One comment I forgot to add to my review. A definite hit! Forever your fan, Michelle, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Thanks Jenn. so easy and delicious!! Everyone thought it was amazing. No, key limes will also be fine here. Hi Helen, I wouldn’t recommend decreasing the amount of sweetened condensed milk but you can add an additional tablespoon of lime juice to the filling. Best key lime pie ever! Instead of using key limes (expensive, tiny, dry, finicky) I highly recommend you use regular limes (juicy, abundant, relatively cheap). Mix together milk, lime peel and lime juice. Sorry for the confusion! Now that I can make my own Key Lime Pie, I no longer have to wait for Happy Hour at my favorite local spot just to indulge in their KLP. This is the first time I made and ate a Key Lime Pie. It looks great, it tastes great, and it’s easy to make. Thank you! If you want a super tart lime flavor this isn’t the recipe you want – it was lime-y but very creamy. I doubled the recipe. serving of Greek yogurt, I added an egg yolk to the filling mixture. Thank you for sharing. This recipe is perfect and so easy! Loved everything about it. Hi Jenn, I am curious on how does this filling set? grilling the tacos on the BBQ), the chocolate cream pie, Peruvian chicken with green sauce, and the French apple cake (sixth time). Hi Lisa, I’ve never made this with lemons but a few readers have commented that they have and have been happy with the results. (Hint: do the sides first.). Please let me know how it turns out if you try it! Your email address will not be published. I had gotten your recipe in an email and I forwarded it to my daughter, who wanted to bring a dessert. Thank you for sharing! Made this Key Lime Pie recipe today and it turned our perfect! Thank you! My husband made this for our first post-quarantine get together today. Hope that helps! Choose plump limes that give a little when you squeeze them; they will be easier to juice. Technically it will work, but won’t be as good. Great summer dessert!! I have your cookbook and turn to your website weekly for fresh and new ideas as your recipes are refined, but not too difficult to pull off. No thank you! Thanks. I also added in one drop of green food coloring just to give it a bit more color but it is totally optional. Set in the freezer until firm, about 30 minutes. And they’re famous for their pie. Not sure how I decided on going the baked route, but I’ve been making it this way forever and it works. Soooo good! I do have a question after tasting the whisked filling. As far as I’m concerned it is the perfect summer dessert. I have a lemon fan in the house that doesn’t like meringue. The texture of the pie and the crust is what makes this recipe so good and I don’t want to compromise the end result!! My writing focuses on the societal impact of food and our relationship with it. Jenn, you are the best! Absolutely delicious and super easy to make! Just made the key lime pie but not sure why my topping is so liquidity. I have 6 little pie tart pans (6 in. AWESOME! Receive my FREE 5 Instant Pot Meals in 5 Minutes E Course and my FREE weekly meal plan. Sure, Loretta – it won’t be as creamy, but it will still work. Great recipe! I just love what she does with food! in diameter) What cooking time for the crust would you recommend??? Thank you once again, Jenn, for a wonderful recipe. EVERY recipe I have made has been just perfect – they are all company worthy! Thanks. I love your recipes, I have made many. Thank you for your great recipes and advice. I love your recipes. Have a nice day! Don’t beat to much so you melt your sorbet! I have not tried this recipe but wonder in no Fat yogurt can work. This recipe is delicious; the only complaint I received was that it is VERY sweet. Perfect bitterness to sweetness ratio. Allow to rest for 5 minutes, then … All rights reserved. Done! Sure, Phyllis, sour cream will work here. Delicious and easy to make. I plan to make this Key lime pie again this weekend. My husband, a Key Lime Pie fanatic, could not get over how delicious this was! You’ll get much better results with the fresh limes, so I wouldn’t recommend it – sorry! So good! Jenn, they asked me though if they could freeze it? Thank you for all the recipes you send. Finished it in 2 days! If you want to reduce the sweetness further, you can omit the sugar from the whipped cream topping and reduce the sugar a bit in the crust. * Disclaimer: All nutrition information are estimates only. I’d love to hear how they turn out in miniature form. Add sweetened condensed milk and beat until … When your book came out, I gave every one of our 20 employees a copy for their birthdays. Followed this recipe to a T. The filling was delicious. whipped topping, pie crust, heavy whipping cream, vanilla, coconut flour and 14 … Im still an amateur. salt, extract, granulated sugar, white chocolate, lime zest, key lime juice and 2 more. Made this today, and it was fantastic. Jenn, you’ve saved me many times from being a disenchanted cook day in day out for a family of four. I made this pie yesterday; my husband said it’s the best pie I’ve made in 40 years! Let the pie cool at room temperature for 30 minutes, then place in the refrigerator to chill thoroughly, about 3 hours. I’ve made this pie three times now and everyone loves it. Once again a solid wonderful recipe! As long as you’re using a good pie server and getting it under the crust, the only thing I can think of is that maybe you’re pressing the crumbs too firmly into the pan. can this recipe be used in a muffin tin to make mini pies? Nice and creamy and not as sickening sweet as some that I have had. Wow! This recipe for a no-bake key lime, aka a frozen key lime pie, is so easy, foolproof and delicious. I made this for my wife because key lime is her favorite pie, and we devoured it. For more info, read full, Sugar Free / Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Recipe, Easy Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches, Eliminate the eggs and increase the cream to 2 cups, Whip the cream until stiff peaks form. This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. Be sure not to confuse it with evaporated milk, which is usually sold right alongside. Thanks for this great recipe! Add the confectioners’ sugar and beat until medium peaks form. Hi Jenn! This is the BEST Key Lime Pie I’ve ever made. I’ve made it 4 times over the summer and it’s gotten rave reviews from all. (I suppose I could wait until we go back to the store, but those limes are burning a hole in my pocket!) thank you! Hope that helps! Our office has no oven, yet, but we do have a kitchen where we can prep and try new recipes and yours is on the list. The information shown is Edamam’s estimate based on available ingredients and preparation. Hi See, Unfortunately, you really need both cans of sweetened condensed milk. Will 1.5% fat Greek yogurt work?

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