We want to show the measure in which the teachers apply different treatments on students depending on gender and perception (if the student is seen as being good or bad). A roadmap with practical tips taken from educators’ daily realities supports schools in their transformation towards a gender responsive school. Are all the aspects of gender responsive school policies addressed? The examples from Uganda and Nigeria highlight some of the challenges in changing teacher practices. And students must behave in a non-violent, inclusive way. In Ghana, the Textbook Development and Distribution Policy for Pre-tertiary Education included gender sensitivity as one of the main criteria for evaluating textbook proposals (Ghana MOE, 2001). Yet analysis of regulations in 71 education systems by the GEM Report team shows that only 61% required sex-separate facilities for public schools and 66% for private schools (UNESCO, 2017a). To be told about your school’s policies on gender discrimination — including how to report — in a way that you understand. For example, assuming a child may not be able to reach a certain level of work because they are disabled. • To order a copy of Boys Don’t Try? Teachers who had the most egalitarian ideas about gender reported themselves the most frustrated of respondents and said that they were unable to put their ideas into practice (Unterhalter et al., 2017). If a child has been permanently excluded from the school, an order can be sent to reinstate them. Both tendencies are inconsistent with the usual demands of classroom life, of course, and make it a little more likely that school will be a difficult experience for boys, even for boys who never actually get in trouble for being restless or aggressive. “With this reflex, we mean learning to consciously see and manage gender differences to counter stereotyping”, Christin enlightens. Boys were permitted to play and exercise while girls were required to maintain a "quiet environment. Christin joined the TIGER team, which consists of both VVOB employees and staff from our local partner organisations, to finalise the action guide. In Middleton School District in Idaho, boys were seated shoulder-to-shoulder while girls were seated face-to-face on the theory that girls are more cooperative while boys are more competitive and should not be forced to make eye contact. The importance of education for gender equality transcends country boundaries, and yet the number of action guides for gender responsive education is small. In another, the teacher in a girls' classroom gave each girl a dab of perfume on her wrist for doing a task correctly. However, even when they exist, these codes are not always successfully disseminated. School inspections play a key role in ensuring that schools adhere to regulations. It breaks my heart that’s how boys prove their masculinity – by using sexual language and bravado in which girls, and female teachers, become the victims.”. It’s the same with, for example, teaching boys about Shakespeare by concentrating on the sword fights or the fighting: it’s like we’re hoodwinking them into learning, and it doesn’t work. Schools are increasingly implementing prevention-oriented models to teach students acceptable strategies for interacting with their peers (Horner et al., 2010). To achieve this, governments can develop nondiscriminatory curricula, facilitate teacher education and make sure sanitation facilities are adequate. Stereotypes have an impact on how teachers teach and school leaders develop and implement school policies – consciously or not. Thus, we were interested to see the measure in which the students are influenced by these prejudice (the measure in which they are conscious of them, if they are emotional influenced by them or not and the measure in which, on their turn, are contaminated by prejudices concerning teachers and concerning the other equal members in the group).

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