next photoshoot here. Profile photos are especially useful when distributing contact lists to those who have to interface with people on set such as PA's and the production department in general. The production department may also have the First Assistant Director (1st AD), and any more AD's required. Look like you hired a designer! Back in StudioBinder, you can upload a photo for every contact which will make it easier to jog your memory down-the-road. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a short film, an ad, a music video or a movie. They'll handle the media you record and log it, transcode it etc. Because you can access it from anywhere and easily share it with others. We’ll go over an abridged list of film crew jobs on set here. Historically this has included number different documents, over numerous different programs. Form text is editable, so it’s easy to make it yours. Or something might get hairy on set and you'll need the number of the manager or a liaison. As a result, you’ll need to develop a strong understanding of production crew positions and their departments. It's not uncommon for locations fall through, and you'll have to find a replacement in the 11th hour. Collect everyone’s contact info in one place. These film contract templates will give you the framework of legal agreements from locations, crew, catering to distribution deals.

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