The current extent of inequality means that people move around the world looking for means of survival and all of us will have to deal with the issue of inequality. There are just too many girls who are at risk of being married to men they’ve never met, old enough to be their fathers, maybe they become mothers when they’re still children themselves. Specific acts were frankly suggested for governments, the private sectors, as well as men and boys to carry out. Remarks by UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at the W7 Women’s Forum on Inequality and Sustainable Growth in Rome, Italy on 7 April, 2017. The mission of the UN women is to reach their goals of providing full rights to all women by the year 2030. This is another trend that is quite worrying, perpetrated against people who are already facing such a big challenge in Myanmar. The unequal sex ratio across the country is evidence that in our Indian society, boys’ preference for girls is the grassroots ideal and this defect is not limited to only one religion or caste. These are some of the examples that are universal, that we can all work on in every part of the world. From the way this speech was written and presented, it is possible that Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka felt as though the importance of gender equality has already been talked about so much and therefore saw more value in the discussion about what can and should be done to conquer gender inequality, and who should do it. So, laws and facilitation of minimum wages are critical to move women past the sticky floors, just as women on boards and women executives play a critical role in making sure that the glass ceiling—and the steel ceiling, for that matter—are removed. Being a “HeForShe” should make a man feel even more like a man for taking a stand for women, who have just as much of a right to do the things men do, for the same pay and under the same conditions. Here are a few reasons as to why gender equality continues to define us as a society. We see in many cases that women have not received a good education or denied their rights, this discussion will help both families and women to understand their rights. In fact, a recent survey highlighted the fact that over 90% of the CEOs are all male and that only a small proportion happens to be female but please note that this survey does not take into account self-owned companies where the founders are also the head of the company. Discrimination is of various types and essays given on it are also having multiple dimensions. If we think, for instance, of the move from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, one recognition in the Sustainable Development Goals is the universality of the agenda of issues that impact humanity. Lastly, I want to express appreciation for some of the decisions that were made by the G7 in past meetings. We can all make a small significant change to improve gender equality in India, parents should teach their boys to respect and match girls. Inequality based on gender is a concern that is prevalent in the entire world. That stops them from being able to contribute to the care services of the family and in the process, stops women from being able to participate in the labour market. We also found, in the work that we did both in the High-Level Panel and in the Commission on the Status of Women, the importance of women controlling their own bodies; of having autonomy without discrimination; having access and respect for their rights, both sexual and reproductive rights, and having access to services. Femicide in Latin America is a serious challenge.

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